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Video Transcript:

Do you remember the days when people used to take paper and pen and write messages to each other and then post them in the mail? Yeah, I know ooooold fashion, right.

Well, we’re feeling a little nostalgic here around the Irish Fireside… there was something magical about waiting for the postman to arrive… you never knew what kind of news was folded inside that envelope… possibly a letter with stories from home… a special announcement… maybe even someone professing their love.

We’re not ready to give all that up. Are we?

That’s why we’re running a little experiment we’re calling the Irish Fireside Pen Pal Project. It’s a chance for people in the Irish Fireside online community to connect with people offline through through cards, letters, and postcards.

And since it’s an Irish Fireside project, all the people involved have something in common… every one of them is interested in Irish heritage, culture, or travel.

We’ve done a something similar with our Irish Fireside Secret Santa Gift Exchange and it’s been loads of fun. So we’re hoping some great things will come out of the Pen Pal Project as well. Here’s how it works.

You sign up at

Then, we supply you the name of your target… this is the person you’re writing to.

You send them a card, postcard, or letter introducing yourself… maybe telling about your connection to
Ireland or your last trip to Ireland or whatever you think they’d be interested in.

Whatever kind of message you write, you send it through the mail.

Your target in turn will the send a message back.

And while you’re waiting for their reply, another Pen Pal will be sending you a note introducing themselves to you.

You write THEM back… And you end up with TWO Irish Fireside Pen Pals. And if you like, you can keep corresponding going.

Who knows? You may even decide to share your email addresses or become friends on Facebook or other social media, but your first interactions will be through good old-fashioned cards and letters.

Sound like something you’d love to do? Sign up at