Tell Me Your Thoughts about the Certificate of Irish Heritage

Certificate of Irish HeritageI was hoping you could help me out…

At Milwaukee Irish Fest, I had a chance to look at a few of the designs created for the Certificate of Irish Heritage. Looking them over, got me thinking about what Irish Firesiders think about the certificate.

  • If you purchased one, tell me about why you got it and what you think about it.
  • If you aren’t a fan of it, tell me why.
  • If you’re waiting until later, share those details.
  • If you don’t know what it is, click the link above.

You can share your thoughts via the comments below, Facebook, or email.

Author: Corey

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  1. I do want one, but just don’t have that much extra cash to warrant getting one. I had some cash, and got DNA testing instead

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  2. I received my certificate of Irish heritage because I won a contest on the Got Ireland Blog/Site!! I absolutely love it and consider it to be very special!!

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  3. Never heard of these before. An official Irish Government confirmation of your Irish roots? Sounds like an official Irish Government money grab to me.

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  4. I can see how such a certificate would be interesting and useful to many, and a fairly gentle and creative way for Ireland to serve a need for connection while generating revenue.

    In my life, the Irish connections are so strong and so present in other ways that this isn’t what’s needed for me, though, so I do not plan to be getting one.

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  5. I’ve seen the Irish certificate before and think that it’s just another ploy for someone to make a few Euro.

    It’s an expensive piece of paper. I think that we should demonstrate our Irish heritage by learning to speak the language, by playing the music, reading great Irish literary works, by being hospitable and kind, and making the occasionally apple tart and inviting a friend or two to tea. Who you are and your actions speak louder than an Irish Heritage Certificate.

    I did not purchase one.

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  6. I like the fact that you can customize the design of the certificate. I would buy one but I am still researching my Irish ancestors. My grandfather was Willis H. Murphy, but he was born in Missouri and so far, I have not found his parents. Anyway, I would have to wait to get one until I can get this informaton.

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  7. I have been ready, twice, at the website, to purchase one, but, it’s just a little expensive, for my ‘get off my lawn’ taste… I think they are really nice, and it’s a great addition to anyone’s history, but…

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  8. When I saw them, I thought they were kind of cool…especially the Gathering one signed by the Taoiseach…but when I showed them to a friend, she scoffed and said she doesn’t need a certificate to show she’s of Irish heritage.

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  9. I ‘Married Into The Farm’ — Detailed tracing of MY roots back to 1600 AD shows not one drop of Irish Blood so a costly Certificate would be inappropriate.
    My wife, on the other hand, qualifies for Irish citizenship — as BOTH of her paternal grand parents were born in Ireland. In HER case, a Certificate would be a waste of money — money that would be better spend, in MY opinion, on acquiring Citizenship.
    When we first visited Ireland, in 1999, her father had five living First Cousins resident in Ireland. Sadly, now, that generation has all passed. I lobbied unsuccessfully, then, to try to convince her to apply for Dual Citizenship. At that time, the fee was only little more than what a Certificate now costs. Also,had she done so, then, as her spouse, I would have automatically qualified for one,too. That all changed in 2002, though — and the cost of a citizenship application soared, as well.
    Over the years, my wife’s ‘Cousins’ have visited here and we visit with them, in Ireland, EVERY year. Some of them have attended birthday celebrations and weddings of ours and we have traveled ‘Over Home” — to attend similar events, there. We won’t be purchasing a Certificate. The knowledge that we have family in Ireland is validation enough.

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  10. I’m split on these “certificates”. I’m all for Ireland making money off of plastic Paddy’s who want to show off their heritage (or pretend they have Irish heritage), however I don’t find any real value in them for someone who actually understands what it means to be Irish and proud of their heritage.

    There is no authentication that goes into them to verify that what someone enters is accurate, so anyone, regardless of Irish ancestry, can order one. It would be counterproductive to require someone to submit proof of their heritage. This puts these certificates in the same category as a Map of Irish Surnames tea towel purchased at the airport on someone’s only trip to Ireland, just another tourist trap trinket.

    Having said that, I’ll say this. Who cares if its just a trinket? If it makes someone feel good when they look at it and remember their grandma or their trip to where their ancestors come from, who cares if it has been authenticated and verified as defined by the word “certified”? There is no certification process going on, so its not a certificate. That’s my biggest hangup with this, its more like the coat of arms print out you can buy at the Celtic Classic or a mall kiosk. Neither one cares if you’re honest or not, they just want your money. But that misgiving is mitigated by the knowledge that Ireland is making a lot of money with little effort and expense, so more power to them. I’m for it if it helps the Irish economy regardless of actual authenticity, that is, as long as this “certificate” sale doesn’t eventually reflect negatively on the Irish government. These things are more appropriately sold to tourists at Carroll’s than as an official document issued by a branch of the Irish government.

    I could ramble on about these things, but I’ll leave it alone now.

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  11. I don’t expect to purchase one. It would be one more thing that my heirs would probably not appreciate, and my walls are already crowded. Another issue is that I can’t find my family’s place of origin in Ireland, tho’ I keep looking for them. It’s too common of a name. Thanks for asking.

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  12. Now yes many of my [genealogy research] clients have purchased the Certs. They were very happy with them.

    I must say the Certs are Professional, well presented. Beautiful framed and signed by the Taoisheac.well copied signatures.
    I have highly recommended them and i have no connection with the company.

    Last Feb i had a phone call from a kay woods. Kay told me she had a cert for a man whom i traced his Ancestry for. This was the first i knew about them.

    I would support the idea no problem.I hope this is of help to you.Stay Irish Forever.

    Slan. Frank.

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  13. I haven’t purchase a certificate. I have yet to find proof that my ancestors did come from Ireland. I think they did but nothing concrete as of yet.

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  14. I like the fact that you can customize the design of the certificate. I would buy one but I am still researching my Irish ancestors. My grandfather was Willis H. Murphy, but he was born in Missouri and so far, I have not found his parents. Anyway, I would have to wait to get one until I can get this informaton.

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  15. I’m proud of having Irish roots but not sure I see the point except to help the Irish government make money. That probably sounds quite cynical.

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  16. It’s on the expensive side. I have filled out the information, but have not ordered. In my opinion, I think they should ask for more information on your Irish descendants. I can provided more data on my Grt. Grt. grand father, who was the 1st generation born here in NYC and his descendants. When I applied for membership with the Sons of the American Revolution, I had to give all this information to document my line of ancestors and some of the information was not available, it did not exist. It was lost to antiquity.

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  17. I have a Certificate of Irish Heritage that is very special to me. My cousin (who I met online more than 10 years ago as a result of doing genealogy research) ordered one for me as a gift. It commemorates our mutual great-great-great-great-grandparents who came from Ireland in the 1840’s from County Monoghan. It hangs on the wall in my bedroom and I often look at it and think about how hard life must have been for them in Ireland and what courage it must have taken for them to leave and come to Pennsylvania. I am very proud of my Irish heritage and this certificate is a visible reminder to me of that heritage. I think the certificates are beautiful and I like the fact that there are several different styles to choose from. My cousin asked me which style I wanted and I chose to have it written in Irish and I chose the West of Ireland picture which shows a donkey walking along the path with the ocean in the background. It is how I picture my ancestors on their way to the ship that brought them to America. I do think that the certificates are rather expensive, especially if you order the one with the frame, although I have to say that the frame is beautiful and they do an excellent job with the framing. I just don’t think I would have bought one for myself since they are so expensive.

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  18. I know what the certs are and yes I have one, the one with the sailing ship. I love it BUT am very saddened as to what they have become.

    I am quite proud of my Irish heritage and my two Irish ggmothers who came to this country and struggled to do that. I am very saddened that the Irish government has decided to give them away to stars or celebrities when they could afford them a million times over.

    They are quite expensive and I had to save to buy one for their price. I bought one to treasure and have it on my wall now but it bothers me that someone like Tom Cruise got one and he didn’t even know he had Irish roots nor does he honestly care!

    It bothers me that all of these people can trace their Irish heritage way back, people do it for free for them, those in Ireland celebrate that star’s heritage with a parade or tv reporting and I have only been able to get back to just the County due to them arriving too early and no records existing.

    I don’t want any notoriety but just knowledge about my Irish ancestors. I celebrate quietly my Irish roots and am proud to know I have them. I would do anything to know the name of the ship or the town that they came from.

    I guess you hit a nerve 🙂 with me when you asked about it. i still love my certificate and love what it stands for for me, not what the Irish government has turned it into. I understand that people are hurting over there and my heart goes out to them.

    I just returned from Ireland for a visit and I see the difference when I had gone just since last year. i went for the homecoming but was unable to celebrate my heritage with any relatives or people of the same name. There wasn’t a parade like for the Kennedy’s and no visit to the Irish homestead.

    It was a lovely time (my 6th) to personally celebrate my heritage and enjoy being with the Irish people. It is just “funny” that all of these people can have their ancestry traced way back and then it is used somehow to attract attention or gain money or for whatever monetary gain. When I ordered mine, it was early so none of the publicity was on the web or in the news. If I had to do over again, I might not have gotten one due to all of this free giving away to celebrities. I hope you understand. Thanks for listening.

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  19. I LOVE IT…….after my sister and I returned from Ireland we were able to document our link. Both of us have a certificate proudly framed and hung. One interesting thing……before our trip we both planned to order the certificate with the ship……but after returning we definitely wanted the Irish countryside……a wonderful memory of a wonderful country.

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  20. I think they are nice keepsakes. I have dual citizenship through my grandparents, so it doesn’t seem to apply to me. However, I haven’t seen anything nice to commemorate my citizenship. I haven’t considered using the certificate, but I suppose that could be a way.

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  21. I thought about this and haven’t followed through with it. Still undecided. I think they look nice and considered sending as a gift to my parents. I may yet purchase one but right now not high on my priority list. 

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  22. I’d love one! However we did get a “Top 40 Surnames” certificate while we visited the Cliffs of Mohrer. My wife spotted the poster welcoming the Lynch’s as the Surname of the week. WALSH was not to be celebrated until late August. We, however ,were there in June.

    My wife asked if we could get a WALSH surname certificate and before you know it the Lady behind the counter obliged and printed us out a WALSH top 40 surnames Certifcate.

    Pat Walsh
    Ft. Myers, Fl.

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  23. I have my mother’s Irish Passport and that’s enough for me.

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