Artists Eye: The Fairy Rath

The Fairy Rath by John O'Grady
The Fairy Rath by John O’Grady –

John O’Grady is an Irish artist living and working in France. He paints his Irish landscapes from memory and they represent the places, times, and moods experienced whilst living there.

When describing this acrylic on board, John says, “The Fairy Rath holds a special place even now in Irish country traditions, a particular tree or trees around the rath would not be touched for fear that it would bring bad luck from the fairies living in the Rath. There are hundreds of these Raths dotted throughout the country, each one holding a special place in the hearts and memories of local people.”


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Author: Corey

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  1. Hi Corey,

    Thanks so mch for posting this! Looks like you are staying busy over there! I absolutely love this painting. It is so magical. Just what I imagine when I think of a Fairy Tree. It is these old ways/beleifs/superstitions that I love so much about Irish Culture. I checked out Mr. O’Grady’s website and his paintings are so beautiful!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment Kim, and thanks for checking out the paintings on my site

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  2. Well the paintings of natural surroundings reflect the traditional way of showing love towards your country, and it’s amazing to know about the historical facts behind them.

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