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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Headlines, Holiday Giveaway 2012 | 28 comments

We’re Giving Away Some Irish Dirt

Yep, we’re giving away a piece of Ireland here… a bag of Official Irish Dirt from the Auld Sod Export Co. You gotta admit… it’s a conversation piece.


To enter, leave a comment below telling us about the most memorable spot from your trip to Ireland… or the place that is highest on your list of places to visit when you get to Ireland.

Official Irish Dirt

Congratulations to our winner Kaytrina.

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  1. My most memorable spot in Ireland is the site of my ancestral farm: Ballyloughan. It is located just outside Bagenalstown and just next to Ballyloughan Castle in Co. Carlow. The old cottage, stables, and farm house are still there on the property, and the experience of walking through rooms where my great-great-grandparents lived was beyond thrilling. To walk through the doorway my great-great grandfather walked out of when he came to America was a full circle experience. I would love to go again and spend more time among the ruins, collecting tidbits from my past. Ireland is a beautiful, precious land.

    • My spot in Ireland is the Lacken townland on the outskirts of Cappoquin in County Waterford. This spot is important to Me because it is the Birthplace of both My Father (John) and My Grand Father (Michael). Whilst the original Cottage is long gone (I last saw it in 1967)but it has been replace by a new House built in 2011.

  2. Tough question.(So many beautiful spots in Ireland!)My most memorable spot would be Cashel. That gorgeous rocky hill, the castle and chapel at the top, and Hore Abbey below—not to mention the town itself! Everyone there was so warm and inviting.I could list a dozen others that could easily compete for second place.
    Each location has it’s own unique history (something we Americans don’t appreciate enough). For me, seeing them for myself, touching those old stones, and breathing the air…it was unforgettable. My wife and I will return in August of 2013. Not soon enough for us!

  3. Donegal
    Was there the day they brought Sam home!

  4. I have never been been to Ireland but I am planning a trip. I want to visit Longford where I have some cousins. My grandmother had never met her husbands family in Longford. She left Ireland in the 1890’s and went back only once in 1964. She was greeted as a long lost friend. This began a strong friendship that continues. We are looking forward to actually meeting. Your website has been a big help in finding places to visit. It has also shown us that we will not be there long enough.

  5. My husband and I are planning our 10 year anniversary to Ireland. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of Ashford Castle. I can’t wait to go and visit all of the historical sites possible!

  6. Newgrage. The ultimate in the ancient history of Ireland. I have visited it on most of my 14 tours and it is the top of the list for my 15th tour in June/July 2013

  7. Wow! Dirt! I want some! I’ve been wanting some for like forever! Actually since I learned of my Irish roots. I’ve never been to Ireland except in dreams. I don’t think I’m ever going to have that opportunity. I dream of a little fishing village called Kilkeel in County Down. With romantic names like The Silent Valley & The Mountains of Mourne it’s pretty easy to dream away. :)

  8. My favorite spot would have to be Killarney National Park. I could walk in there for hours and usually do everytime I am there. There is beauty everywhere you look.

  9. The waterfall trail in Glenarriff National Park is absolutely breathtaking!! just when you think you’ve seen the most amazing waterfall ever, you chance upon one even more beautiful. We were there after some days of heavy rain, so the falls were all rushing and roaring their way down the hillsides.

  10. I have a long list of places to visit, but the first one will be Kilmainham Gaol. Then horseback riding on the beaches of Wexford :)

  11. I look forward to County Kerry, home of my ancestors.

  12. The place that is highest on my list to see is a little spot of the beaten tourist track. I don’t know where it is yet, but I will know it when I see it. I will of couse be visiting the castles and the Blarney Stone, but the place that is top on my list is still to be discovered!

    • Touch screen on a Nook is not that great. Lol Just look at all those typos!

  13. The Cliffs of Moher! It was a beautiful clear day and the view was spectacular!

  14. I’d have to say that the Blasket Islands were amazing, and the day I spent there felt like time travel, only to return to Dingle, a magic town with great food, and great music and great craic.

  15. My spot in Ireland is the Lacken townland on the outskirts of Cappoquin in County Waterford. This spot is important to Me because it is the Birthplace of both My Father (John) and My Grand Father (Michael). Whilst the original Cottage is long gone (I last saw it in 1967) but it has been replace by a new House built in 2011.

  16. I loved many places I went in Ireland (the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abbey, the ruins of Cong Abbey, Bunratty Castle, Blarney Castle, Yeats’ Thoor Ballylee, and especially the burial mounds at Knowth and Newgrange); but if I have to choose just one place, it would have to be the Rock of Cashel. I had read about it and had seen many photos over the years, but I never dreamed that I would someday actually go there! The old stonez of the buildings, the beautiful carvings and tombstones, and the view across the plain were just magical and mystical to me. I felt that there were many spirits all around me. There’s a rumour that I cried there–that may or not be true. :-) I *so* want to go again!

  17. I would love to have a bit f the auld sod to smell and remember my visits to Ireland.

  18. I forgot to tell you my favorite place in Ireland. My bad. I would have to say that it is Galway. I just fell in love with that town. If I could, I would move there and find a little place to live and work in a local pub.

  19. The Burren was my favorite spot from my trip last June. My family and I spent three days exploring and it wasn’t nearly enough. It is a place of wild and unusual beauty.

  20. I loved so many places I visited on my trip to Ireland, but nothing was as magical as driving the Dingle Peninsula loop.

    Just what my house needs – more dirt! Perhaps it comes with a wee bit of Irish luck?

  21. So many great places in Ireland my mom and I have visited, but, I would have to say the best spot was in Dublin on our first trip a few years back. It was a moment when we arrived at our hotel way too early to check-in, and were sitting in the lobby just looking out the window at all the people going by, and mom looked at me and said, “I can’t believe we’re actually here” with a big smile. And, I could see the look in her eyes, that she was happy. My dad had passed away the Summer before, so it had been a trying time for both of us, and, seeing mom smile like that was definitely the best moment there.

  22. My favorite place is Clones especially on Ulster Final Sunday you meet so many interesting GAA men and women

  23. I’ve never been to Ireland, so anywhere in Ireland I could get to would be top of my list to visit! I just want to stand somewhere green with open sky with maybe a ruin or church nearby. There are too many places to visit to choose just one as the top. :)

  24. Fort Charles in Kinsale. I felt a sense of peace in a place that experienced so much conflict. It’s a strong and beautiful fort.

  25. There are so many spiritual places in Ireland. But two of my favorites are poking around the Muckross Abby reading all the graves etc. The other place is Kylemore Abby. So peaceful and beautiful that we sprinkled my sisters ashes there by the little chapel. I felt it was a perfect place for her.


  26. I have been to Ireland many times and have seen some wonderful places. My favorite place to go is Dromoland Castle in County Clare. It is the ancestral castle of the O’Brians. Sometimes when I am there I feel the presence of the O’Brian ghosts who inhabit the castle. They seem happy that I am there. I cannot wait to return again and again.

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