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Whether it’s distinct stone tools that mark technical advancement; carefully crafted gold torcs; a washing machine which became a symbol of Irish feminism; a computer microprocessor that foreshadowed the Celtic Tiger boom; or a white hankerchief waved on Bloody Sunday, objects help tell the story of Irish history.

“A History of Ireland in 100 Objects” teaches us about the people who lived on the Emerald Isle for the last 7,000 years… and the items they left behind. This beautiful e-book  incorporates text, audio, video, maps, and photos and is available for FREE on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and e-book formats through March 2013 (normally it’s $30).

Download Your Free Copy by March 30, 2013

Author: Corey

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    If you click on your link you are taken to the 100 Items site, then when you click the type of download you want you are taken to amazon and told the price you have to pay before you can download.

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    • Mark, sorry you missed the free period. As mentioned in the post, it was free through the end of March 2013.

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