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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Headlines | 41 comments

June Giveaway: Ursula Celano Irish Greeting Cards

You may remember Ursula Celano’s notebooks from our Holiday Gift Guide. Well, since we last mentioned her, she’s added an entire line of Ireland-inspired greeting cards to catch your fancy. And because she knows how much you’ll LOVE them, she’s offered to host another giveaway here at the Irish Fireside.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us which of her greeting cards are your favorites. The winner will be drawn June 18, 2012, and announced in this post.

Congrats to Ali! She won this giveaway! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments!

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  1. If you ask me, they are all wonderful as each has its charm, but let’s say that my fav is the “new home” one, as it gives me the feeling of excitement when starting a new life, feeling that we all experience whenever we embark on a new quest in our lives.

    • For sure tis thee dancing lass !

    • I like the one with the lad and his “Da”.

  2. Oh, Decisions, Decisions!!! I think my Comrade above has it just about right when she aptly says that they are ALL wonderful however, at a push, I guess I would choose the adorable lambs frolicking,in the lush hills and meadows of my lovely Ireland – symbolising, as they do, New Beginnings – New Life .. Oh, but it’s so difficult because I like the Traditional Cottage.. ( it is somewhere like this that I aspire to live one Day, see my story ” Returning to Ireland ” not forgetting the charming Donkey who, I am sure Ursula would agree, looks like he would be called “Billy ”

    Best wishes in your continued and well deserved success Ursula!

  3. My favorite would have to be the Irish dancer since myself and my two girls and Irish Dancers. But aside from that obvious selection my favorite is the Father and Son stroll down a typical Irish street SO pretty! I love the homes in Ireland!

  4. I love the one with the father and son

  5. I also love the father and son. In addition I like the dept of field and perspecive.

  6. They are all beautiful, but I’d have to pick the father and son card as my favorite. (For the record my daughter would pick the lambs hands down.)

  7. They are all lovely, but my favorite is definitely the donkey “Happy Birthday” card.

  8. I would have to say my favorite is the thatched cottage. To me, that image will always mean Ireland. I do have to admit that I love all of the cards and it would be hard to give them away. I would probably put them in a collage and hang them on my wall.

  9. It would have to be a very special someone to get me to part with any of these! My favorite? Like choosing my favorite child or grandchild, but if I must….the cottage!

  10. I have three favourites: the lambs, donkey, and vintage tractor. :)

  11. What fresh designs! I adore her frolicking spring lambs, the donkey & the dog with the bouquet!

  12. As a father, I love the one of the man walking with the small boy. Reminds me of walks with my son on our trip around Ireland in 2008!

  13. I love the Happy Birthday Mule!! So cute!!! These cards are awesome!

  14. They’re all charming it’s a toss-up betwen those adorable lambs and the lovely traditional cottage. Each one represents the lovely Irish countryside so well!

  15. I love the little lamb cards.. it reminds me so much of when we were there in March :)

  16. Oh remembering the sheep along the roadsides, oh what a glorious time in Ireland. I pick the lamb card as my favorite!

  17. I like the sheep! We just arrived home yesterday from Ireland and I fell in love with all the sheep!

  18. The Father and Son is my favority by far, but the rest are all tied for second place! They are all great!

  19. So hard to pick! Cards are my weakness so I love these. Since I have to pick, I’d say my fave is the donkey birthday one.

  20. I love the lambs playing in the sun !!!

  21. I don’t know which one to pick for my favorite! I love the donkey happy birthday one a bit more maybe? I love donkeys.

  22. The cottage is my favorite! Reminds me of some of the places we have stayed over the last 12 years. So warm and welcoming, just like the whole country is! Can’t wait to return!

  23. I love them all but am especially fond of the goat! It’s true, they will eat nearly anything, and why not ‘Happy Birthday’ flags?

    • I guess ut’s a donkey. No matter, my choice stands!!

  24. I love the little Irish dancer. Reminds me of my daughtesM

  25. I love the boy and father

  26. Although they are all quite lovely, I’d say that the “New Home” one is my fave. I suppose it’s because I would one day love to live in Ireland in a cottage just like that one :)

  27. I have 2 loves my first pick is the New Home with the red door just inviting you in. On my first visit to Ireland I took lots of pictures of doors so I could make a collage of them and my fav is the Red Door…also a reminder of the old movie with John Wayne…. next is the Dog I am a true dog lover they can always put a smile on your face and bring you back to simple things….cheers and hope you all have a guinness day!!!

  28. Oh, the dancer, please! But honestly, love ‘em all!

  29. My Favorite?

    It would be those Happy Lambs skipping across that Beautiful Green Field :)

  30. I love the one with the baby lambs jumping around on the hillside. All the cards are so beautiful. Makes me wish I was in Ireland right this very minute:)

  31. Gosh! I love and want them all! My favorite though would be the adorable lambs. They remind me of our last trip!

  32. Reminds me of “home”! Love them!

  33. If I have to choose one, I’d say the lambs under sunshine. Lovely!

  34. My fav is def the lambs ! It reminds of the rolling countryside where so many lambs and sheep were to be found.

  35. Having traveled to Ireland, I have to say that all of the cards truly represent what we saw and remember of our trip. They are all beautiful, and bring back memories of the wonderful trip we had in Ireland. I love the Irish dancer, and the thatched home, but the tractor made me laugh. You see, when I went to Ireland with my daughter I was just divorced after 27 years of marriage, and our tour guide, John Jo knew it and we were following a tractor down the road and John turned to me and said ” if he owns his tractor he is a good catch” and asked if he should pull over so I could meet him. Again I have to say all the cards bring back some of the great memories I have of Ireland.

  36. I love the little lambs!!! The colors on all the cards make me smile everytime I see them!!

  37. I love the little lambs in the grass. With the backdrop of the Sum it all seems so happy and peaceful

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