Experience Ireland in a New Light… by the Glow of Your iPad


There was a time when I’d step into my local bookstore in the month of March and would find an entire table stacked with books about Ireland and St Patrick. They had everything from travel guides to cookbooks to humorous journals to spiritual biographies (is that a genre?), but my favorites were the picture books with sweeping photos and gorgeous moments captured in Ireland. I would spend an hour or two thumbing through the books… sometimes taking one home, sometimes buying one as a gift, and other times simply moving on to the booklet of bad Irish jokes.

Today, I don’t get to the bookstore nearly as often, and the Internet search world has a reputation for spitting out often-peculiar lists of “if you like this…” recommendations. It’s a different time, and we take in information in a very different way. However, sometimes something new gives me the satisfaction I once got from something old-school.

This week I downloaded “Ireland in a New Light” by Chris Hill and Colin McCadden onto my iPad. To my surprise, this digital book offered the same buzz I used to get from the printed picture books. I found myself swiping through the images, stopping every couple of pages to read the text; and adding places to my mental list of must-see places in Ireland.

Ten minutes magically extended to two hours as I lost myself in the pages. It had been such a long time since I sat still and simply enjoyed beautiful images of Ireland. It was just me, the iPad, and Ireland. The photos were lovely, and I was impressed with how well the authors covered The Republic and Northern Ireland… even the more remote sections. The text was kept brief, but it was loaded with interesting tidbits.

Sure, I missed the physical act of turning the pages, but this digital book got me about as close to a real book as possible.

Here’s a video featuring some of the photos:

>> Ireland in a New Light available for iBooks on the iPad

>> Author’s website: www.scenicireland.com

Author: Liam

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  1. Even the sample looks lovely. Wish I had an ipad!

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