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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Genealogy, Headlines, Shannon | 11 comments

Are the Irish Making the 4th of July their Own?

Uncle Sam greeting visitors at Shannon Airport.

Uncle Sam greeting visitors at Shannon Airport.

It’s interesting… while America has embraced St Patrick’s Day and pretty much taken it on as their own, it’s beginning to look like the Irish have taken a shining to the 4th of July. Like in the US, it’s a perfect mid-summer break, and the Irish are doing a few things to give it an Irish flair.

Today, Shannon Airport was abuzz with Clare FM Radio on site to welcome transatlantic visitors… even Uncle Sam (I guess that’s America’s equivalent of a leprechaun) was on hand to greet the passengers in the arrivals hall. The forecasters are even promising some American-style weather with high temperatures and sunshine for the weekend (today it’s on-again, off-again sunshine).

A Taste of America

Red, white, and blue grocery store ads.

Red, white, and blue grocery store ads.

hotdogOne of the supermarket chains is offering a Taste of America special. With such American favorites as… pancakes, milkshakes, fajitas, chicken nuggets, “barbeque marshmallows,” peanut butter, popcorn, and hotdogs (from a jar… um, yuck).

Meanwhile, in Moneygall

And in Barack Obama’s ancestral village of Moneygall, Co Offaly, they’re hosting an American Festival with FOUR DAYS of activities. Unfortunately, fireworks don’t appear to be in the plan :(

Happy Independence Day to All!!!

Moneygall's American Festival

Moneygall’s American Festival

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  1. great post…but bbq marshmallows?….I don’t think so..i agree with the yuck for hot dogs in a jar…lol.. Moneygall is not somewhere i’d go period…

    • With those marshmallows, I think they were trying to say you can cook them on the bbq, but they definitely didn’t get it right. And Moneygall is definitely trying to position themselves as America central in Ireland.

      • You’re talking about toasted marshmallows, right? Maybe they were afraid if they called them toasted marshmallows, people would put them in their toasters/ovens. It’s interesting to see what examples of American food they had. I can’t wait to see what the differences in our foods are when we visit your country this month.

        • Elizabeth you are in for a treat…I love love love the food in Ireland…wonderful cod, haddock, prawns (huge shrimp) toasters (sandwich), bacon and cabbage, wonderful soups, homemade breads….

          • I’m looking forward to the local seafood. I live in Wisconsin so we are big on perch/bluegill/pike, etc (lake fish). I plan on trying everything! I can’t wait to visit Ireland!

    • When we were in Ireland a couple years ago we stopped at Moneygall. We went over to the general store across the street from where someone placed pictures of Obama in a vacant eatery. We had a great visit with the store owner and some of the locals. So, I say if you’re anywhere nearby and on your way to or from Dublin stop in and meet a few of the locals.

  2. Don’t be afraid to try something new, folks. And don’t complain when you visit Ireland because the food is different.

  3. Corey, we actually bought those marshmallows from Lidl (and Geoffrey bought the “American-style” hot air popcorn popper with his savings LOL) today and will be roasting them over the fire pit later with some fireworks too hopefully. They are SUPER SWEET which I don’t care for, but the boys do I guess. I always miss the 4th in America, great celebration always. Hopefully see you soon xx

  4. Just say no to hotdogs in a jar… Actually, the only that that was even partially tempting in the ad, was the zin and I would much rather have a glass of Bushmills. Or tea :)

  5. I’m half Irish, the German side must be what makes Me willing to try one of those “Meat Pickles”.. Har.!

  6. Happy 4th! Not too sure about those hotdogs in a jar either. I’m glad I’m in America where we have the really healthy ones :)

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