#126 Liam and the Old Souls of Ireland – AUDIO

Katie Madden

Katie Madden

Episode Guide – Podcast #126 Liam and the Old Souls of Ireland

In this episode Liam talks about Irish story telling and the old souls that bring tales to life as part of the launch of Gavin Greer’s free ebook “Ireland: A Gathering of Stories” – Including a story from his neighbor Katie Madden.

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Show Notes

Intro and The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

“Ireland: A Gathering of Stories” by Gavin Greer — Free Download

“Being Realistic is Killing Your Dreams” by Dr Valerie Young – www.changingcourse.com

Liam’s interview

The Graves of the Leinstermen near Killaloe/Ballina (Counties Tipperary/Clare)

The importance of place

The oral tradition: Katie Madden and the Magpies

Fairy Forts, Leprechauns, and the Banshee

The Annual St Patrick’s Day Storm

St Patrick vs St Urho

The old soul

The Asses Leap

The old souls

Closing song: In the Middle of the Night by Theresa Larkin and Noel McQuaid

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  1. Why do all of your podcasts stop a little shy of 3 minutes? I’ve tried 3 of them.

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