What’s Your Favorite Ireland Travel Itinerary

About 25% of all inquiries that arrive in my inbox ask about itineraries. As a result, I’m looking to tackle the topic of itinerary planning on the podcast and blog, and I’d love your help.

If you’ve been to Ireland and have an absolute favorite itinerary, please tell me more about your travels using the questionaire below…

Author: Corey

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    • I’ve been planning Itineraries for people for years in private and on the forums. no two are ever alike at the end but many start the same. Lots of folk just copy bus tours and expect to match 2 professional drivers, lots more think they can see the whole island in under 2 weeks some in even 1 week. Usually its fun but doing a decent itinerary requires a lot of work, research and some local on the ground knowledge always helps.

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