#125 Your Smartphone in Ireland and the Best Apps for Irish Travel – VIDEO & AUDIO VERSIONS

bestappsEpisode Guide – Podcast #125 Your Smartphone in Ireland and the Best Apps for Irish Travel

In this episode, I chat with Jody Halsted and Stephanie Chastain about smartphones in Ireland and the best apps for Irish travel

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Show Notes

Corey Taratuta
iPhone, iPad, Android (wifi, Irish data plan, AT&T data plan, Irish mobile hotspot)

Jody Halsted
Droid Razr and Acer Tablet (wifi and Verizon data plan)

iPad (wifi-only)

Show Notes Episode #125

04:08 Local SIM cards

05:30 Boingo monthly plans

06:25 Mobile Hotspots

08:03 Ireland Are We There Yet? Apple | Android

11:18 Free Wifi Finder

13:27 Great Drives Ireland Apple | Android

14:30 Pinterest (for Ireland travel)

15:20 Postagram, Simply Postcards

18:05 Google Maps and Street View Apple | Android

19:35 Navigation (Android – ends up the one Jody was describing was the one that came pre-installed on her device) (20:30 mentions Eoin from Bitesize Irish Gaelic)

21:05 Skype (Facetime, Google Talk, Hangout)

23:32 B&B Ireland

25:45 Groupon Ireland

28:28 Trail Wallet (It Costs a Million Dollars to Travel to Ireland)

30:10 Field Trip Apple | Android

31:44 Your Daily Adventure & Heritage Island/Ireland Discount Guide Apple | Android

32:58 Gate Guru

34:00 Find Your Perfect Festival Apple | Android

34:45 Collage Creator, Snapseed, Camera Awesome

37:10 Ireland Green Travel Apple | Android

38:00 Ireland Travel Kit

42:40 Contact your provider to assure you get the best plan

43:00 Boingo

43:25 Turn off your international plan when you get home

43:30 Look for accommodations with wifi

44:10 Use your devices app to monitor your usage (it can take 48 hours for international updates) and you can upgrade your plan (even after you exceed your data allotment).

45:35 Add your bank and credit card app on your device

46:51 Ireland with Kids – www.irelandwithkids.com

45:55 Infinite Ireland – www.infiniteireland.com (mentions www.gotireland.com)

Author: Corey

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  1. Mr. Corey!
    Just finished watching this episode ( been busy, sorry). Good job, and great info. Obviously, the Ireland Travel Kit,mis a must have. More information than you can shake a shillelagh at, maps and info.
    I have, in our prep, found a few you may be interested in- or not.
    Triposo has a good app similar to the travel kit.
    AA road watch, if you are driving, has a website with real time traffic data. I.E. backups, delays, crashes, etc. you can mod it into an app, on iOS.
    Here is the link-

    I have found several walking guides to cities, also, through the App Store on iOS. “City guides” seem to be the thing to search for.
    Thanks again for everything you have done, to help & enhance everyone’s Irish experience…
    You guys are- wait for it- the “Eire apparent” of Irish travel help…
    Sorry, couldn’t help it…
    Thanks again!

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  2. Hi Corey

    Thanks for another useful fireside podcast!

    There are now lots of app tours that people can download in advance, and then use offline, avoiding roaming charges, or the need for wifi. The best ones are available for Android, iPhone, iPad and even Glass!

    We publish our tours with GuidiGO, and (though I say so myself), it’s very easy to use. You download their free app first, then choose the tours you want to add to your account. They have lots for Ireland, often for out of the way places you might never otherwise visit, and lots of them are free!


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