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We’d love to include your article on Irish or Irish/American travel, history, culture, etc. If you have an idea for an article, email us. You maintain all rights to your work and are simply granting us permission to do some basic editing and to reprint. We’ve also had some great photos and videos submitted, so feel free to get creative.

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If you have a business or service that would be of interest to Irish Firesiders, you should consider contributing to one of our giveaways or becoming a sponsor. Both are excellent ways to get great exposure to a targeted, engaged audience.


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I realize most of you do this already, but if you know anyone with a true passion for Ireland, be sure to tell them about the Irish Fireside and our e-newsletter.


Shop for Shard Jewelry

When we’re not creating content for the Irish Fireside, we’re busy making jewelry from shards of broken dishes. Support our online store, and you help make it possible for us to continue the Fireside.


Speak Irish

If you’re interested in learning the Irish language, Bitesize Irish Gaelic will make a contribution to everyone who signs up for their online lessons via

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