#149 Budgeting for Meals and Miscellaneous Expenses in Ireland with Stephanie Chastain – Audio

Our efforts to answer Brian’s question about budgeting for a trip to Ireland continue with Stephanie Chastain from Infinite Ireland as we focus on food and other expenses.


Show Notes


  • Liam and the public toilet in Nenagh, County Tipperary



  • Welcome baby Alexander



  • How much money are we going to need for food?
  • B&B Advantage: Breakfast comes with your accommodation
  • What type of food do you want to eat? Pub grub: sandwiches, stews, soups, roasts
  • €10 for lunch per person
  • €20 for dinner per person
  • Berry crumble or banoffee pie for a treat
  • Quick and inexpensive option: a sandwich or “meal deal” with a drink and crisps/chips from a petrol/gas station or grocery store from the premade sandwich section or made-to-order deli


  • Budgeting for pints and beverages
  • A pint of Guinness could cost €4 to €6 (Dublin City/Temple Bar/touristy areas can be the most expensive).


  • Self-catering (renting a home or apartment) grocery budget
  • Groceries can cost about 20% more than they do in the US
  • You’ll be buying many staples and you can’t really buy in bulk, so you’ll probably spend more than you would at home.



  • Activities – admissions cost from €0 to over €10
  • Most admission costs are available online
  • Examples Guinness Store House & National Gallery
  • €10 per person per day is a good amount to budget
  • Some sites like churches might just ask for a donation – €1-€2 donation
  • Specific activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, sailing on a Galway Hooker (a boat), Skellig Michael would go above the €10 per day mark


  • Shopping – souvenirs
  • You could do it with €100-200, but you could spend a lot more
  • Make a list of people before you leave
  • Suggested souvenirs: candy bars, tea towels, wall plaques, scarves, woolens, crystal
  • It’s okay if you can only afford €5 to €10 on souvenirs per person back home


  • Miscellaneous items (cushion in your budget)
  • Drinks, trinkets, umbrella, public restrooms, laundry (€10), flat tire


  • Credit and debit cards make it easier to pay for unexpected expenses and to access cash


  • Do you keep an emergency fund?
  • Most unexpected expenses won’t cost you more than €200, so you don’t need thousands of euros on hand
  • Keep emergency cash separate from your wallet/purse

Author: Corey

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  1. Great article and podcast! I so loved my visit to Ireland and look forward to visiting again. Traveling with only a carry on bag for 9 days was awesome and the hostels were the greatest! Plan ahead and travel light!

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