The Tale of Three Ladies, a Rental Car, and a Pesky Irish Goat

Peggy, Pippi and Gooch: Peggy is wearing the scarf, Gooch is the happy, black farm dog, and Pippi the tidy, white goat who enjoys climbing cars. It seems to be the only photo any of us managed to get of the goat. The photo backdrop is of the Clare coastline near Bell Harbour, not far from Ballyvaughan, with an inlet of Galway Bay between us and the coast. Note the cottage tricolour flag, standing straight in the gale force breezes we enjoyed for the first three days of the tour.

Here’s a story of an Irish Travel Mishap contributed by Karen Newhouse…

My two friends and I had been making yearly trips to see parts of Ireland since I studied there in 2003. In 2009, we were renting a cottage on a family farm on the Finvarra peninsula, County Clare. We used the location as a central point to explore the sites from Limerick to Galway.

We soon learned there are unexpected hazards to staying on a working farm.

The cottage was lovely and equipped with a clothes washer and dryer, which was nice to have when only one of our suitcases came down the ramp at the airport. We all got comfy in my three pairs of flannel pajamas and enjoyed a relaxing day of listening to stories and sipping tea.

The quiet contemplation of the landscape and the Burren drystone walls around us was interrupted, however, by the stunned face of my friend who was looking over my shoulder and out the window. I turned to see the family goat climbing on the hood of our rental car and, as we watched, jumping to the top of the roof.

So, I’m never sure just what they said about it later, but the family came out to help the three middle-aged ladies in their pajamas, jumping and flapping about, trying to get the goat off the rental car. We were afraid we would be charged for damages to the car. We escaped that fate; our story left the rental office staff laughing and stating that they hoped we would return to Ireland soon.

I supply, for your edification, a photo from a travel companion entitled: Peggy, Pippi and Gooch. It was taken after the goat dismounted our vehicle.

You can see some of Karen’s Ireland-inspired artwork at

Author: Corey

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  1. Interesting stories. Maybe a dumb question, but when you rent a car in Ireland, if you take the Excess Waiver Insurance option, does that mean you can decline the CDW?


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    • There are no dumb questions with car hire, because it’s a confusing topic.

      Think of the Excess Waiver Insurance or Super CDW as an upgrade to regular CDW insurance. So you don’t decline insurance, you “super-size” it.

      For the extra money, you get a lower or zero deductible (some car rental agencies don’t let you add Super CDW when you book online, but they’ll let you add it when you pick up the vehicle).

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      • Thanks — just wanted to make sure you weren’t paying for both if the Super gave you everything else. It is a bit confusing for sure.

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        • Hi Curtis. Rental T&Cs can be confusing its true, particularly as they can differ between the many rental suppliers. Best advice is to contact your proposed supplier direct and ensure you are comfortable with any advice before committing to the rental agreement.

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  2. Great story- it needed a video. Love that area. The visual on this has me laughing. We have met a lot of sheep in Ireland, but don’t remember any goats. We can aspire!

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  3. ha ha, very good, kinda like something from a Father Ted episdode – “fecking goat!”

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