Postcard from Ireland: Bee on the Aran Islands

A bee photobombing Erin's photo of the Aran Islands

A bee photobombing Erin’s photo of the Aran Islands

This bitty bee photo-bombed my picture of the Aran Islands, and has been my pride and joy ever since!

This was the most clear, beautiful day I could ever have hoped for. We felt so lucky to have a day like that in the middle of September (and so grateful for our timing, because the next day it was raining sideways).

My husband and I walked up and down the Cliffs of Moher, loving the sun and the sea and the cattle not more than 20 feet from the cliff’s edge. We live in an area well known for dairy farming, but I’ll tell ya, we’ve never seen such happy looking cattle like the ones in Ireland. And, hand-in-hand I suppose, we’ve never had better hamburgers.

Anyway, this was a particularly special day for me, because right after this picture, my husband and I visited O’Conner’s pub, our first big dining splurge and my very first LIVE session of Irish Music! I was in heaven. I’m pretty sure the band was An Rs De, and their rendition of Spancil Hill was one of the best, and they played reels to rival the the Dubliners (not kidding!).

For the record, some folks would give us a hard time for going to Ireland when we don’t care to drink, but pub life wonderful even if you are not buzzed. Partly because the quality of food is so high, but mostly because of the good Craic. So, the biggest lessons I learned on this day, don’t avoid a site just because it is “touristy”.

Our trip focused on out of the way places, but my day at the Cliff’s of Moher and Doolin was just as special as my time in the outskirts of Shannonbridge and in Kilbaha Village. And it really is true that you don’t experience the real Ireland until you’ve been to a pub, but don’t worry, a pub in Ireland is not the same as a biker bar. I promise.

Erin — Brigham City, UT

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  1. I think I would have been boasting about the great wildlife photo I captured!

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