Getting Creative in Ireland

For anyone with a creative bent, there’s nothing like a trip to Ireland to get those creative juices flowing.

We came upon The Art Hand in County Waterford when our friend Ruby Clover was invited to teach a course there (her 3-day session on making waaaaay cool collage boxes will be held July 4-6th).

If you’re looking for an artistic endeavor to add to your itinerary, take a look at their offerings. This season’s lineup includes a mix of mediums like drawing, painting, claywork, photography, cartooning, collage, and stained glass.

Author: Corey

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  1. Making collage boxes would be a great way to preserve your trip. It can hold all of your ephemera and, say, pebbles from the beach a guinness coaster, postcards. But also, one could use receipts and images from brochures to collage the outside. A wee shrine for your trip to the Emerald Isle. I have made such things out of old cigar boxes and paired them with small journals. Here….

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  2. What a cool idea for a trip. Stay in beautiful Co. Waterford, get artsy and meet other artists….

    Hmm. <>

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