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Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in 1reland, Destinations, Headlines, Polls, Regions | 57 comments

Clueless About Irish Counties?

There are 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland and 6 in Northern Ireland, but from a tourism standpoint, only a handful get noticed.

As we plan our next Irish itinerary, we’d like to know the places you’d like to hear more about.

Having wandered around all 32 counties, and I can tell you, each of them is worth a visit. So, take a moment and really think about this…

  • Which counties have you visited, but don’t think get much notice?
  • Which counties have you never visited, but would like to know more about?
  • Which counties are you hearing about for the time while looking at the list below?

Leave your preferences in the comments below… remember, we’re not looking for your favorite counties, we’re looking for the ones you want to learn more about. To “refresh” your memory on Irish counties, we’ve got a handy map above and list below…


Counties of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Antrim (NI)
Armagh (NI)
Down (NI)
Fermanagh (NI)
Londonderry/Derry (NI)
Tyrone (NI)

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  1. Cavan and Sligo

    • The green glens of ANTRIM! I think there are 9. That should keep you out of trouble for a bit.

  2. Donegal…Tipperary. where. My parents were from :)

  3. The interior counties, which seem to get very little press.

  4. All! But I would love to learn more about Sligo.

  5. Mayo

  6. Leitrim

  7. Kerry and Cavan!

  8. clare….

  9. Another vote for Sligo, where my husband’s great grandmother was born.

  10. Have only passed through Limerick to get to other places, so I’d like to know more about it. Also, the upper reaches of Donegal.

  11. Donegal

  12. Fermanagh. :)

  13. I’ve been told the O’Connor family began in Roscommon, I’d love to know more about that part of the country!

  14. Clare!

  15. Donegal!

  16. Laois….

  17. Cork

  18. Co. Down and the Ards Peninsula…so beautiful!!

  19. County Cork. Where our Mahoney ancestors are from.

  20. Mayo!

  21. We have been in/through every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This past year was our first time in Antrim, and we were blown away by the beauty of the Antrim Coast. Clare is of course a favorite, as is Mayo, Donegal………. oh, heck, it’s Ireland….. they’re ALL beautiful. Can’t wait to return for the 12th time this summer!

  22. County Down where my dad was born and raised! Toured along the coast then caught the ferry from Portaferry across Strangford Lough to a restaurant called Daft Eddy’s for a lovely dinner. Beautiful!!

  23. Laois and Monaghan are two counties I’ve barely driven through…give us some of that ;)

  24. wow, that’s a tough one…

    i would pick county galway because of the beautiful connemara area and county clare….

    you are right there are 6 counties in northern ireland…

    off to ireland for trip number 8, just 7 weeks from!!

  25. Offaly..My ancestors came from there when it was County King. Also Tyrone, as an acquaintance lives in The Moy and talks about how beautiful it is there.

  26. Cork

  27. just came back from my third trip in as many years and my vote in for Donegal. the western pennisulas are breathtaking; Inishowen, Fanad, Rosguill and down and around the coast.

  28. County Carlow gets my vote. Handy to get to on the Dublin to Kilkenny route and contains everything from excellent gardens, (Altamont) a “drive-in” mountain (Mount Leinster from Borris village) and a peerless set or rivers (the Barrow & Slaney). There are also lots of little villages dotted about and friendly locals.

  29. My roots are from Limerick and Tipperary…would love to know more about those counties. I am going to Ireland in July this year, and I am sooooo excited!

  30. Meath and West Meath!

  31. You don’t hear much about those north central landlocked counties. Sligo, Roscommon, Lietrim, Westmeath, Laois …

  32. I vote for Cork and Kerry.

  33. I’m heading to Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon this weekend before my Monday meetings in Dublin! I’ll be doing some visiting and trying to solve a couple of family mysteries.

  34. Mayo!

  35. I would like to know when you travel, the cost, and the length of time you are gone.

    • Barbara,

      Do you have a specific trip you are planning that you. Have questions about? You may also find answers to questions about travel expenses in Ireland from the crew at the friendly folks at the Ireland Yes forum –

  36. Dear Irish fireside, I really would like to know more about County Clare,which is where my late father Merlin Joseph always said that our Clair family had come from.Also,County Wexford,which is where Richard De Clare,aka”Strongbow” landed with his small Norman contingent in 1169.Merci beaucoup,and God bless you. Mr.Derlin Gerard Clair

  37. I agree with the middle of the country. I’ve been to a few places like Roscommon, Mullingar, Athlone and when I tell people they look surprised and say Why??? But there is alot to see and do there too! In both the republic and the north! All those interior counties!


  38. Cork.

  39. I vote for the interior counties. The guidebooks seem to leave them out. We’re looking forward to our third trip, probably this fall.

  40. I would like to learn more about Northern Ireland.

  41. Please consider, Limerick, Mayo and Kerry.

  42. Roscommon, I’ll be there in August!

  43. County Cork….Glengarrif… The ring of beara ETC….

  44. Cork, Longford and Galway

  45. Kerry and Clare! That’s where I’ll be going (someday).

  46. So, for beauty seen and a wish to share it: County Mayo. I’ve wandered within the county, especially the northern coastline, and I think the tour buses shy away from the drive. Chase a few Connemara ponies for me. County Tyrone. A stunning area with a surprisingly quiet tourism industry. From Knockmany hill I could see every shade of green ever imagined.

    For places not yet explored, though hints have been given: County Louth. I’ve been to Mellifont and Monasterboice, but otherwise done little but drive through. Haven’t put feet to the ground.

    For the lovely places I’ve never been: County Down and County Laois.

  47. Offaly is best and there’s lots to do!

  48. I would like to find out more about Sligo including pictures.

  49. What is the best way to get a temporary cell phone for travel in the United Kingdom

  50. Kildare. I visited the National Stud and Japanese Gardens, but other then that there didn’t seem alot there, or any background history.

  51. I’ve not been to Laois, Monaghan or Offaly & don’t seem to see or hear anything much about these Counties in the usual tourism media.

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