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Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in 1reland, Planning, Polls | 43 comments

Take Our Survey: Where Would You Leave Your Passport?

passport2This question usually comes up AFTER someone arrives in Ireland. “Do I carry my passport with me everywhere I go?” I’ve heard differing opinions on this, and I’m curious to get yours.

First, take the poll below and click the answers that indicate where you might stow your passport… and give YOUR HONEST answer (not the answer you THINK you should give).

Second, use the comments section to offer some advice, opinion, or reasoning.

Where would you put your passport on your next trip to Ireland? (check all that apply)

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  1. Right or wrong, I kept our passports with me. There were 5 of us traveling as a family and there was no way I was trusting my 10 year old with his passport!! I had them all together in one cardboard envelope so that I could easily grab all at once. Did I leave them hidden and locked in the car once in a while? Yes. Didn’t want to bother carrying them when we were hiking.

  2. When we travel, no matter where we keep the passport with us and copies of our passports in our luggage and in our hotel/B&B safe–can never be too safe!

    • absolutely!!!! eventho Ireland is very safe…..we have had no problems with any thing being stolen….in all the 4 years we have gone for 2 weeks or more…..

  3. I keep color copies of our passports with us at all times. I also have scanned images on my iphone. The real ones stay locked in my hotel/B&B.

    • I love the idea of color copies of the passports!! I will make color copies before our travels in 2015.

      • It is really good to have a master place where all this important identification and financial info is kept securely. I learned this lesson from a friend who was devastated by a natural disaster, lost her home and all of her personal and financial ID. She told me that it was harder to re-establish her identity than it was to physically recover from her injuries.

        So, I keep copies of my credit cards, driver’s license, and passport in my safe deposit box at home. That way, if any are lost, I can check there for the numbers, etc. If the key is lost, I can pay the fee for a new one and get into the box.

        When traveling, I entrust a copy of my passport with someone at home, so that if it gets lost, I can have a pdf of it sent to me via email (but I don’t keep a copy of it in my phone–people who steal phones can also hack into them). I travel with the phone numbers of my credit card companies, in case I need to contact them for any reason. Even if I can’t remember my card number, they’ll ask for other identification to verify I am the card holder.

        I prefer traveling with a neck wallet for the passport. You can find them made of very light, comfortable fabric to wear under clothes. My driver’s license also stays there, but credit cards and other forms of payment are in my purse.

        • EXCELLENT COMMENT!!! ALL are very good ideas!!! thanks for posting your comment!

        • Anne – Great tips. I especially love that you mentioned what you do with your passport when you’re not traveling.

    • I am not sure I would even leave the real ones in any safe…..Better safe than sorry…..copies in suit case is a great idea….

  4. Keep mine with me on a neck wallet. Since I travel alone sometimes, it’s also my I.D.

  5. I never keep mine with me! And, the last time I was even asked for my passport was in N. Ireland before the Good Friday Agreement (1997)…I was with my grandparents who insisted we take our passports everywhere, so I had mine. But that was the last time I was asked to produce it while traveling!

  6. I carried it everywhere.

  7. We kept ours with us.

  8. Carried everywhere in a zippered part of my bag which was one that went across body and had the reinforced straps that couldn’t be cut and a catch that prevented being “pick pocketed”. Worked well. Didn’t like the idea of not having it with me.

  9. I tried to vote, but kept getting error messages. Anyway, whenever I’m abroad, I always keep my passport with me in a zippered pouch hanging from my neck.

    • Sorry if you had some trouble Charles, it’s our first time trying that polling system… Not sure how it’ll fare.

      • Corey, I think it all went well, was too bad the one person had trouble….this is a GREAT idea! We keep our passports in my purse, but I feel the best way is in a pouch around you neck and slipped under your shirt/blouse…..Thanks for asking…..

  10. I don’t really have a neck wallet but I keep mine in my bra! I always have a copy of it tucked in my luggage also…black and white copy. I have only needed to show it at customs so far.

    • DODI, I’ve heard of your idea many times! Not a bad idea at all. We keep ours in my purse, but I will next time get a pouch…..Ireland is a very safe country—at least the 4 times we have gone; however, we didn’t go to big cities….we prefer the very small villages…..thanks for your comment!

    • Must be one hell of a bra! ;)

  11. Generally, I keep my passport wherever I store my luggage assuming it is a reputable, safe place. I use the hotel safe if one if provided. If the location is at all suspect, I take it with me.
    I also make sure to leave a photocopy of my passport with a trusted person back at home in case I need it in a pinch!

  12. I carried my passport around with me in the UK, mainly because some of the places asked for identification and that was the easiest way to do it.

  13. Always keep it with me! And like so many other who have responded, a copy in my luggage.

  14. I would say it’s best to keep it with you in your bag or wallet at all times, but I can’t say I did that. I just left it with my luggage in the hotel whenever I went out. Never had a problem when I crossed the border.

  15. I have a copy in each piece of luggage /carry on I bring on the trip. I also carry the original in a wallet pocket with me when I am out and about. If I am say in Dublin for a week, I have left it in the locked room safe. If I am about then I don’t trust myself to not forget it so again pack it with me.

  16. I usually keep mine with me, unless I am going hiking or swimming, then I will keep it in the hotel security box. I always keep copies in my suitcase as well as at home.

  17. I always keep my passport with me. I have a special bag I use when traveling that crosses over my body and has a very thick strap. I put the passport in an inner compartment that requires two separate actions to open. I keep the bag in front of my body. So far, no worries.

  18. I carry it with me as a recognized form of photo ID.

  19. I always keep our passports with us, usually in my day pack or camera bag. When I was roaming Dublin alone this past fall I did put them in a waist pack under my clothes.

    I make sure one member of my family at home has color copies, and also keep copies digitally on my phone and in a computer file that I can access from anywhere.

    Since I travel with my kids I tend to take a lot of precautions.

  20. We keep our with us at all times. We also prior to leaving make 2 photocopies of all ID/credit cards/health ins, etc that we are traveling with. We leave one copy with our family with an itinerary (in case they need us in an emergency) and keep one copy hidden in a money belt in case the originals are lost/stolen, etc. We also register our trip with the travel depart of the federal goverment. This is for situations in case of natural disasters, etc. so our families can be notified if need be if we can’t.

  21. I always kept it with me at all times. I did make a copy to keep in my luggage. Lucky for me I was able to stay with friends while I was in Ireland, so there wasn’t any worry about someone taking it while I was touring around Ireland.

  22. I always carry mine with me when out and about. I keep it in a zippered part of my backpack or handbag which I then carry in such a way that it can’t be opened without my knowing. I also photocopy all my important papers (passport, driving licence, air tickets, cards) and keep them in my luggage.Never had any trouble but can’t be too careful :)

  23. The last time I flew ireland to England they didn’t even have an immigration desk to check my passport (I’m neither Irish nor English). I still don’t understand why some check passports and some don’t.
    Oh, and my passport number is MEMORIZED!

  24. We keep our passports with us all the time when traveling. Mine is kept in my “cross-body” handbag (which is also water proof/resistant) and my husband keeps his in the camera bag. We do take copies of our passport with us and leave those in the luggage in our room. In addition to that, I leave copies of our passports and credit cards with my mom when we travel.

  25. In my cargo pants, leg pocket, in a ziplock bag. Checked
    regularly after getting out of the car and exiting sites, restaurants, etc.

  26. Both trips kept copies in my luggage and carried my passport in a travel purse that is a cross body that rests in front around my stomach, if some gets that close I would notice them. Copies of passport and credit cards left with a family member at home with the customer service numbers for each card in case that was needed.

  27. When traveling with someone else, we each carry copies of both of our passports. If for some reason we get separated, one has a way of getting the other’s information to the right people. I also leave a copy with someone at home with an itinerary/flight numbers, etc. As for the actual thing, I carry them in my purse which has zipper, shoulder strap, and is hung diagonally on me and is not begging to be pickpocketed.

  28. since I never carry a purse, just my bum bag with the belt of it under my top, I carry mine at all times in that bag…I also leave a colored copy of it, my cards, my travel insurance policy, and my email with flight info with my son, God forbid, so he has all info needed to assist me if needed….I also carry a colored copy in my luggage….I also keep a copy of everything in my safety deposit box, which son has a key to if his copies were to be lost because of an incident in his home…..

    I use this method because I think handbags and camera bags are an invitation for theft…

  29. I also use LastPass, to keep a virtual copy of our passports, 256 encryption, so we have a backup, in case…

  30. I was just there in January and I took my original passport with me everywhere in my daypack. I also had color copies of it, and my driver’s license, in by backpack, carry-on, and my daypack. Can’t be too careful, I guess.

  31. I always leave it in the hotel safe, never give it a second thought.

    I leave copies with my mother and have a copy in my luggage. Also have a copies in my email.

  32. Our passports are usually in my camera bag. If I leave the bag in the car, then they are in a zipped pocket of my Scottevest jacket or vest.

    I also have scanned copies in a secured file online, as well as on my computer. No sense in taking risks.

  33. Ireland, I stay with a family member, so my passport and cc copies stay in the flat. If we visit another country, we carry everything on our bodies. The jacket I always wore in the pass had an interior pocket that hid my passport and cc copies as well as a zippered pocket on the front to hold small cash wallet and cc/dl case. I now have a much longer, below knee length puffer coat, that does not have an interior safe pocket which meant I needed to carry a handbag outside of Ireland this trip. I’m going to add an interior safe pocket that would hold my passport and cc/dl case and cc copies. I may also add a second pocket to hold my small cash wallet, as I don’t like to carry a handbag. I always leave an itinerary with my son, also copies of my passport, cc’s and travel insurance too. I don’t have any identification copies etc. on my iPhone or iPad, too risky.

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