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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Artist's Eye, Arts & Crafts, Culture & Customs, Headlines, Holiday Giveaway 2012 | 79 comments

Introducing Our New Celtic Jewelry

Last March, Liam and I unveiled a line of handmade charms that were only available on the Irish Fireside… and they sold out very quickly. For the holiday season, we wanted to offer another affordable, handcrafted item to our friends.

Finding the Right Artisans

To achieve this, we teamed up with Brian and Katie from Earthen Craft Pottery to launch a beautiful line of Celtic-inspired pendants and earrings.

Each piece features one of Brian and Katie’s exclusive Celtic designs. If you’re familiar with their work, you know they research each motif and take inspiration from places they visit in Ireland. In the studio, they craft their pottery by hand in small batches and complete all the finishing, packaging, and shipping themselves. This is a fine example of a great small business with gorgeous products.

Five Designs to Choose From

For a limited time, five of their designs are available to Irish Firesiders, and a portion of your purchase will support These items aren’t even available on Brian and Katie’s website, so this is a very special opportunity.

Our first Holiday Giveaway item of 2012… Celtic jewelry! Use the comments section below to leave a thoughtful message, and you’ll be entered in to win.

Each design is available for $22, or you can order the entire set of all five designs for $88. To streamline the online shopping experience, you’ll find these items in Liam’s online store (note that if you purchase a piece of his shard jewelry and a piece of Earthen Craft Pottery, they will be shipped separately).

Celtic Tri Spiral Pendant

Celtic Circle Pendant

Celtic Shamrock Pendant

Celtic Cat Pendant

Celtic Shamrock Earrings

20% off all five designs!

Congratulations Linda Lawrence… winner of our jewelry giveaway.

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  1. Love these. I will be placing an order.

  2. These are gorgeous. Love the tri-sprial design.

  3. I love the Celtic shamrock pendant

  4. My favorite is the Celtic Tri Spiral Penchant because I love the shape of the penchant and the ‘Tri Spiral’ design reminds me of the Holy Trinity and the powerful, loving bound I have with my mom and dad. Thank you!

  5. My Favorite ~ The Celtic Knot Shamrock Pendant. I love the design and the Green Background Color ˙·٠•●♥

  6. I love the tri spiral design because it reminds me of the stones that sit outside Newgrange. I would love to have one to wear and show my friends.

  7. The Celtic Circle Pendant is lovely. Will put it at the top of my wish list!

  8. Love the earrings; they are grrrreat!

  9. My wife would like the Celtic Cat pendant.

  10. These are gorgeous! Great job guys!

  11. I love the tri spiral! Nice shape and color. Also have lots of cat lovers who would love the Celtic cat.

  12. There is just something about the Celtic Circle Pendent that draws the eye to it.

  13. Love the Celtic Circle Pendant. They are all so pretty!

  14. The detail on these are amazing. You guys always have the best gifts. It’s hard to give them away.

  15. How to choose? I guess I’d start with the Tri-Spiral and wear a different one each day.

  16. I love the Celtic shamrock earrings!

  17. Wow! Very stunning pieces. The price is a bargain considering these are hand made. Love the Celtic Tri Spiral Pendant!

  18. What a hard decision to make! I love them all!

    If I must choose just one it would have to be the Celtic circle, it is so lovely, and the colors would go well with my wardrobe!

  19. Love the celtic shamrock earrings! Great for St. Pat’s!

  20. Wow! These are fabulous! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be a tough choice between the Tri-spiral and the SHamrock. One question, why do celtic cats seem to all look like Siamese? ;-)

  21. The Celtic Shamrock Earrings are wonderful. The simplicity of design makes it even more appealing in that format.

  22. Kerry Dexter suggested I take a look at these, and I’m so glad. Lovely work. Hate to sound like an echo, but the Celtic spiral is just outstanding. How can a design be complex and simple at the same time? It really speaks to me.

    • Kerry Dexter told me to check this out too. I love the Celtic circle design. Very cool. These would all make great gifts

  23. I love the Celtic cat. I love cats and I love the Celtic design. Just beautiful

  24. The Celtic Shamrock is my favorite,(although I like them all), it is very eye catching. The color, shape, and of course a shamrock! Very nice!

  25. The Celtic Cat would be a welcome addition to our clan of felines. I receive compliments on the pendant I purchased from you in Baton Rouge every time I wear it. I love your jewelry.

  26. These are all gorgeous! The Celtic Shamrock pendant and earrings are so pretty. But I love Celtic knots and cats, so I’d have to say my favorite is the Celtic Cat pendant. I’m going to have to add this to my Christmas list!

  27. Love, love the Celtic cat pendant. Wish it also came as earrings

  28. I love them all!! Very hard to say which one I love the best but If I had to pick I would say the shamrock design. All very lovely. Well done you! :)

  29. The Celtic Circle Pendant is my favourite, although they are all so beautiful! The colour of the design ~ that rusty-red tone ~ is my favourite colour, & I also love the cream of the background. And, I like that you can see a version of the Triple Spiral within it, which is probably my favourite symbol. Of course, the Triple Spiral Pendant is lovely too, but I love the round shape of the circle & the fact that you can see the whole design on it. So that’s why I pick the Celtic Circle Pendant!

  30. So hard to choose a favorite….but the tri-spiral pendant would be my favorite if tortured and have to choose!

  31. My favorite is the Celtic Tri Spiral Pendant because its design seems timeless. Now I’ll have to see who was “naughty, not nice” before placing my Christmas gift order.

    In these difficult economic times, thank you for offering unique, but affordable, handcrafted products for Irish descendants to celebrate their proud heritage. I have forwarded my Irish Fireside email with its link to the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide to several friends who believe that “Irish” is a state of mind not limited to Saint Patrick’s Day.

  32. Adding my admiration for the tri-spiral pendant. As others have commented it perfectly captures the spirit of Newgrange and Knowth bringing back fond memories of my visit to that amazing place. The piece is a great symbol of Ireland herself.

  33. From the day I found this site, it always brings back my memories of the trips we made to Ireland. There is a LOT of information that people can depend on and Corey & Liam are always so helpful with any questions. They have added so much information to their site and it has become endless, but very informative. I wish them lots of luck and hope they will be there for people when planning their trip/s, for many years to come—-Good Luck to everyone leaving comments and Merry Christmas!

    • Also, should have read what we were to write about! I just love this site and wanted to write about it. I love the earrings—Celtic Shamrock Earrings. I really like the simplicity of them.

  34. Thank you for offering such beautiful hand crafted pieces at very reasonable prices. I really like the Celtic Circle Pendant and the Shamrock Earrings. They both remind me of the Holy Trinity and of my visit to Ireland. Such a beautiful country and culture! These will make a perfect gift for this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  35. I love the Celtic circle and already purchased it for (they might be reading this.)

    All are great designs, but my other favorite is the green shamrock – bright and attractive.

  36. Hmm, it’s hard to choose just one. If I must narrow it down, the Celtic Cat would be my choice because I’ve not seen any jewelry with that on it.

  37. I LOVE the Celtic Cat earrings!!!! They would look amazing on my wife!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kerry from Music Road sent me over – lovely designs!

  39. OMG, they’re all really nice!!!But the circle pendant I must admit made me melt :-)

  40. These are beautiful. I have added them to my Christmas wish list.

  41. Love the Celtic circle design. Kerry Dexter sent me over here and I’m glad she did. Your jewelry is beautiful.

  42. These would make a wonderful gift for my wife…..they’re
    absolutely beautiful !

  43. Really like the spiral – matches the “pinky ring” that I bought in Ireland last summer.

  44. I like the Celtic Circle Pendant. I just think it’s beautiful.

  45. Celtic shamrock pendant! This is my favorite design because it reminds me of the four leaf clover I found near a river last summer. My first and only. I really needed that extra bit of luck that year too.

  46. I prefer the Celtic Tri design – it’s more primitive and tribal, hearkening back to a simpler age.

  47. I am torn between the shamrock and Celtic cat, but if pressed would go with the Celtic cat because it is so unique. These are beautiful pieces!!

  48. Love the shamrock….bri ngs back wonderful memories of the shamrocks at beautiful Glendalough

  49. My daughter loves the celtic cat. They all have there special charm,

  50. What beautiful pieces! Would be proud to wear any and all!

  51. I really like the Celtic Shamrock Pendant. It reminds me of a necklace I was given as a child, shaped like a triangle with a shamrock inside. It was given to me by a very special person who helped get through a very traumatic time in my life when I was 10 years old. Unfortunately it was stolen from when I was 18 and living in my own apartment. A loss I never got over. Miss having that necklace. If I could afford to buy it, even though it is priced very reasonable, I would but due to the fact that I have been unemployed for 3 years I have to watch every penny I spend.

    Lynda Bowes

  52. My favorite is the Celtic Tri Spiral Pendant. I like the rectangular shape of the pottery and the spiral shape reminds me of my visit to Newgrange.

  53. My wife would love the shamrock earrings

  54. I have a great affinity for cats, so I love the Celtic Cat design. But for classic timelessness, I think the Celtic Tri-Spiral is my favorite. ♥

  55. I like the Celtic Circle Pendant. Its design really stands out, and is very Celtic-like. Also, it reminds me of a Bodhrán, the Irish musical instrument, that has a fantastic sound when played well.

  56. I am torn between the cat and the traditional shamrock. All are just beautiful tho!

  57. I love the pattern on the Celtic circle I think the best but tough to choose one – they’re all gorgeous!

  58. They are all so classic and beautiful, but my favorite is the Celtic Circle. Like Ireland, it is simple yet complex. It draws you in like the green fields of Kerry and the dark rushing waters in Clare Glenn. Haunting and mystical ….. It speaks of Ireland’s past.

    • Yes, Suzette, that is it exactly! You’ve described it perfectly- the design is most evocative of nature.

  59. They are all beautiful. Most of all I like the Celtic circle pendant because it is different in its representation of Irish heritage. My most cherished piece of jewelry is a plain silver bar pendant with “Mother” engraved in Ogham, the ancient Irish written language. I’ve never seen another person with anything like it. The Celtic circle pendant would be another favorite because of its originality.

  60. I love the Celtic Shamrock Pendant, says Ireland to me!

  61. I love the Celtic Cat! Two of my passions in one.

  62. Love love LOVE the Celtic Circle pendant. It brings to mind the beautiful logic and peacefulness of nature. And as a lovely necklace, it will go with whatever I may decide to wear- any color, casual or formal!

  63. The tri spiral pendant speaks to me of the ever overlapping circles of life. Generations moving forward, intersecting & dividing.

  64. I love them all!

  65. I love them all, but if I had to choose, I think I would choose the Celtic tri spiral pendant. But I also love the shamrock earrings.

  66. I LOVE the tri-spiral pendant, but all of the designs are beautiful.

  67. Celtic Shamrock necklace love the old but modernist look

  68. I like the cat pendant. Reminds me of my cats.

  69. I like the pendant with the shamrock because of it’s simplicity, and because I really like shamrocks.

  70. Love the Shamrock design! They are all beautiful.

  71. Love the Tri Circle pendant. All the pieces are beautiful. I like it best because my grandmother has one that is similar in design.

  72. I really like the triskele (oblong shape)…Newgrange was one place on our must-see list when we visited Ireland for our anniversary 5 years ago, and it wasn’t to be. That design has intrigued me since first I saw it.

  73. I especially like the tri spiral and Celtic circle. They both remind you of the holy trinity & how life goes around and comes around, as it truely does. The pieces are amazingly beautiful & the prices are afordable for artisan work.

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