Tell the Story of Irish America with the Little Museum of Dublin


The Little Museum of Dublin plans to explore the Irish American experience through a new exhibit called “The Huddled Masses.” The Ireland-based museum is looking to Ireland’s far flung sons and daughters to help tell the story of the unique relationship between Ireland and North America.

Your family history can be a part of the exhibit through artifacts, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, books, clothes, and anything else you may think will enrich the exhibition.

Here are some suggestions to think about as you look through your family’s Irish connections:

  • Tickets, Receipts, Letters, Photographs, Visas, Posters, Advertisements, Old Newspaper Articles or Advertisements, Diaries, Love Letters
  • Items relating to an American Wake
  • Items relating to slavery, the Irish American Catholic Church, and Irish-American women
  • Items relating to Irish regiments in the Civil War: Flags, Letters, Medals, Uniforms
  • Photographs/documents/artefacts relating to Irish maids/domestic servants c. 1900
  • Campaign memorabilia of JFK, documents and artefacts linking him to his Irish Heritage, or concerning his trip to Ireland in June 1963.
  • Irish American vote campaign documents, memorabilia, and artefacts 1962 to present.
  • Items relating to the Irish American community in the 20th Century.

If you have something that can help us to tell the story of Irish America, they would love to hear
from you – even if it doesn’t fit neatly within one of the categories. Email

Author: Corey

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