Remarkable Places in Ireland eBook

Let us say “Welcome to the Irish Fireside” with a little something special just for you…

You’re invited to explore some of Ireland’s most inspiring places through Remarkable Places in Ireland an ebook by Corey Taratuta, host of the Irish Fireside podcast and blog. This free download takes you to some of Ireland’s most well-known sites… as well as places far from the tourist trail.

This download is completely free… you don’t even have to give up your email address (unless you want to get a message with the next edition of Remarkable Places in Ireland is ready).

Before you download:

  1. Place your right hand over your heart.
  2. Say aloud, “I love all things Irish… and I promise to share this passion with my dearest friends.”
  3. Then, and only then, can you click the book cover (download will begin in your browser or use the right click command to download to your device).

Remarkable Places in Ireland eBook CoverSTART DOWNLOADING

By the way… this is an advance/preview copy especially for Irish Firesiders, so let me know if you see any bits that need updating or corrections.

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