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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Belfast, Headlines, Holiday Giveaway 2012, Literature, Michele's Posts, Northern Ireland | 29 comments

Michele’s TITANIC Giveaway 2012

The holiday spirit has come over Michele Erdvig from She’s rounded up a Titanic themed giveaway that is sure to deliver some holiday cheer and put you in the mood for a trip to the Emerald Isle and Titanic Belfast… the birthplace of the luxury liner.

Michele’s Titanic Giveaway 2012:

  • Michele Erdvig’s Ireland Dream Trip
  • Thompson’s Titanic Tea – package of 80 teabags
  • Titanic Belfast Notepad
  • Titanic Belfast Pen
  • Map of Ireland
  • Ireland Vacation Planner Magazine

2012 Giveaway afc WEB

To win: Michele is changing the cover of her book in 2013. The current book has a picture of a castle on it. To win, guess what will be on the new cover. For some hints, take a look at some of Michele’s other photos in her online store at If you look carefully, you’ll spot the cover photo. Add your comments below to win the prize!

Note: This prize is available to US-based entries only.


Visit Michele’s shop at, take a look at her photos, and leave your pick for the cover photo of her latest book in the comments below.

GET A SECOND ENTRY for this prize by mentioning which photo in her shop you think would make a great cover for her 2014 edition in your comment!).

Congratulations to Barb K, the winner of this giveaway!

Keep track of all of this seasons giveaways here.

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  1. I think the cover photo for the 2013 edition will be the enchanted gate photo. And, for the 2014 cover photo, I think one of the cottage photos would be brilliant.

  2. Dark hedges.

  3. Boats on the Shore 2013 and Fairy Glen for the 2014

    • I have to agree with the dark hedges

  4. Tough choice! 2013: Irish Thatched Cottage; 2014: Ross Castle Ireland. 1st runner up: Sheep on the Rocks ;-)

  5. Through an Irish Window for 2013. And I would choose the Irish Cottage Window for 2014, but love them all!

  6. I love from an irish window or gateway to happiness for book cover. And sheep on a rock 2014. All pictures are brilliant.

  7. Great guesses everyone! I will give you a hint. The picture must be evocative of Ireland.

  8. For 2013, I am torn between the ‘Doorway to History’ and the ‘Enchanted Gate’ ( it is the year of The Gathering…
    In 2014, I truly like the ‘Ireland, 40 shades of Green’, picture.

    Kindest regards and
    Nollaig Shona Duit


  9. The Enchanted Gate speaks to me. and so do the Irish roads, reminding me of being on the Beara Peninsula in June.

  10. Ah, the one image that whispers “Ireland” to me is the Celtic Cross with all the green behind it

  11. I love all of your photos! For the 2013 book I like the photo on the 40 Shades of Green calendar. For 2014 I like the photo on the “In an Irish Cottage” calendar. Those are both views that remind me of why I love Ireland so much.

  12. 2013 Soul of Ireland
    2014 Enchanted Gate
    I love both of these photos!

  13. I think the cover will be the Enchanted Gate.

  14. Enchanted Gate for 2013
    From an Irish window for 2014

  15. Enchanted gate for 2013
    From an Irish window for 2014

  16. My photo pick for Michele’s new book is the ‘Cliffs of Moher’ photo. For 2014 I would pick the ‘Cottages and Castle’ photo and crop it such that you have the bottom right hand side of the photo. Beautiful pictures!

  17. I think the 2014 cover will be the Enchanted Gate. Second option would be Irish Signpost. :)

    • I meant 2013 would be the Enchanted Gate and 2014 should be Irish Signpost.

  18. What an extremely difficult choice! The Murphy’s Petrol pump is great, and the picture of what I believe is Glenvaugh Castle is really nice as well.

    I absolutely love the Enchanted Gate (where is that anyway?) and think it would make a beautiful cover for 2013. From an Irish Window is also quite lovely and I would suggest it for 2014.

    • The Enchanted Gate is in Cong. Out behind Cong Abbey where you cross the bridge over the river and into the woods. That one seems to be a favorite.

  19. Thanks for the fun Look at all the beautiful images, Michele.

    I think the Rustic stone “Gateway to Ireland” would make a nice 2013 cover

    In 2014, the Classic Patchwork “40 Shades of Green”

    • Glad you enjoyed looking at the photos. I thought it would make for a fun contest. Plus it gives me some excellent feedback as to what people like.

  20. I’ve been going back and forth all weekend and after many an argument with myself have decided on the little irish road for this yr and the murphys petrol station for the next!

    I have a copy copies of your book so ruled those out, but do not remember every year!

  21. Has to be the Celtic cross overlooking the Irish countryside. For 2014, I’d go with the photo of the Greyhound Pub only because I took the same photo in 2008 (kegs and all!) when I was in Kinsale and it’s one of my favorite photos from my trip!

  22. All good guesses! It is strange but not all photos look good for a cover. Believe me, I’ve tried most of them. Some that you think would look great look so-so. Plus the size and format is important. Sometimes cropping too much doesn’t work. It takes a lot of trial and error to find one that is “just right”. I hope you all agree when my 2013 book comes out in March. ;-)

    We still have four days to go before the contest ends. Tell everyone you know to join in the fun…and maybe win a prize!

  23. For 2013 I would choose the Gate Way To Happiness.
    For 2014 The Enchanted Gate.

  24. I like. Kylemore Abby and the enchanted gate

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