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Gary Arndt#132 Ireland’s World Heritage Sites with Gary Arndt In this episode Corey chats with blogger, podcaster, and photographer Gary Arndt about his recent trip to Ireland, world heritage sites on the Emerald Isle, and Ireland’s appeal to Americans. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to listen.


Photos from Gary’s Trips…

Skellig Michael

Newgrange, Co Meath

Giant’s Causeway, Co Antrim

Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare

Gary’s Photo Galleries

.Quotes from this Interview:

“Skellig Michael, in my opinion, is the coolest thing in Ireland, and not many people know about it and not many people go there. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but WOW!”

— minute 3:27

“It is amazing that any human being ever lived on this place… let alone that they lived there for hundreds of years… let alone they anyone ever landed a boat on it because it is completely vertical.”

— minute 3:43

“If you were going to make an evil lair for someone from a James Bond film, Skellig Michael would be a great place to put it.”

— minute 3:58

“Very amazed at how much pride people take in what county they’re from, which is something that I don’t see that level of localism or regionalism in many other places.”

— minute 11:18

“It would not surprise to see one or two more world heritage sites in Ireland within the one to five years.”

— minute 17:12

“Every single Irish person I’ve ever met has a relative — they’ve got a cousin, a brother, an uncle — that lives in the US, so they tend to have higher than average literacy about the United States.”

— minute 21:04

“I didn’t get to go to Trinity College or see the Book of Kells. I saw some great photos that came out of the library, and one of the things I found always perform very well when I post them online is “book porn,” so libraries from around the world, people just love sharing and liking those photos.”

— minute 22:25

“Listening to some of the radio stations driving around, a great deal of talk about Gaelic sports… and it’s really taken seriously.”

— minute 23:32

“For a while, Ireland had the reputation of being a very expensive place. After the Celtic Tiger days, prices became very high, and I think they’re dropping down a little bit or at least becoming a bit more reasonable, which is bringing people back.”

— minute 27:37

“Don’t worry about driving on the left. The first time you do, you just have to pay really close attention. Turn you radio off. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, and constantly be repeating to yourself ‘Stay on the left. Stay on the left. Stay on the left.’”

— minute 33:18

“Ireland — especially if you’re American or from an English-speaking country — is one of the most accessible international destinations you can visit. So there’s really no excuse not going if you want to go. And there’s very few countries I can say that about.”

— minute 33:54

Show Notes

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00:00 Intro – The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

00:05 Gary Arndt – www.everything-everywhere.com

00:35 This Week in Travel with Gary Arndt, Jen Leo, and Chris Christensen – www.thisweekintravel.com 

01:09 Interview with Gary Arndt

01:27 What Makes UNESCO Heritage Sites distinct?

01:57 Ireland’s UNESCO sites Newgrange Giant’s Causeway Skellig Michael

04:50 Dan and Audrey from www.uncorneredmarket.com

04:58 Limited number of boats that go out each day Book in advance

05:34 Little Skellig – filled with sea birds

06:58 How did you travel around Ireland? Driving by car and roads

08:20 Dublin to Cork to Portmagee to Limerick to Cliffs of Moher to Giant’s Causeway to Dublin

09:49 UNESCO tentative sites Cliffs of Moher Historic Dublin and other historic sites

09:10 You need to pay in cash for your trip to Skellig Michael

10:37 Hurling Championship (Gaelic Sport) County Clare vs County Cork County pride in full force

11:50 It would easier to combine Newgrange and Giant’s Causeway. Then do Skellig Michael on a separate trip.

12:05 The Wild Atlantic Way

12:12 Giant’s Causeway

14:00 Newgrange Brú na Bóinne On Dec 21st the entrance aligns with sunrise – there is an annual lottery to witness this.

15:45 Drogheda

16:30 Antrim Coastline

17:00 The Gathering TBEX – Travel Blog Exchange Conference Adventure Travel Trade Association

18:20 Mobility and Accessibility at these sites

19:50 Memorable people – Pat Joe Murphy

20:55 How did you find interacting with the people of Ireland?

21:47 What’s on your must-do list for your next trip to Ireland?

  • More time, go slower, more stops
  • Visit some castles
  • Spend more time in Dublin
  • Trinity College
  • Go to a Hurling match

23:42 Anything on your trip you didn’t think was worth it?

24:00 Sites near the major sites Battle of the Boyne/Boyne Valley Monasterboice

24:50 Visitor Centres

25:50 How do you react to criticisms of sites with added fees?

26:46 What’s the vibe you picked up from people who write about travel?

28:30 The Irish and Italian diaspora versus the Spanish and Germans in America

32:24 Aer Lingus lost Gary’s bag

34:23 What if somebody wants to travel longterm? It’s about how you manage your money

35:44 WIFI in Ireland

35:50 Favorite thing… Irish cider… for the Vitamin C

36:19 Search Google for Gary + Travel

36:50 Liam sings Wild Mountainside by John Douglas

Author: Corey

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