Postcard from Ireland: Nun in Solitary Prayer at Knock Shrine



On a recent trip to Ireland, we stopped at the Knock shrine in County Mayo.

The site has become a significant pilgrimage site for Irish Catholics. Here is a description of the events that occurred in 1879 taken from a chapel plaque:

On 21st August 1879, fifteen people of varying ages witnessed, over a period of two hours, the apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist on the gable of the church.

In the center of the gable was a plain altar on which stood a lamb. Behind the lamb a large cross stood upright.

Angels hovered around the lamb for the duration of the apparition which was enveloped in a heavenly light.

Two official Church Commissions of Enquiry, one in 1879 and the second in 1936 found that ‘the testimony of the witnesses, taken as a whole, was trustworthy and satisfactory.’

Submitted by Tim Scanlon —

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Author: Irish Art

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