What Are Your Plans for St Patrick’s Day this Year?

St Patrick's Day Festival in Dublin - Photo by Infomatique http://www.flickr.com/photos/infomatique/425315417/in/photostream

St Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin – Photo by Infomatique

St Patrick’s Day has become a bit of a global holiday… people from Dublin to Dubai to Denver will break from their daily routines to do something a little different for St Paddy’s Day (remember it’s Paddy not Patty – warning strong language may appear on this link).

I’m curious what you’ll be doing this March 17th… do you have any special traditions? Use the comments section below to tell us more…

Author: Corey

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  1. early March is an Irish dancer’s busy season- and since there are two under my roof, you can bet I will be carting them hither and yon for performances.

    For myself, I host a massive Irish Feast each year. I spend a week preparing and baking – corned beef, Steak & Guinness Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, boxty, Irish Stew, roasted potatoes, brown bread, cakes, pies, cupcakes…. And there will be a bit of beer, whiskey, and cider to wash it all down.

    If anyone is near Iowa…

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    • I really, really wish we were going to be in the area!!! Sounds like a feast!

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  2. I will be in Dingle again this year celebrating St Patrick’s Day!! This year I plan on celebrating on both feet – last year I was in a wheel chair having broken my ankle coming down the grassy hillside at Loughcrew!!

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  3. Corey
    Wherever I am in the world, I’ll always get myself out to a Paddy’s day parade. I make even more of an effort in recent years, now that I have a few kids to take 🙂 Besides that, I make sure Pandora is set to some Irish station throughout the day, and hopefully I get a few callers throughout the day to share a ‘drop’ with.
    Next year, for sure it’ll be in Ireland 🙂


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  4. My family and I have a party, not the kind that you drink until you can’t stand up but one with family and friends. I make as many authentic Irish dishes as I can. Not just Corned beef and Cabbage. I to spend about a week preparing for the party. In the past we have had shooting contest with the winner receiving a bottle of Irish cream. We play card games and play pool. We decorate the outside of our house with green, orange and white lights. As well as banners and other decorations. We decorate the inside our house as well. And of coarse we proudly always fly the Irish flag along with the American flag. Our family doesn’t only celebrate St. Pat’s day, but we take the opportunity to celebrate March as Irish heritage month.

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  5. I have a whole list of events I need to go to during the St. Patrick’s Day season. Starting on March 2nd and ending on March 23rd. I am a co-chair of the Colleen Committee for the Springfield St. Patrick’s Parade Committee and I chaperone the Colleen and her court to the events they are invited to.

    The big doings in Western Massachusetts is the Annual Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race and Parade http://www.holyokestpatricksparade.com which takes place the Sunday after St. Patrick’s day this year its March 22nd and March 23rd. Our city Springfield Mass has a huge contingent marching http://springfieldstpatricksparade.org. The other surrounding cities and towns also participate.

    On the actual St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, the Springfield Parade Committee, Colleen & Court members, and Award winners start the day at 7:00 am promptly for breakfast at O’Brien’s Corner, then off to Mass at Sacred Heart Church, march to City Hall where we raise the Irish Flag and have a few speeches and a small reception. Then were off to the Student Prince for lunch followed by the “Shin Dig on the Hill” reception hosted by friends of the Hungry Hill Center. Hungry Hill is where a large population of the Irish immigrated to from Ireland. A large percentage came from Kerry, some from the Blasket Islands. In the late afternoon/evening we go to the local Irish Club called the John Boyle O’Reilly Club http://www.jbo-club.com.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to All!!!!

    Alesia Barbaro

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  6. I love reading these! The Friday before I will be in Indy signing copies of Brigid of Ireland and Grace’s Pictures at the Indianapolis Historical Society during the registration for the Shamrock Run and Walk. Right after they are turning the canal green! Then I’m coming home and might go to the parade Saturday in Dublin (Ohio.) Always a fun time. Not sure what I’ll do on the day since it’s a Monday.

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  7. This will be my last St Patricks day hoisting the Tricolour on Kilkenny Castle after 41yrs. the Irish Flag is raised on a Tower 100 ft high. at sunrise 6-30am Irish Time. Its both A Sad and Happy time for me. Be Proud to be Irish

    la feile padraig. Proinsias.

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  8. I’m booked to perform, with guitarist Alan Fuller, at a St. Patrick’s Day dinner for an Alzheimer’s group at a retirement home. Then, Alan and I will go out for a great St. Pat’s Day dinner.

    Very cool gig. I’ve performed for memory deficient people before. They may not remember facts or language, but they remember melodies and lyrics and frequently sing along (music lives in another part of our brains, not in the language part). It is simply amazing.

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    • Beautiful way to spend the day!

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    • Anne,

      I want to thank you for what you are doing. My father suffered memory loss from having a lot of mini strokes and his last 2 years a live he didn’t even know me, but he never forgot his Irish roots and the Irish melodies. It is a great thing that you do.

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  9. Since I am not fortunate enough to be able to be in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, I will have a little bit of Ireland at my home. I will make shepherd’s pie and soda bread for supper, and we will watch the movie “The Quiet Man.” This has been our tradition since Himself and I set up housekeeping together 20 years ago. ♥

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  10. I love that March is Irish-american History Month and that is what I focus on. I am a Celtic pagan, so I am not really a fan of St. Patrick. I like to make lots of Irish food, listen to Irish music and watch Irish films. I celebrate all month long, and it starts today. Oh, and I wear green every day of the month to celebrate Irish American History!

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  11. Hope to be set dancing with the fabulous people of the Chicago Irish community! Same as I do every Friday night. Also listen to a bit of trad. Happy St.Patrick’s Day all! Celebrate with care

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  12. Me? Well, I am firstly headed down to the city for the annual Shamrock Run. My husband will join me for the first time! It will be Grand!
    Then, after the run, we will head over to Kell’s Irish Pub for a bit of Craic! There will be some luvly traditional Irish music and pints!
    Once back to the gaff for some corned beef, colcannon, and Guinness. With Whiskey Cake for dessert!

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    • Kell’s in Seattle? Love that little pub. Really great. My wife and I live in Seattle, but will be in Ireland for a few weeks starting next week. =)

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      • Actually, it is the Kell’s in Portland, Oregon. Lucky you to be going to Ireland. I just got back from a visit in January. Oh, how I miss it already. What part of Ireland will you be going to?

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        • We’re starting in Dublin and working our way around the entire Isle counter-clockwise. We have nearly three weeks in country. A truly relaxing time. Will be our first time to the North and my wife’s parents first time in Ireland.

          Very excited about getting out to the Innishowen Peninsula for a couple days.

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  13. My wife and I will be just about to the Inishowen Peninsula by that day, so we’ll be looking for a little B&B and a pub to find a pint and some craic. I love being in Ireland over this week. Plenty of fun to be had without all the touristy crowds. =)

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  14. I will be busy packing for my 16th tour to Ireland. Landing in Dublin on my birthday! The 17th tour is already booked for late June 2014

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  15. I live on Maui and we have a pub on the island called Mulligan’s. It’s owned by Mike Odwyer who hails from Clonmel in County Tipperary. My wife and I will be joining friends at Mulligan’s to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

    Nakashima definitely is not an Irish name, but my wife is Irish and we fell in love with Ireland after our first visit five years ago. We’ve since gone back for a second visit and we’re looking forward to a third trip, hopefully in the near future.

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  16. I had to celebrate St. Patrick’s all the way from Colombia this year 😀 And what better way to do it that a cold glass of beer!

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