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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Artist's Eye, Arts & Crafts, Headlines | 131 comments

A Bit of Ireland Shipped to Your Mailbox — My Ireland Box Giveaway

My Ireland Box Who wouldn’t love a wee bit of Ireland in their mailboxes? …and I’m talking about their REAL mailbox, not their email inbox too! Every month, My Ireland Box puts together a unique sampling of delightful goodies made by Irish artists and businesses. They then package them in a beautiful box and ship them to folks like you who LOVE distinct Irish-made products. Every month is like opening a little love letter from Ireland and it’s filled with beautiful things. They offer an option to order a one-time box, but their 3, 6, or 9 month subscriptions deliver an ongoing flow of enchanting Irish craft. At €30 a box (+€6.20 for shipping to the US and Canada), it’s a fun way to get a sample of Ireland no matter where you live. If you choose to give My Ireland Box as a gift, they will send your recipient an e-card when you order, so they’ll know to keep an eye on their mailboxes for something special from Ireland — which also making it the perfect last-minute gift!.

We asked our readers to tell us who they would like to send a My Ireland Box… check out the comments below…

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  1. I would give it to my Mom since I have already been to Ireland and this would give her a taste of what Ireland is all about.

  2. I looks like a great way to have a piece of Ireland in the house.

  3. My husband would love to have this as a gift! He and I visited Ireland for our anniversary three years ago and we fell in love with the coastlines of Ireland! After two long years of grad school for me this box would be a great way to thank him for his patience and support!

  4. In my household, I’d be the happiest to receive this box!

  5. I would gift it to myself. I have enjoyed visiting Ireland and would love to have some Irish goodies this Christmas

  6. My Mom would love this – she visited Ireland with me and we fell in love with everything about the country!

  7. I would treat my Uncle Louis to a wee bit of Ireland. He is my dad’s brother and he spent so much time researching the family line to the Manion’s & Gheraty’s of Ballinasloe County Galway. I was fortunate to experience Ireland, and to walk the streets of present-day Ballinasloe. Treating him to a wee bit of Ireland would be my way of saying thank you.

  8. I would like to gift this to my choir director, from Cork. She has been here 12 years now, and misses her family and home terribly. (although she does go to visit). She inspired me to take my lifetime trip to Ireland. I felt like I found my long lost home. I wish to return.

  9. My Mom would love this – she travelled to Ireland with me and we both fell in love with everything about the country!

  10. I would share it with a cousin.

  11. What a nice box of goodies. I love the cute little bird on the left. I would share it with my mother. She loves birds. The earrings would go to my sister who is the only one in the family with pierced ears.

  12. I have been to Ireland twice and each time I come home I share my photos and stories with my family. They are all ready to go with me on the next trip until they see airfare prices. Maybe an Ireland box would be just the push they need. My father would need the biggest push as he is a nervous flyer.

  13. My mother would love this as a gift! We have always wanted to visit Ireland together, and expirience the beauty of our unique heretige!

  14. I would give the box to my mother. She’s gone through so much these past few years, with the loss of my father and personal illnesses. She’s always been the one holding us together and sharing more than she can ever give. She’s so loving and humble, I know that a bit of “home country” would bring great joy to her.

  15. I would love this gift. It would be a big part of the feeling of “coming home”. I go to Ireland every year and can’t possibly bring enough Ireland home with me.

  16. I would love to share this with my sister. I have gone twice to visit family but she has not been able to go yet and this would make her so happy.

  17. I would love a “wee bit of Ireland”.

  18. I would give this gift to my sister… she and I traveled to Ireland in 2012, my dream trip, and amazingly, we both came back as changed people… we were able to travel all around the island, doing genealogy and finding out how strongly linked we are to this beautiful land, falling in love with the lovely people and history, and making such wonderful memories.

    Ireland is the home of my heart, and my sister no longer teases me about my love of our Irishness, even if it is back 5 generations. It reached out and grabbed HER heart, as well, I think that she was genuinely surprised at how Ireland will do that to a soul….

  19. I would love to give a box like this to my mother. My father was all Irish and loved collecting leprechauns along with other Irish memorabilia. They traveled to Ireland at least 3 times. My father passed last February and this will be her first Christmas without my Dad. They were married 56 years. This gift box might make her feel his presence this Christmas holiday.

  20. I’ve been lucky to travel to Ireland a number of times, but my aunt has always dreamed of going and seeing the home where her grandfather once lived. She recently lost her husband of 50 years and will unlikely have the money to go before she passes on, so bringing a little of the Emerald Isle to her would be a wonderful way to put a smile on her face.

  21. I just know my son would love these as he, like me, loves everything to do with Ireland. In fact I’m in danger of losing him to her next year!! We spent an amazing couple of months there when he finished high school 2 years ago…..he had taken himself back twice before the year was out…all the way from Australia! Does that tell you something?

  22. I would give it to my wonderful husband. He so loves his Irish heritage, but has not been able to return “home” in two years.

  23. I would send it to my friends who will be accompanying. Us on our fourth trip next May so they will have something else to look forward to.

  24. My sister! She’s 11 yrs younger than me but takes care of me like no other, for that matter, she takes care of everyone; she’s selfless. I’ve been to Ireland 2x in the past 3 yrs & beg her to go with me but she can’t because she’s got 2 young kids, job, home, etc… to tend to & everyone else’s needs. This would be a sweet little bit of Ireland for her until I can get her there eventually.

  25. I would give this gift to my sister-in-law because she’s never been to Ireland and I know she would love it!

  26. I would LOVE for me oldest daughter, Tara, to receive a Gift from Ireland! The reason I would love for her to win one; “Here is why I began finding Irish friends & websites and how I came to be Facebook friends of Irish Fireside, Madeleine & Peg’s Cottage and so many other wonderful Irish Folk: My oldest daughter mysteriously ‘insisted!’ on me getting a new passport in the winter of 2009-2010…I did, it came, I tucked it away and totally forgot about it. Then on March 17th, 2010 during my lunch hour I was driving to the chiropractor and Tara called from California :) Mind you, she had No Idea it was St. Paddy’s day it was still to early in her morning and she hadn’t noticed the date yet……the reason for her call was that she had been thinking about me and she’d decided it was time enough to tell me WHY she made me get a passport ;) and so that I would have time for research and planning (and as it turns out, time for meeting Irish FB friends and winning contests!!) She announced over the phone that She & I were taking a trip together……and where?? The ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ for me! (My mom had wanted to see this place too) “We are going to IRELAND Momsy, just you and I!” The land of shamrocks, fairies, leprechauns and castles!” I am so blessed to be here Momsy! <3

  27. I would give it to my mother. She has never been to Ireland but grew up hearing stories from her grandparents who came over to America in 1915.

  28. Like so many others, I would send one to my mother. She has never been much out of Montana, but LOVES all things Irish!

    (Plus, I’m hoping that it would convince her to go with me!)

  29. This would be for my parents. Both of them have their roots in Ireland. This would be a great way to have them get acquainted with Irish items.

  30. I’d give it to my best friend Theresa. She is half Irish and shares her Irish adventures with me as she has traveled there several times. She is a wonderful person who looks after me and lives me no matter what. Flaws and all. She is someone I strive to be like as she is caring, giving and kind. She is also very generous to those less fortunate.

  31. Joyful memories ….nice surprise for our upcoming family reunion ….we always try for something from the homeland

  32. I would share this with my mom. She and I have been working on our family tree, and together we have come across fascinating bits of our Irish history. We have both been to Ireland but it was before starting to dig into this history. Receiving this would give us both a boost and help encourage us to continue our research.

  33. I would give it to my younger sister. She went to Ireland with her husband a few years ago and loved it. I think it would bring back some memories for her if she received this as a gift. I am hoping my husband and I will be able to visit Ireland in five years to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

  34. Wow, what a great idea. I’d love to give my sister one of these. We spent a two weeks travelling around Ireland a few years ago. It was the best two weeks of my life. So many wonderful memories! Sending her one of these will inspire her to want to return to Ireland (with her favorite sister of course)

  35. My mom would love this!

  36. I would be the one delighted to receive this! It would be wonderful to explore a bit of the magic of Ireland in a box!

  37. Our beasties who spent some time visiting with opus over in Ireland!!

  38. I would give it to my mother. We both share a love of Ireland. We talk about traveling there together sometime in the next few years. She has been before but I never have. I want to take my daughter as well and have her meet her family there.

  39. Like so many before me, I’d gift this to my mother. She has heard me rave about Ireland for years but has yet to be able to make her Someday Trip. I hope to be able to tour her around one day but until then a wee gift box would help fill in the wait.

  40. I would share the package with the 18 people I toured Ireland with in August/September of this year. We traveled as part of a group with the West Virginia University Extension Office. For many of us, it was our first time to Ireland. For me, it was my first time out of the country. Our time in Ireland was amazing and we can’t wait to go back in two years. I have a greater appreciation for my ancestry and found an inner peace that I had never experienced till I got to Ireland.

  41. I’d share this with a friend I first me online in an Ireland related message board. Although she’s been to Ireland many more times than I have, I know she’d love this little box of joy.

  42. My daughters would love this to learn a bit more about their Irish ancestry! :)

  43. I would share My Ireland Box with my best friend Shannon. We’re saving for our first vacation in Ireland!

  44. As our family readies for our first ever trip to Ireland with our children, it would be wonderful to receive something like this to share with them and get us in the mood for something that I know is going to be a real special experience for them.

  45. My Irish dance pal, Jill, would go nuts over this gift box. She and I are both crazy about Ireland, but neither of our jobs (I’m an editor at a newspaper; she’s a pediatric nurse) allow us to travel as much as we like. Still, we both managed to squeeze in Ireland trips this past year, even though we used all of our vacation days to do so. Reminders of these trips of our lifetimes are major bright spots in our busy lives.

  46. My mother.. she found out that her birth father was in fact a doctor from Ireland. Her wish was to visit Ireland, but now cannot travel. This would be a heartfelt gift to bring her a little closer to ‘home’.

  47. I would give it to my Dad who didn’t even know we were Irish until about 20 years ago, but has always felt Irish.

  48. My step mom would love this. Think it I will have to order her one. Makes a great gift!

  49. This would be a wonderful gift to my cousin, because she loves receiving unique gifts from other countries, especially Ireland, as it is one of their favorites :)

  50. I would probably split the contents of the box between me, my sister and my mom. None of us have been to Ireland and they caught the love of all thongs Irish from me.

  51. A few years ago my youngest brother was reaching our ancestry in Ireland and found out our great great grandparents lived there before they came to the states they were from offaly and kildare ireland. So I would give it to him or maybe share it depending on on what comes with it .Thanks to him I’m all things irish and wanted to go to the Gathering this year but didn’t have the money. This could be my motivation to save the money and go thanks. Sorry I rambled on and on.

  52. My 89 year old Mom would love this. She is the sweetest Irish woman you would ever know. She has been to Ireland twice.

  53. This would be the best gift for my sister. She is always finding the greatest gifts for me – and now I have found the PERFECT gift for her.

  54. I would love one for my Grandmother. My Grandfather passed away a while back. His father was from Ireland. This wouldake a great gift for her. It would warm her heart. They would have been married 60 years this year.

  55. I would give it to my daughter. After our trip to Ireland, she was completely immersed in the history of the wonderful island. We talk about returning in the near future.

  56. i would give this to my beautiful wife as we just got married saturday

  57. Would love a wee bit of Ireland. My friend and I were just reminiscing about our trip this morning.

  58. This giftbox would be wonderful for my Grandpa! He and my Grandma stowed away every penny they could to fund their wanderings across the globe. They spent a summer in Northern Ireland building a church for the Seventh Day Adventists. Hopefully a fun gift like this would spark all kinds of memories of travelling through Ireland with Mama!

  59. I would love to give this to my Grandpa! He and my Grandma used to stash every penny they could from there teaching jobs to fund their wanderings through Europe. They spent some time travelling from Dublin to Northern Ireland to build a church in the 90s. Hopefully a fun gift like this would spark some memories of travelling through Ireland with Mama!

  60. I would give it to my aunt. She is 76 and no longer able to travel. I recently traveled to Ireland and she was so happy for me although she knows she will never see it for herself. This box would give her her own piece of Ireland.

  61. I was blessed with a pen pal thru the Secret Santa event a couple of year ago. Suzette is now a close and dear friend who shares not only my love for Ireland but for ALL things Irish! I know she would adore whatever came in her Bit of Ireland! And she would tell me all about it!!

  62. This would be a lovely present for my fiancé! He feels such a strong connection to Ireland — all the way into his bones and his DNA! :)

  63. Would love to share this with the set dancing friends who traveled to Willie week in Clare this summer. We had such a special time, this would be a reminder!

  64. I would love for my minister, Sonja and her husband, Mike to receive this reminder of Ireland. They just went to Ireland this summer for a long awaited vacation and loved it. Mike is of Irish descent. My daughter sent me one of these boxes for my birthday this year. She and I and my sister and mother had gone to Ireland the summer before this last summer. It was a lovely reminder of a trip of lifetime.

  65. My dad passed away in Jan. this year and my mom, his bride of 57 years is spending her first holiday season without him. She is struggling this year in spite of family and friends. Her wish once dad passed was to go to Ireland again. We made that trip in July this year. She loves Ireland and has joined me on my 4 visits there and she and my dad went together back in 2007.

    This would surely be a bright spot for her and keep her Irish trip alive!


  66. What a brilliant idea! I have a wonderful friend, born and raised in Dublin. He came to WA State , USA, for the love of his life. Do to a paperwork glitch, he is unable to go back to Ireland for a bit yet. Ray is so homesick! A lovely box of Irish treats would surely brighten his day! Please pick him!!!

  67. I would give it to my husband. Last year our visit to beautiful Ireland was cut short due to an illness. Had to return home way too soon. We were both so disappointed. At our age we are not sure if we will ever get back again. Can really use a bit of Ireland to bring back the good memories of our short visit!!

  68. My uncle would be very thrilled to win this! We are planning our 2nd trip to Ireland for next July to celebrate his 70th birthday! This would be a perfect “warm up” for him!

  69. I would give one to my friend Lisa who would love to visit Ireland some day. since I came back I have been talking her ear off about it. I know she would love all the lovely unique items that come each month.

  70. I travel to Ireland fairly often, but I’ve a friend who’s been once, a good few years back, when her film was in a festival there. She longs to go back, and to share Ireland with her husband, who has never been. I’d give this box to them to help them imagine and plan for their future trips.

  71. I would give the gifts to my Mother. Born and raised in Connemara, came to America with my Dad and their small son. They had 5 more children raised in American, Dad passed on 17 years ago. Mom unfortunately suffers from Dementia, and has an easier time remembering long ago. I’d gift this to her in hopes it would bring a smile to her face and remind her of Happy Christmases past.

  72. I would give the gift to myself. I love all things Irish, and I try to keep a little bit of Ireland alive in my home.

  73. I am from a very Irish family. But this would be for my parents. This would give them an Irish Christmas.

  74. I would share this among the whole family. I think they would all enjoy it.

  75. I would divide it up and share the love with several friends who haven’t had the opportunity to visit BEAUTIFUL Eire!

  76. I would share the contents withy wonderful husband Michael, who indulged me in fulfilling a lifetime dream of going to Ireland 13 years ago…… And every year since! He fell in love with it that first visit. He is the best travel companion ever… And he does all the driving on those wild Irish roads (Isn’t that a song… My wild Irish Road…???

  77. I would give this to my mother who is turning 90 years young in January. Ireland is the country of our ancestors and I know she would cherish this.

  78. I wouldn’t be able to choose which of my granddaughters who have been to Ireland with me so perhaps it would go to Elizabeth, whose turn comes in ’15.

  79. I would love one of the boxes be sent to a friend, Carrol Siegall, who has wanted to go for many years but probably never make it to BEAUTIFUL IRELAND! She enjoys all the pictures I have taken, the stories about the beauty of Ireland, the friendly wonderful people, stormy days, snow, and—of course—rain…which she and I love…If I had enough money, I’d sure like to be able to send her over!!!

  80. My sister Kathleen would very much enjoy My Ireland Box. Neither of us has been able to travel to the Emerald Isle, but we long to go. We are Irish and hold Ireland in our hearts even though we have never been there. Our clan hails from County Cork and My Ireland Box would be savored by my sister!

  81. I would give the Ireland box to my sons who just enjoyed their first visit to Ireland and want so much to share in my love and joy of my Irish heritage and history

  82. The box would be shared with or given to our Post Master at the tiny Tinnie Post office. Her smile, personality and red hair are all part of her beautiful Irish heritage.

  83. Cute Stuff, I love the one in the center with the Red Cutout card, I would share this with my Irish Loving Friends here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley which has a climate and rolling hill scenery very reminiscent of Beautiful Ireland ✿◠‿◠)

  84. Dia duit! Not that I wouldn’t love to have it, but I’ve been to Eire last year-beautiful! I would give it to my grandmother. Her father, who was Irish, died when she was 4 & she has been in love with Eire as long as I can remember. I think she would love it! I’m always looking to find a way to bring a little bit of Eire to her.

  85. For my mom, she left Ireland many years ago and it would be a great reminder

  86. I would give to my boss, who’s Ireland obsessed!

  87. I’d give it to my sister, she has all the traits of a true Irishwoman – she’s funny, inquisitive, answers a question with a question, loves to sing, can tell a good story, and she’s a great mother.

  88. My cousin would love the Box of Ireland. She and I found each other while doing research into our family history. We discovered that our great great great grandparents emigrated from County Monaghan to Philadelphia in 1840. We both love everything Irish and I know she would love all the gifts in the box. When we met we discovered we both shared the same dream of traveling to Ireland and have been fortunate enough to have gone there together 5 times and can’t wait to go back. This Box of Ireland would be perfect to help her enjoy a taste of Ireland until we can go back again.

  89. I would love pieces of Ireland in my mail or my Ireland travel buddy Melinda would.

  90. My husband works on the ocean and is gone more than he is home. When he comes home we talk about Ireland and what we will do there (we hope to visit in 2014). He comes from an Irish family (McKenna), and I’ve done ever so much research on his side (and mine, Irish and Scottish), and for his time home, he’d love to have this My Ireland Box, to bring him a bit closer to his Irish roots (and mine, didn’t I see the earrings, he’s no pirate!).
    I think the Barrett’s are brilliant for having this as a business (hope to visit them in Dingle next year), and wish them and yourselves, Nollaig shona dhaoibh! (I believe this is correct)

  91. I would put them aside, next to all the Irish related stuff in my home (coffee mugs, piggy banks, T-shirts, Irish odd socks, pins and much more), so as my son who is 1 year old can understand Eire better; he is called Patrick, to keep our love for Ireland forever alive.

  92. I would love it for myself :) As a mom of six, it isn’t often I get anything for Christmas.

  93. My cousin would love this gift. She has been going thought a lot with my aunt being very sick and a messy divorce. We are not very close but I know this would cheer her up.

  94. I would love to win and give this to my father, he has always dreamed of going to Ireland one day to find more about his ancestors and see the areas they are from. He has been a member of the Hibernians most of his life. Unfortunaly his failing health has made a trip like this no longer possible for him. So it would be wonderful to bring a piece of Ireland to him this year!!

  95. My husband. I lived there 11 years ago and I think he misses it.

  96. I would love to share this box with my three boys, so that they may learn more of their heritage.

  97. I’d give it to my Dad, who is looking for something interesting to do this summer-perhaps this will give him an idea.

  98. My mom would like this because she is half Irish.

  99. I would give it to my son in law, he is irish and would love to visit Ireland. This would be a warm up to his goal!

  100. I would give this to my mother, who has done extensive genealogy on my Irish relatives but not gotten to go to Ireland herself.

  101. I would like to share this with my extended family when they come to visit. Would be a great way to share different cultures with the kids.

  102. My youngest sister and her family in Maine would really enjoy having some memories and tastes of Ireland at Christmas time.

  103. I would give this box to my Mother-in-law who is 100 percent Irish but has never been to the “motherland”. No one is more deserving!

  104. I would give it to my brother. We both share the same feelings of Ireland being our real home. Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been? It’s seems that we are. So, for my brother, it would be a piece of home.

  105. Everyone in my household would love this gift. We all dream of visiting Ireland one day & what a special treat this would be!

  106. My sister in law, Pat would be extremely grateful for a special box from Ireland. She lost her husband not long after the four of us went on our Ireland adventure and this box would mean the world to her. Ireland was a lifetime dream that was finally acquired only to lose her lifetime partner. This box would be a wonderful reminder of the glorious time we all had in Ireland.

  107. I would definitely give this to my mom, as I got my Irish heritage from her!

  108. I would give this to my wife. She came to America in 1986 and has not been home for Christmas since, even though we go in the summer I know she misses it.

  109. Would love this and see what is ahead of us in 2014. We are visiting Ireland and the countryside and enjoying Dingle for a week

  110. I would share this with my sister, who accompanied me on my dream trip to Ireland, last year… it was amazing to watch how it affected her, as she was actually quite affected by it all… we had done much genealogy on our Irish roots and when we went there, she experienced the magic that I’d felt all of my life, even before we found out how much Irish is in our background.

    It amazed me that our grandparents only wanted to claim being American, when I felt so distant from that over simplified identity.

    I was due to be born on St. Patrick’s Day, and while I wasn’t born until March 21, my late mother told me that someday we would find out just why I had such an Irish soul… and my sister found out how being Irish American really does stir something inside of you…

  111. I would share this box with my wonderful sister, Sara, who has had my back through thick and thin. We live Ireland and dream of going one day.

  112. I live alone, so it would be me that would be absolutely delighted to receive this ‘bit of ireland’! I’ve never been, but have always been drawn to Ireland; the beauty of its landscape; the music; the food. it is all so rich in culture and history. it would be a fabulous thing to find in my mailbox! :)

  113. I would share it with my mom. She’s the one who inspired to me want to go to Ireland in the first place, and after making multiple trips over there myself, I finally convinced her to join me on one. I think she’d like to go back and see everything she missed the first time. (And really, who wouldn’t?) This might give her the encouragement she needs.

  114. My husband… It’s his birthday tomorrow and we just came back from Ireland in October for our 20th Anniversary. He is missing the gracious hospitality that we received while we were there….and so am I.

  115. I would give it to my husband. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in Ireland next year and this would be a perfect start!

  116. I would give it to my best friend Sandy. She has had a very tough year. When I went to Ireland a few years ago I shared my travel stories and pictures with her and she fell in love with Ireland too. I think this gift would warm her heart and bring a much needed smile to her face.

  117. I would love to give a little bit of Ireland to my son because he is my whole reason for existence. and he loves the fact that he’s got more Irish in him than me. Lol he joined the service at 17, he had hoped to get stationed in Ireland so he could get in touch with his roots but was injured and became permanently disabled at only 22. So his dream was gone, I’m a very proud mom and he loves me so and I just want to give something back to him that has true meaning

  118. I would share it with my family. We are trying desperately to move “home”! Every time we return we long to turn around and go right back!

  119. Wow! My mom would love this. She made it to Ireland once and would love to return, but can’t travel anymore because of health reasons. This would brighten her day!

  120. I would love to share this with my sister..we have always dreamed of visiting Ireland and immersing our selves in our Irish heritage!

  121. “May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”
    Visited Arranmore Island, Killybegs and Donegal in 2009 for our 30th wedding anniversary. Hope to return someday. Merry Christmas!

  122. My husband deserves a wee bit of Ireland for putting up with ME for so many years! And we are finally going to Ireland for the first time in May!!

  123. My dear Irish sister

  124. I would love this box. I go to Ireland every year and the items in the box would join the mementos of Ireland that I already enjoy between trips!

  125. Perfect for my lovely hubby :)

  126. My husband would love it! I am leaving (without him) to visit Ireland in January, and he would feel much better about that if a wee bit of Ireland would come to comfort him while I am gone.

  127. I would love to give this to my wife, so she could share it with our grown boys and most of all the grandchildren, recently she discovered through, that she has a direct line descendant and an eight x great grandmother from Antitin, Ireland. These could be learning tools for her go show and tell here and in California.
    Liam, and Corey, she adores you and goes down into our over one hundred year old dump washout to search for pieces for you. Don’t tell her I said so, but I hope she’s not embarrassing you too much! Have a wonderful holiday!

  128. I would give this to my husband. We went to Ireland on our honeymoon and talk about it all the time!

  129. Would share it with my kids and mum–three generations sharing things from the land my Grandfather left with his parents to seek prosperity in a new land.

  130. I would give this to my mom…

  131. I would gift the Irish Gift Box to my lovely “Irish” friend Ev , she has traveled to Ireland just once, due to the high air fares, but would love to travel again. This would be a wonderful way to bring Ireland to her!

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