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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Arts & Crafts, Headlines | 69 comments

Celtic Christmas Ornaments for 2013


We’re super excited to unveil two Celtic Christmas ornaments especially for the Irish Fireside community.

We teamed up with Brian and Katie from Earthen Craft Pottery to create these handmade beauties. All of Brian and Katie’s designs are carefully researched and inspired by architectural features and ancient stone carvings, and each ornament is made in small batches, making supplies limited.

Both the Celtic Cross and Celtic Snowflake designs are available for only $15 (regular price $24) making them an affordable Christmas gift or holiday decoration. Plus, your order includes free shipping in the US (international shipping is available for $5), and a portion of your purchase will go to the Irish Fireside and help us keep bringing you more posts and podcasts.

SHOP NOW (we posted these in Liam’s online store to make shopping easy)

Use the comments section below to tell us how you add a bit of an Irish and Celtic flair to your holiday decorating.

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  1. This year my wife is making a traditional Irish cake instead of her usual plum pudding. I fix a full Irish breakfast on Christmas morning.

  2. I bring out all of the beautiful decorations and ornaments that I picked up on my visits to Ireland. And I also make sure to use one of my peat turf logs on Christmas night to complete my “Irish” portion of my holiday celebration!

  3. Celtic Christmas music- that’s what I add to the decorating and atmosphere. :) These ornaments would be a lovely start to some lovely Irish touches on the tree.

    Now that I see them, I’m going to try to think of other ways to incorporate some Ireland into our holiday. :)

  4. I plan to make Irish Coffees for Christmas Eve, and Irish Stew for Christmas Day dinner!

  5. Since my family is from Ireland, we always decorate with Belleek and Celtic ornaments on the tree. My stocking has a shamrock on it and I have my Irish Santa on the shelf playing his fiddle.

  6. Celtic Christmas music makes our holidays more Irish! We also place candles in the windows, to light the way for Mary and Joseph.

  7. I have CDs of Celtic music plaing in the background all day long. I especially like The High Kings and Celtic harp music.

  8. I have an entire playlist of Celtic Christmas music that will be playing starting Friday or Saturday of this week. I returned from my first trip to Ireland just a couple months ago and will be starting to hang up my pictures soon. While the pictures will stay up all year, it will definitely make this Christmas a lot more Irish. These ornaments are beautiful and would look wonderful on my tree!

  9. Celtic Christmas music is our accompaniment to gift giving and our family meal. On Christmas Eve, we toast each other with a couple of fingers of Redbreast Irish whiskey – we save the ‘good stuff’ for special occasions.

  10. I have several “Irish” ornaments I hang on the tree every year. And now I buy my grown children a new ornament (with an Irish flair) every year so that they can do the same! If I win one of these, then I’ll only have to purchase 2!!!

  11. Having made our first visit to Ireland this past June I’m just starting to incorporate more Irish into my decorating. These ornaments would make a great start! I LOVED Ireland and can’t wait to visit again.

  12. I do a special Irish Christmas tree with green and gold lights and all irish /celtic ornaments and I have a special Irish Santa and Irish Nutcracker I display.

  13. I like to put a candle in the window to help light the way for the Holy Family on Christmas Eve. I understand it is a tradition followed in Ireland and I remember my Dad telling me about his Mother doing the same thing when he was little.

  14. We have a ornaments we bought at each of our trips to Ireland. We also like to send an Irish themed Christmas cards.

  15. I am playing Celtic Christmas music while nibbling on some homemade shortbread!

  16. I love to put my Irish decorations out. We always listen to Irish music so we really enjoy our Irish Christmas songs. Th
    is year I will try my hand at some Irish food.

  17. Making as many Irish dishes I can and, of course, Lyons tea!

  18. Some Celtic music and ornaments on the tree from our past trips to Ireland.

  19. I like to listen to Celtic Xmas music & enjoy some Irish coffee :-)

  20. Beautiful. So simple and I love the color! I’m so looking forward to cold nights with only the Christmas lights to dream by. Someday I will celebrate Christmas in Ireland! Thank you for sharing the joy!

  21. I always make sure I have a Christmas candle in the window, and my Claddagh ornament that I bought in Dublin on my tree.

  22. Celtic Christmas music will be the soundtrack to our Christmas. There will also be some celtic ornaments and trimmings on the tree. And it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without colcannon and mashed turnips! Although both of my parents’ families emigrated to the US from Ireland, I have yet to be able to “go home” (although 2 of my 3 daughters have – thanks to lovely Irish young ladies they worked with here on the New Jersey shore during their summers off from University). I am hoping to make it over in 2014, and will surely be bringing back more beautiful ornaments like these to add to our family’s tree.

  23. I have several Irish Christmas on my Christmas Tree and I listen to Christmas music from Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder and Sephira.

  24. Turf on the fire, Green Spot in the glasses and the Pogues on the sound system. Cozy, warm against the Dutch weather and everyone happy. ⛄️


  26. I think the Kelly family tries to get together as much as possible during the holidays even though we are spread far and wide. Good food, family and awesome Celtic music…what more you you ask for??

  27. We have been to Ireland 13 times in the last 13 years (Ireland tends to do that to you), and I have purchased a number of Belleek, Royal Tara, and other ornaments that add an Irish touch to our tree. I also have a new Irish Santa that I just added to my Santa collection that I am excited about displaying this year. Irish music Christmas CD’s add a warmth to our home all season.

  28. I pull out my all my Irish / Scottish ornaments, nutcrackers, and Santas. And fix me a nice cuppa to have with some soda bread.

  29. As an Irish Ex-Pat from County Cavan living in Toronto I have to confess that I haven’t any Irish Christmas Ornaments. So if I win, this will be the start of my collection. Thank you for offering us the chance to win one.

  30. I’d love to add more Ireland to my Christmas. We have a couple of ornaments from our trip in 2012, but I’d love to have a full Irish breakfast on Christmas morning. We have our Irish tea on a regular basis now though. I remember the soda bread though. That was my favorite! Yum!

  31. I start listening to Celtic Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., both CDs and also on-line at Last year my son gave me a Belleek Shamrock cross Christmas ornament, and it is one of my most prized position. ♥

  32. I have Irish Christmas carols – or Christmas carols with an Irish flair – on the CD player every day in December.

  33. I have an Irish made Angel that goes on the top of the tree each year and it has the harp and the Celtic knot on the angel.

  34. Don’t have much to add some celtic flair, but am working on it. These would definitely help.

  35. Irish Christmas music, collected Irish Christmas ornaments, and of course, a mug or two of Irish coffee!

  36. Every year my daughter gives me a picture book of Ireland… and during the holidays I put them out and we look through them and talk about our past trips.

  37. My beautiful Belleek nativity set is always on display, and the Royal Tara wine glasses filled with a good drink!

  38. A few Irish Christmas ornaments along with the other family heirlooms, two Celtic Nativities, and an Advent wreath. One of my beautiful shamrock glass balls didn’t make it from last year to this but I still have one. Will wrap it better this year.

  39. For the Holidays I will put out my Irish Linen, and cut the cheese on our Connemara Marble Cheese Board, while listening to the Celtic Music ✿◠‿◠)

  40. A full Irish breakfast with my Barry’s tea. Sitting on my couch in front of my peat fire watching home movies of my time with my wife and kids of our trips to Cork and Kerry.

  41. The beautiful Santa beer stein that a friend brought back to me is always in a special place.

  42. This year I think I have enough Irish ornaments to put up a second tree with all the Irish ornaments I have collected over the years. One of your ornaments would be a lovely addition to our new tradition. Thank you for the chance to win and have a very Merry Christmas.

  43. A full Irish breakfast on Christmas morning, Celtic music as we open the presents

  44. I have received several Irish ornaments as gifts in addition to the ones I have bought on my trips to Ireland and they all have a special place on my tree. I would love to add one of these ornaments to my collection.

  45. I hang the ornaments I got last year in Ireland. Can’t wait to go back and get more !!!

  46. I have an assortment of Irish ornaments brought back from Ireland over the years that are always on my tree. I also play Celtic Christmas music while we open presents.

  47. Ornaments bought when we were there! Also would love to make black pudding but don’t know where to ge all the ingredients in the US.

  48. A turf fire and Irish christmas music always puts me in the holiday mood.

  49. I always play Celtic Christmas music to add to the atmosphere.

  50. I use the Celtic ornament my Irish cousin sent me

  51. I hang the ornaments on my tree that I got in Ireland, including Galway crystal and Belleek collectibles. I also serve eggnog or hot chocolate in my Belleek “Himself” and “Herself” mug set.

  52. I have started the tradition of adding ornaments to my tree from my trips to Ireland. In addition, I will be making some Irish dishes for our family Christmas Eve gathering.

  53. To get in the Christmas spirit and keep it all through the season, I start listening to Celtic Christmas music before Thanksgiving! It’s wonderful!

  54. Making a Christmas fruitcake with my mother using the recipe she brought from Ireland 50 years ago.

  55. I listen to Christmas music by Celtic Women and I bring out the “Irish” Santa my husband bought for me one Christmas before he passed away.

  56. We listen to the Irish Rovers Christmas albums, Celtic Women Christmas album & this would be my very first Celtic Christmas item! :)

  57. Discovered plush mini black sheep in a shop a few years ago so I bought as many as I could find. I use them as decorations on my Christmas tree. Never fails to bring a smile to my face seeing my own set of “Irish” of sheep. That’s how I flock a Christmas tree! ;o)

  58. I can’t wait to learn and experience Ireland in 2014!

  59. We have been listening to Christmas FM from Ireland and anticipating our upcoming trip to Ireland.

  60. Soda bread, soda bread, soda bread and lots of butter. :)
    Nothing better except maybe a Guinness!!

  61. We are all about Ireland in our home! We pull out every Irish piece we own, turn up our Irish Christmas music and put up every Irish ornament on our tree! Next years goal: to celebrate Christmas in Ireland!

  62. “May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”
    Visited Arranmore Island, Killybegs and Donegal in 2009 for our 30th wedding anniversary. Hope to return someday. Merry Christmas!

  63. I put candles in the windows to welcome Mary and Joseph, celtic music is played and celtic ornaments placed on the tree. The nativity set is under the tree. Another wooden nativity set made in Tipperary is on a table. Add a breakfast with Irish oatmeal, the aroma of Irish coffee and Irish soda bread baking .

  64. My family loves my Irish Whiskey cake, so I make them as gifts for everyone. Good times all-around!

  65. Celtic music and Irish blessings in our house!

  66. An Irish crystal plate of oatmeal cookies is always on the table.

  67. I hang the ornaments I got on my two Ireland trips and think about all the places I got to see and dream about the ones I want to see next time

  68. Good afternoon, well evening for you in Eire :) Ever since my oldest daughter announced that she and I were going to make a journey to Ireland together, most likely Spring of 2015, I have been reading and learning of the land of our ancestors, of faeries and forests and castles and glens, of poets & writers of Irish legends. We have a few faeries on our Christmas tree with room for many more ornaments I plan to bring home with me from our adventures soon to come.

  69. I make lamb stew and gave a pint of the Black…

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