Rabble Rouser

Revenue Museum corey says…Boy of boy, I really shook up the town today! I was asked to leave the Euro Saver store…This is one of those “Everything’s €2” shops. You see, I was carrying a drink in with me, and a security guard who probably just finished his leaving cert (high school) barreled up to me, cutting me off from any attempt to enter the store. “You’ll need to take that outside,...

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Museum Mania

Tax Record corey says…As the city woke, I observed. At first I had the streets to myself. With no shops or cafes open, I opted to visit Saint Valentine…or rather, his relics. Yep, he’s been hanging out with the Carmelite Sisters in Dublin for a good number of years, and you can visit him too at the Briar Street Church…which was right next to my hostel. His shrine was no larger than most of the other shrines in the...

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Dublin Bound

Going Wireless corey says…I am on the bus to Dublin as I type this. My wireless broadband is working great, except trying to upload photos can be spotty because we’re driving in and out of coverage at times. I much prefer taking the train to Dublin, but from Nenagh there is only morning and evening service, so the timetable is very limiting and at €27 ( $41 ), it’s much pricer than the bus. There are more trains passing through...

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