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The pages of “Delightful Dublin” feel like you’re spending a day exploring a Dublin neighborhood with a good friend showing you her favorite places to eat, shop, play, and meet people. I’ve been lucky enough to chat with author Emily Westbrooks about her beloved city.

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Quotes from this interview

This is Dublin from the eyes of someone who dug in and really found the best of the best. — 04:41

Even if you might be coming to Dublin five years from now of if you don’t know if you’re ever going to make it to Dublin, I wanted you to feel like you’ve been here anyway. — 07:13

I wanted it to be really useful if you were walking around the city. — 07:25

You can’t do Dublin without doing some day trips outside of the city. One of the best things about Dublin is how close it is to the mountains and the ocean. — 07:14

Delightful Dublin is more beautiful visually than just about anything else that’s out there. — Corey Taratuta — 08:20

I have a really hard time keeping myself from being a cheerleader for the things that I have discovered and love. — 11:05

The directories at the end of each neighborhood are places that I would send my friends and family. — 11:57

The experience of Dublin really does extend across the historical sites and pubs and shops and restaurants and walking down these different streets and doing different cathedrals and churches. — 13:14

While Dublin is an old city… it’s also a new city with some really important creative and innovative things going on. — 13:30

I wanted a good balance of new and modern — and old and important. — 13:43

Dublin Bikes… it’s the easiest way to get from A to B.–  24:06

You’re gonna go ten miles outside the city and you’re going to see sheep. — 35:41

I hope that people get to see the real Dublin that I fell in love with. — 37:15

Show Notes


Intro – The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

Emily is amazingly generous with her knowledge of the city.

“Delightful Dublin” E-Book – www.DelightfulDublin.com

How Emily ended up in Dublin… you might be surprised to hear there are ties to the sport of basketball.

A new guidebook on Dublin and how it differs from others

The unique format of “Delightful Dublin”

She worked on this book with photographer and design Julie Matkin.

One Day in Dublin series – www.fromchinavillage.com/category/one-day-in-dublin/

How did you decide which tourist sites to include?

Kilmainham Gaol – www.heritageireland.ie/en/dublin/kilmainhamgaol/

Kilmainham Gaol and things to do in that neighborhood.

What section is best for a first time visitor?

Places Emily takes people on tours

Is there one section of Dublin that gets overlooked or underrated?

  • The North Georgian Quarter – north of the River Liffey
  • Docklands Area – Modern Dublin and home to companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

Viking Splash – www.vikingsplash.com

Transportation in Dublin

The format of the book is a downloadable PDF Version with possible other formats
You can open it on any device you can open a PDF document… like a computer, tablet, smartphone.
Book is loaded with links that you can access any time you have a data connection (wifi or mobile).
People love the digital format and also really want a printed version.

About the illustrations in the book
Ursula Celano – you’ll see her products in the Irish Design Shop, Article, The National Gallery Shop – www.ursulacelano.com


Day trips from Dublin

  • Howth – fishing village – cliff walking – traditional music
  • Trim – castle tour
  • Avoca Mill – Avoca Stores, historic Avoca Mill, gardens, s
  • Newgrange
  • Glendalough
  • Kilkenny City

Travel Tip

  • Don’t bring Wellies (Wellington boots/rain galoshes)
  • Umbrella
  • Rain jacket
  • Boots
  • Wander around the city

www.fromchinavillage.com – life in Dublin (you’ll have to listen to get the story on the name of her blog) – www.fromchinavillage.com
Twitter – www.twitter.com/#!/EmilyHolmes
Instagram – www.instagram.com/emilyholmes


Author: Corey

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  2. How large is the Delightful Dublin guide? I couldn’t find the number of pages listed on the website.

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  3. This was posted at the perfect time for the trip we were on (Oct 3rd, 2014). We found it very helpful as we were heading into Dulbin in two days time. The information about the LAUS and Dart were very helpful. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to posting. 🙂 Thanks!!!

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