Your Turn to Share: Travel Mishaps and Renting a Car at Dublin Airport

I’m researching two subjects this week, and you could help. Email your comments on these two topics:

  • Irish Travel Mishaps: Fess up; not everything goes according to plan. Tell me about those moments when you screwed up, mother nature showed you who was boss, or Murphy’s Law had it in for you. I’m working on an article about when things go wrong while traveling Ireland, and I’d like to include your real world examples.
  • Renting a Car in Dublin Airport: Hopefully, this one doesn’t overlap too much with the mishaps from above. On this topic I’m looking for your report on what it was like renting a car at Dublin airport and what tips you might offer. Tell me about everything from the car hire desk to taking to the Irish road.

Thanks in advance for sharing… I’ll post links to the finished articles on Facebook, Twitter, and an upcoming e-newsletter.

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Author: Corey

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  1. I rented a car at Dublin airport the first time I visited Ireland. The extra rental insurance offered by Herz was so expensive that I decided to take my chances and wave it. Of course, someone then crashed into my car while it was tucked away in a parking garage one night. That meant I would owe them $4,000 (with conversion), I think their standard deductible amount. When the attendent checked my car a week later, he neglected to look at the passenger side door where all of the damage was. I knew eventually someone would catch it, so I alerted him to the damage. He began filling out an accident report but then ripped it up, told me he hoped I had a good trip and to visit again…and then just walked away! I never got charged. The woman sitting next to me on the shuttle back to the airport was charged $50 for a missing hubcap though.

    The third time I visited Ireland, I purchased all of the extra insurance possible. This turned a $200 rental into a $650 rental. But, I was driving all the way around the country and couldn’t afford to take any chances. My credit cards extend car rental insurance to nearly ever country in the world, EXCEPT Ireland. After spending so much time on the roads there, I think I understand why…

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    • Great story… it’s it classic that you’d get a ding when you don’t have coverage and no problems when you do. I guess it all balances out 😉

      Thanks for sharing.

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  2. The first time we went to Ireland, we prepaid our car rental with Hertz for $689. All I was suppose to pay at the counter was the excess waiver ins. of $260. When we got to the counter they wouldn’t let us rent the car we had reserved, saying it wasn’t big enough for our luggage. I then told then to give me my money back and I’d rent from somewhere else. They told me it would take up to 30 days for my refund if I did that! Knowing we didn’t have enough money to wait and go to some other car hire, we had to go with the upgrade which cost another $725! So at this point our car hire cost us $1414!
    We go have our holiday and bring the car back as scheduled. When we get to the return counter, they jump all over os stating we didn’t have the. Car cleaned before returning so they charged us €70 for that, which puts us to $1514. Then when I get home I see they charged my card AGAIN the prepaid price of $689! This brings our total for our car hire a whopping $2203!!! Our airline tickets for 4 people only cost $1700!!!
    I called Hertz, they wouldn’t do anything cause it was Hertz International who we did business with, Hertz International wouldn’t do anything stating since we live in the US we had to deal with Hertz in the US! I then called my bank (since I used my debit Visa card for purchase) they wouldn’t do anything stating Visa was who guaranteed payment, but then Visa said my bank was who I needed to contact about this….GGRRRR!
    I tried for 6 months to get this straightened out with no help. I even went as far as to contact the Attorney General of New York (since that is where Hertz home office was). Needless to say I never got my money back!
    We will NEVER rent from Hertz again! We will use public transport in Ireland before we rent from Hertz again!
    We now use Dan Dooley and they are a wonderful company to work with! We go to Ireland every year, and every year Dan Dooley gets our money!!!

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  3. I had a problem driving around the roads of Ireland. I was used to a left handed drive on broad and open roads. The roads I went on a trip were very narrow and I had a hard time to keep myself from driving into the other cars. This was a little bit of a problem but I managed to get a hold of it after driving around for a day. It was a new experience for me.

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  4. Same story Hertz sucks we ……booked online $1022, that was with CDW insurance. Got to Dublin at 500am. They said Nope we don’t have the car you picked out we have a comparable……well that comparable wasn’t per the luggage storage piece 60% less, but passengers were the same.

    We wouldn’t fit. The Hertz guy said “I’ll help you out, I’ll cut the upgrade in half 25$ a day extra for you, but it puts you up a tier, so even with CDW we need to put a $6000 hold on your card.”

    I wasn’t happy, said well what do I have to do to not be liable for the first $6000, I need to buy super CDW insurance a extra 860$ over the price of the car.

    Rental car total $2317 NOT HAPPY maybe it’s just the way it is in Ireland.

    Maybe it was the size of the Vehicle Volkswagen Caddy 6 people plus 5 ha Rd d bags plus book bags.

    Seemed high to me.

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