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4-Bar Irish Fireside Soap Collection

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This three-pack of hand-crafted soaps capture to the essence of a day in an Irish cottage.

Irish Oatmeal: Made with a simple collection of ingredients, this soap includes bits of steelcut Irish Oatmeal. This mild soap is great for those who prefer less scent or who are treating eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin.

Celtic Gardener: Crafted with the gardener in mind, this soap helps repel insects, cools the skin, and helps scrub skin with bits of ground juniper. This soap’s combination of essential oils gives it wonderful aroma (the boldest scent of all our soaps).

Irish Cottage Rose: Capturing the essence of an Irish country cottage, this soap combines goat’s milk with a rich rose aroma. This soap is moderately scented.

Irish Stout: Made with a healthy dose of Guinness stout, this luxurious soap benefits from the soothing properties of hops. The herb is known to calm anxiety, help with sleep, and fight bacteria. This soap has a very mild aroma with a very natural scent that barely hints at beer inside. Arthur Guinness opened the Guinness brewery in Dublin at St James Gate in 1759, and today people enjoy the famous beer in every corner of the globe… and now you can enjoy it as soap.

Each bar of soap is made in small batches with natural ingredients. Irish Oatmeal: saponified coconut, olive, and palm oils; shea butter, steelcut Irish oatmeal; Celtic Gardener: saponified coconut, olive, and palm oils; lemongrass, peppermint, and ylang ylang essential oils; and ground juniper berries; Irish Cottage Rose: saponified coconut, olive, and palm oils; goat’s milk, rose geranium and gingergrass essential oil; Stout: saponified coconut, olive, and palm oils; shea butter; Guinness Stout; cocoa powder.

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