Postcard from Ireland: Old Irish Houses


I recently drove from Galway city to Kilkenny (160km) and noticed a lot of boarded up houses. So on my return trip, I pulled in each time I spotted one and took a photograph.

It was quite a ‘funny’ drive. I’d be motoring along keeping an eye out, spot an old house, glance in my mirrors. If the road was clear, do a u-turn, pull in (safely somewhere), jump out, snap-snap-snap, jump back in, turn around again, and drive on. It was fun for the first hour or so but became quiet repetitive and tedious towards the end of my journey. However, it was interesting to see the different states of ruin.

Eventually they’ll all end up a bare skeleton of bricks overgrown by greenery.

Submitted by Patrick Dinneen –

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  1. Very interesting…I have a passion for old houses. A shame to see them in desolate conditions, but still lovely skeletons of the past!

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  2. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Old buildings always attract me as they make us nostalgic foe a moment 🙂

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    • I am traveling to Kilkenny next month. Is there life there as well? Or must one travel to the Dingle peninsula or Galway for signs of life?

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  3. I would love to own that last one!

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  4. I am from Dublin and I recently purchased an old house in North County Wexford and refurbished it.
    I am there most weekends. Anyone passing through, give me a shout and I’ll stick on the kettle.

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