Will The Irish in Stories Project ‘Awakin’ Your Taste in Legend and History?


Drawing of the God Lugh by Irish in Stories artist William Stewart

Ireland is a place brimming with legends and stories and history.

This week, the town of Ballycastle, County Antrim, continued its tradition of the Ould Lammas Fair, an event that has been held without interruption for over 300 years. That legacy is impressive, and its origins are compelling as well.

Lammas is the Christianized name for the ancient “Feast of Lughnasadh” a harvest festival commemorating Lugh of the Long Arm, god of the sun and master of all skills.

Telling Irish Stories

There’s an entire story to be told in how Lugh achieved such a hefty title, and our friends at Awakin have taken on the task of telling this and many other tales in The Irish in Stories Project.

For those familiar with their work, it will come as no surprise that Awakin has taken an immersive, interactive approach to storytelling. They are compiling and creating an array of content that will appear in a handsome e-book that will bring these accounts to life.

A Sneak Preview

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the project when I was visiting the Causeway Coast last month, and I’m even more thrilled that I was able to convince them that the Irish Fireside audience would provide a perfect testing ground for the project.

Over the next few weeks, we’re teaming up with Awakin to post surveys, features, and links relating to content they are working on for The Irish in Stories Project. These will be in-progress previews that you are invited to review. We’ll be posting details of preview content on our website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and our e-newsletter… so there are plenty of ways you can follow along and give your feedback.

E-Book Special Features

To give you an idea of some of the stories they’ll telling using interactive media, here are a few of the things they’re working on:

  • Interactive Celtic Wheel of the Year to explain the Gods, deities and festivals of Ancient Ireland
  • Interactive Timeline of Red Branch Story of Ulster mythology
  • Interactive Overview of Red Branch Knights with an audio-visual of how they lived, where they lived, famous heroes, their weapons, and hideouts
  • The Boyhood of Red Branch Knight Conal Cearncach
  • An interactive game based on Conal Cearncach’s warrior training

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think… in the meantime, you can get a tiny sample of the The Irish in Stories Project at their website – why not sign up there, and they’ll keep you up to date.

Author: Corey

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  1. Hey Corey, I am always amazed at the many sides of Ireland, especially history and mythology. The more you think you know the more you realize you know only the tip of the iceberg. Nice job finding and partnering up with the Irish stories project, looking forward to some interesting learning ahead.

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  2. PS – Friday from 2 – 3pm is Liz Weir from the Glens of Antrim. A fabulous story teller to behold!

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  3. When I was a kid and still lived in Northern Ireland we used to get taken to the Ould Lammas Fair just before school started again after the summer break. They sell something called yellow-man (maybe yella-man). Its sort of a yellow hard candy, can remember what it tastes like but I think you can only get it there.

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    • There’s still dulce and yella man at the oul Lammas Fayre in Ballycastle-o 🙂

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