25 Links that Will Improve Your St Patrick’s Day


St Patrick’s Day has arrived, and your internet browsing has probably yielded way too many photos of pets decked out in shamrock gear, generic Irish Top Ten lists, and an abundance of things turning green that simply aren’t supposed to be.

All is not lost. There is still plenty of great Ireland-inspired content out there…without the Paddy vs Patty faux pas. We’ve included our favorite St Patrick’s Day distractions:

  1. Savor the drama of Ireland’s forgotten buildings.
  2. Peek at the glorious reproduction of the Titanic’s Grand Staircase.
  3. Follow the footsteps of Saint Patrick.
  4. Act like a local in Dublin.
  5. Find the Irish language alive and well.
  6. Dust off your dancing shoes with some Irish trad.
  7. Experience the passing of the seasons through beautiful photos.
  8. Partake in Irish whiskey’s comeback.
  9. Explore New England’s Celtic heritage.
  10. Ogle some mature Irish men.
  11. Tell the world you believe in shamrocks… even if experts say they don’t exist.
  12. Discover the health benefits of Guinness.
  13. Expand your knowledge of Irish saints.
  14. Ask those nagging questions you’ve had about leprechauns.
  15. Insult your comrades… start acting Irish (warning “bold” language in this one)
  16. Meet the people and artifacts of Ireland.
  17. Get to know Irish butterflies.
  18. Trek along one of Ireland’s scenic hikes.
  19. Whip up some Irish recipes in your own wee kitchen.
  20. Amp up your full Irish with some of these tasty morsels.
  21. Find out what it meant to be Irish in 1912, 1932, 1972, 1992.
  22. Blend in at the pub.
  23. Download a free e-book on Kindle or Nook… or a Dublin Guide on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
  24. Uncover Dublin’s lost buildings.
  25. Take a virtual tour of Northern Ireland.

Author: Corey

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