#131 The Ferry, Adventure, and Ireland’s Connection to Liverpool – an Interview with Helen In Wonderlust – AUDIO

Helen climbs the ladder to board a Galway Hooker.

#131 The Ferry, Adventure, and Ireland’s Connection to Liverpool – an Interview with Helen Davies

In this episode Corey sits down with blogger Helen Davies to talk about her recent visit the Emerald Isle where they talk about traveling by ferry, taking in a bit of adventure travel, and Ireland’s connection to the city of Liverpool.

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Photos from Helen’s Trip…


Helen’s Blog Posts About Ireland:

Quotes from this interview…

“Liverpool is famous for its Irish heritage. One thing that really struck me both times I went to Ireland is that people would generally be like, ‘Oh, you’re from Liverpool; you’re one of us. You’re Irish as well.'”

— minute 2:45

“You know you’re in Ireland when you are treated like a member of the family who has just come home from a long trip away.”

— minute 24:11

“It’s really interesting if you stop and take the time to listen to people… and people want to tell their stories.”

— minute 7:39

“I watched the Welsh mountains disappear off into the distance as the sun was rising. It was one of those perfect travel… I’d like to say moments, but it was more like a perfect travel three hours. It was a really nice ferry ride.”

— minute 10:24

“For the last few years I have been all about long haul trips, so I’ve been going to Africa to find real adventure… but I didn’t realize that it was so close to home as well. So Ireland was that place for me. It was full of adventure; it was full of mystery. There was so much to discover.”

— minute 13:50

“The weather over on the west coast was what most surprised me. The clouds were so oppressive. They were so low in the sky. It really made the trip in a way.”

— minute 15:07

“People most associate Scotland with whisky, but actually, I’d say Ireland’s whiskey was a little bit better… sorry Scotland.”

— minute 18:19

“I was so aware of how welcoming and gracious and lovely everybody was to me… You don’t get that everywhere. I think it’s such a beautiful quality Il that runs through Ireland and the people there.”

— minute 25:10


Show Notes:

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Intro and The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

Wild Atlantic Way – Donegal to Cork – the Longest Designated Driving Route in Europe

Meet Helen

What has changes in the last ten years

Working in Northern Ireland in the early 2000s – The Troubles

Liverpool’s Irish connections

Liverpool and Irish immigration

Adventure travel

Wild Atlantic Way
Boat Trip on a Galway Hooker with Walking West

Helen’s favorite things about Ireland

Is there one person you met in Ireland you remember fondly?

Offbeat Places
Zetland Country House – and host Colm

Taking the ferry from England
Amenities and options

What surprised you about Ireland?
The adventure and mystery close to home

The weather in Ireland
The clouds

Slow down
Waterproof jacket
Meet some people and learn their stories

Food in Ireland
Irish stew – Scouse in Liverpool
Smoked salmon

Drinks in Ireland
Whiskey – Irish Fiddler Whiskey
Honey Liqueur
A true Irish Fireside Experience

What’s on your must-see list for the next trip?
Live music – especially Galway Girl

Travel to Liverpool for an Ireland-lover
Maritime museum
Beatles culture
Arts and culture
Tate Museum
Music – Mathew Street – Cavern Club

Similarities between Liverpool and Dublin and Belfast and Ireland

Talented people from Liverpool
Willie Russell
Shirley Valentine
Elvis Costello

Derry UK City of Culture 2013
Limerick Ireland City of Culture 2014

You know you are in Ireland when…

The Irish Welcome

Find Helen online
Twitter: @helenwonderlust
Facebook: heleninwonderlust

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Author: Corey

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    Liam – that’s lovely, thank you so much! 🙂

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