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A digital page from the Titanic Dock from Awakin.


One-hundred years ago the Belfast-built ship known around the world as the Titanic sunk into the Atlantic Ocean. Today, most of what we hear about the famed ship involves stories of the opulence on the upper decks and crowded quarters of the lower decks… oh… and Leonardo DiCaprio announcing, “I’m king of the world.”

Fortunately, there’s a lot more to the historic ship, so it’s nice to come across the Titanic Island Study Guide. It’s a digital book that can be viewed on your computer, mobile device, or iPad. Loaded with tidbits, the guide provides a treasure chest of lesser-known details.

If you signed up for the Irish in Stories/Awakin updates we told you about last week, you already know how to download the book for FREE. If you didn’t sign up, that’s okay; you can get a copy at

You can watch a preview of the book “in action” below…



{slide=Need the PDF version of Titanic Island Study Guide?}In case you have trouble finding the link for the PDF version, you can download a copy at{/slide}


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