Six Websites We’re Thankful For

There’s a tradition in the United States that on the third Thursday of November citizens take a moment to reflect on the things for which they are thankful.

It’s a lovely custom that means something different for every family… for some it’s early-morning shopping (or now late-night shopping) or American football or parades or time with family or simply a day to reflect. For us, it’s also a day to look to the web and determine a few websites for which we’re thankful. Each site on our list has proven to be committed to celebrating their passion for Ireland… and contributing to a wonderful year.

  1. Ireland Travel Kit — when it comes to finding Ireland’s offbeat and unique places, this new location-focused website and smartphone app delivers a one-stop shop with recommendations from travel experts and enthusiasts.
  2. Irish History Podcast — don’t let the name fool you, there’s more than just fascinating podcasts… there are loads articles about Ireland’s medieval history.
  3. Got Ireland — with its steady flow of interesting posts, Got Ireland gives us the kind of posts Irish Firesiders love… a bit of travel advice, some Irish culture, and a collection interesting tidbits.
  4. Infinite Ireland — designed with the first-time visitor in mind, Infinite Ireland outlines everything a visitor needs to know when planning a trip to Ireland.
  5. World Irish — this steadily growing online community has become a consistent information source for the Irish community around the globe to share info and follow news.
  6. Vibrant Ireland — Ireland is brimming with great things to see and do, and Vibrant Ireland works to tell us about what’s happening on the country’s bright side.

Still looking for more? Check out last year’s list… or check out the premier online issue of Isle Magazine.

Author: Corey

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  1. How convenient your #1 site is for your own smartphone app you are selling!

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    • With over 200 places submitted from over a dozen Ireland travel pros, I’d say the 100% free website holds its own on the list (trust me, the development and maintenance costs associated with the app and its 400+ places means there won’t be money made off it for a long time).

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    • As an Irish emigrant I can’t wait to get hold of the ITK app/website when I’m actually back home in Ireland. I’m certainly thankful for it too. If it wasn’t on this list already, I’d request you add it.
      Thanks for listing Got Ireland.


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  2. is at the top of MY list! 🙂

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  3. Disclaimer: I am a contributor to Ireland Travel Kit and have written articles and posted photos there as well as the Irish Fireside.

    There is a lot of good FREE info on from all sorts of different people – those living in Ireland, visitors who love Ireland, writers, bloggers, photographers, etc. It puts a different twist on travel to Ireland for it’s off-the-beaten-path approach. No one has to purchase the app. They can enjoy all the info free.

    Besides, if you can’t toot your own horn, who else will? 😉

    Corey and Liam have been extremely generous with free giveaways throughout the calendar years, their free walking tour of Kilkenny, free info about Ireland. Websites cost money. They take a lot of time to create and maintain. I sincerely doubt that the pennies on the dollar that they make from an app will even put a dent in such costs.

    They are in it because they love Ireland. Not the money. We need more people who are as passionate about Ireland as they are.


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  4. Hello Corey…..have been checking many areas from the site above for about 2 hrs. Never an ending supply of things you have posted…… thank you thank you!! Karen

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  5. Also one to consider – my website: – Ireland’s Activities Website

    Our goal is to connect you to great leisure activity experiences in travel, recreation, entertainment, culture, sports, education and training across Ireland.

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  6. We’re honored that Infinite Ireland is mentioned on this list with some truly amazing resources about Ireland. Thanks to Corey and Irish Fireside–always full of support!

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