Irish Folk Furniture’s Starring Role at Sundance

I used to worked with teens on a family archaeology project that had them digging into their past through family artifacts… not just those dull birth, death, and marriage certificates either. They asked questions about objects on a shelf, some old bling in the jewelry box, or those mysterious relics hidden in the basement. With just a few probing questions, the family tales poured out. Some 0ffered a bit of scandal, some revealed harder times, and others told a story of true love.

The film Irish Folk Furniture does a bit of that… it asks questions about the old furniture rotting in the back shed. It’s not trying to be a documentary, it’s just taking a moment to tell a little story… simple, beautiful, and charming.

The eight minute film just won best short animation at the Sundance Film Festival. Sit back and enjoy this one…
Sorry, this video is no longer publicly available.

Author: Corey

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  1. That was really lovely. I could watch that over and over again. A little escape. A meditative moment.

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    • I enjoyed this so much!!! I’m going to transfer this to my sons, it was so enjoyable!

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  2. I really wanted to share this with the folks on the website group, “Plein Eire”, but it wouldn’t work. Any idea how I could do that? Thank you. Slainte.

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    • Not sure of the details of the place you’re specifically trying to post to, but usually if you copy/paste the website URL from the address bar that will do the trip.

      Or… here’s the link to the YouTube video

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