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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Arts & Crafts, Headlines, Holiday Giveaway 2012 | 41 comments

Celtic Knotwork Plate Shard Jewelry Giveaway

It’s the giveaway season here at the Irish Fireside, and it’s been a tradition for me to add a piece of my shard jewelry to the gift-giving festivities.

Usually, I offer a broken piece of Irish Belleek that I transform into jewelry, but this year I’m breaking from tradition. For 2012, I’ve got a gorgeous piece with Celtic knotwork that is based on the Book of Iona (from what is believed to be the same library as the Book of Kells). The original dish was produced by Spode in England, I recovered it broken in County Tipperary, and I turned it into shard jewelry in my US-based studio (this plate gets around ;) ).

A few pieces to inspire you…


To enter, visit my online store, look over my pieces of shard jewelry, then come back here and leave a thoughtful comment below about what you see.

Here’s where you’ll find shards recovered in Ireland. If you place an order by December 17th, you get FREE SHIPPING and 10% OFF any piece of shard jewelry by using the code FIRESIDER (sorry this discount cannot be applied to CDs, earrings, or Earthen Craft Pottery items in my online store).

Congratulations to Donna W, winner of this giveaway!

Keep track of all of this seasons giveaways here.

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  1. Love these illuminated illustrations. And these pieces are beautiful. You’ve outdone yourself, Liam! :)

    • Elegant and simple. I cherish the pieces I have.

  2. As a lover of Irish manuscripts and fine craft and really, anything Irish, I find all of these quite beautiful, but I especially love the designs from the Book of Iona. Wonderful work.

  3. beautifull work of art, would add to any collection, keep up the good work

  4. I really like the Belleek shard products.

  5. These are all beautiful, but I think I like the Belleek the best. So neat!

  6. Love the quirkyness of all the images. So many possibilities, and any image can have a special meaning to someone.

  7. Wow! I’ve seen a lot of your work with Belleek, but I have to say I like the designs from the Book of Iona the best. Absolutely stunning, and so unique!

  8. I love the Shamrock Bellek. Would like to see some of the charms too.

  9. Beautiful pieces! Love the detail.

  10. As the proud owner of several of your pieces, I would still love to win another! All the work is so beautiful!

  11. This jewelry is so beautiful, it makes me want to shatter a piece of my Great Aunt’s china to make a necklace. But, my mother would kill me. Stunning!

  12. What beautiful inventive jewelry!! I would love to own a piece.

  13. Looooove the Book of Iona designs. So beautiful.

  14. I purchased a piece for my wife last year that she loves.
    The colors, designs and shapes of these are great!

  15. It was nice to see you and Corey at the one of a kind show in Chicago. Thank you for the tickets!
    As you know I have several of the pieces you have made all the way back to when you were
    showing your pieces at parties. Your work is beautiful and I love the history behind each piece.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    When you have time look up Greenwood :)

    • Thanks Nancy… will check out the show. Great seeing you in Chicago as well. Have a great Christmas and New Year! I’ll be sure to check out Greenwood.

  16. Hi Liam,
    Inam so glad I stopped at your booth at the Celtic Festival in Bethlehem PA. I love the Beleek pieces I bought there including the occupied Japan ones. Learn something new everyday. Who would think to make these beautiful little pins out of broken dishes. They are all such little treasures.

    Jesse Dillon

    • Jesse – We always have so much fun in Bethlehem… great festival indeed. Thanks.

  17. All the new pieces are great. I bought one of your Belleek shards last year for Mom for Christmas. She loves it, and wore it on our Ireland trip earlier this year.
    My favorite new piece is the bird representing, The Gospel of John. I have a very similar design on a bodran I bought in a little store while driving through The Gap of Dunloe a few years ago. I’d love to wear this while playing, and I’d hang it on the wall next to my drum when I wasn’t.
    Sidenote: My first bodran was a gift from my Uncle John. Synchronicity? Coincidence? A wee bit of Irish luck & intervention, perhaps?


  18. The Iona shards are beautiful. I love the way you have used the birds. I especially like the horses, and also the knotwork pendant. Wonderful work!

  19. Stunning pieces. Absolutely beautiful. :)

  20. Each piece is so beautiful, that it’s hard to decide on just one! I love them all!

  21. I visit your both every year at Milwaukee Irish Fest just to gaze first-hand at the quality and beauty of your creativity. I would treasure any piece of shard jewelry, especially from the Celtic knotwork pieces.

    • We’ll be back at Milwaukee Irish Fest again this year :) Looking forward to seeing you again.

  22. The Book of Iona shards are wonderful! Love the ‘knots’! New classics to add to my collection of your pieces which are always conversation starters and receive compliments. Clearly you love what you do and we love the finished product :)

  23. Since I love horses, I am drawn to the Book of Iona horses piece – just beautiful! I also like that the pieces are all different shapes – good on ya’.

  24. Liam, I just love to look at all of your pieces. It is always so hard to decide which one I like the best since I think they are all so unique. I bought a piece from you last year that I absolutely love. The new Celtic knotwork pieces are lovely.

    • So glad you are enjoying them. I fell in love with the Iona plate when I found it.

  25. The Celtic knotwork pieces are beautiful and so unique. I have 2 of your pieces from a show in Milwaukee and love them both.

    • Glad to hear you’re loving the two pieces you bought… and thanks for checking out the new pieces.

  26. After my tour of the Beautiful New Chard Collection, I went on a Journey of the Isle of Iona. I read about the history of the Island, how the Vikings raded the Island several times and finally some of the monks Came to Ireland with chapters from the book, in order to save it from the raiders.

    Such fascinating history and I’m so drawn to the Celtic symbolism and the sacred Island of Iona. I see in the Eagles mouth a ribbon of celtic knot(shard top row right side). This dish pattern is a real work of Art!

    • Where is Spell Check when I need it??

      I don’t see an edit button on the posts here.

      I spelled Shard with a ‘C’ and left the ‘i’ out of Raided….

      Sheesh, that’s what happens when you are living in cyber space until the wee hours :)

      • Diana,

        Actually, “chard” is the correct spelling for broken pieces of china (“shard” is actually more specific to glass), so you were accurate without even knowing it :)

  27. Hi Liam

    You know I am already a fan. But I just love these pieces. Particularly the older Belleek and recovered trasferware. I am also very interested in the book of Iona pieces they are such unique treasures. My family has loved getting these as gifts.


  28. I love how the pieces are not symetrical and perfectly shaped! It adds that element of charm that is missing in mass produced pieces. I’m having a hatd time choosing a favorite! You make it so hard to keep hold of my pennies for trip to Ireland!

  29. I believe that the Iona pieces are some of the most unique that you have in your current collection. My knowledge of Irish history is limited, but your new collection inspired me to do some research on Iona, which was very interesting.

    I hope that you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival next spring!

    Merry Christmas!!!

    • The story of illuminated manuscripts truly tell the tale of a very different time. It’s amazing that something so beautiful came from all that… and that we can still enjoy the originals (and variations of the designs on modern items).

      I’m thrilled to be returning Oklahoma City this spring. Such a great place.

  30. These are gorgeous as all your pieces always are. There’s something for everyone. Whimsical, classical, unique – a very wide variety. Tigger for my daughter who has that nick name. The snowman because we collect snowmen. The plain white bellek rectangle goes with anything. Asian things for my granddaughter who collects Asian things. Then there’s my fav at the moment – the 50’s Arlow daffodil one because I was born in the 50’s and daffodils are my favorite flower. They remind me of home in Oregon. As I said – something for everyone! Quality always!

  31. What a fantastic way to repurpose, reuse and recycle! I love that you’re saving little bits of history and creating another beautiful piece! It makes it even more special that the pieces were founf in Ireland! Cheers and may many sales come your way!

  32. What a wonderful way to repurpose, reuse and recycle. You have created beautiful pieces of jewelry using bits of history and found items. I love it! It makes it even more special that these shards were found in Ireland.May your sales be bountiful! Cecilia

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