Isle Magazine Issue 2 Published… and It’s Still Beautiful, Informative, Digital, and FREE


The words have been typed, the images tweaked, and the second edition of Isle Magazine is available to everyone.

We’re especially fond of their ongoing support of bloggers… this month they look at Irish bloggers who aren’t in Ireland. You’ll meet an Ireland-born Irish-American mom, an Irishman going above and beyond to help support those participating in The Gathering, a Mayo-born designer in Bosto, and a New Zealander who won a free trip to Ireland.

And I didn’t even tempt you with the foodie features and the section on real, Irish products! And I’m just touching on what’s inside.

Spend some time with Isle Magazine!

Author: Corey

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  1. I’ve just been looking over Isle Magazine — it’s fabulous! How can I subscribe? I’m in the US.

    Thanks for telling me about it.


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    • It’s strictly an online magazine, so keep up with their updates via their website and social media outlets and you’ll be privy to everything the Irish get to enjoy as well 🙂

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      • I’d happily pay for an online subscription. This magazine is beautiful and contains a great deal of useful information. I now pay about $16 for an online subscription to a country about another European country (and it’s not this good!)

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