Book a Luxury Room in Dublin in a Blink

Last minute booking applications for your iPhone or mobile device are becoming more and more popular. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out the Blink App, designed to allow people to book deeply discounted luxury hotel rooms at the last minute. And by last minute, they mean really last minute – for that night only!

I downloaded the app and was surprised to be immediately greeted with a countdown timer. You see, the app releases four hotels at 11am each morning. Until 11am, you’re left in total suspense! Once the clock struck 11, I saw my four hotel choices for that evening. I’m a little embarrassed at how often I checked that timer to see what they would be! (Note that some properties allow users to book more than one night at a time, but that info also won’t be revealed until 11am.)

Fast Booking Adds to the Thrill

After scoping out the location of each on the handy Blink map, and reading a little more in their information section, I made my selection. In the space of minutes, I had chosen and paid. It was a very fast transaction, perfect for people who enjoy the thrill of booking last minute!

Now for the small downside. These days, when you book with a discount provider, like Groupon or City Deal, there’s a chance you’ll be treated like second class citizens. This wasn’t quite our experience, but my only word of caution for Blink users is to keep in mind that the hotel receptionists do know you’re booking through a discount provider. The receptionist at the hotel we chose mentioned a few times that we had booked through Blink, and perhaps this was the reason our room wasn’t quite as luxurious as we might have expected for a five star hotel, and the service was a little chilly.

Overall, my experience with Blink was fast and efficient and the discount was considerable for a hotel with a swanky location very close to the city centre.

Screen Shots of the App on an iPhone:

Emily Westbrooks is a freelance writer from Maine who now lives in Dublin. She writes daily about her life and travels on her blog, From China Village.

This app was tested using a discount code provided by Blink for review purposes.

Author: Emily

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  1. Hi Emily, a little torn on this new phase of deal making. On the one hand it’s great to get a deal, seems perfect for a day or two get away in the city, the new fast and furious pace of technology at work. On the other hand it takes the human side of travel a bit farther out of the picture, probably best suited for locals, students, and techno-savvy. I guess I’m getting old, kinda like a face or at least a voice to talk to, nice article, thanks,

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