Look What We Made: The Charms of Ireland

Irish charms and pendants

For the last few months, Corey and I have been trying to come up with something we could offer Irish Firesiders that:

  1. would celebrate Ireland and Irish heritage
  2. we could make ourselves
  3. would raise money for the Irish Fireside (or as we like to say “add some turf to the Fireside”)… and
  4. would cost less than $20.

Well, we did it! We’re excited to unveil our exclusive line of charms and pendants that feature vintage images and notable sayings that anyone with a passion for Ireland will adore. Each piece is reversible, and there’s a bit of Irish history included as well. The pieces are available in my online store for $20 each or 2 for $30, and the proceeds go directly to enhancing things at the Irish Fireside.

Corey and I want to thank you in advance for your generous support!

Six Designs to Choose From

St Patrick and the Book of Kells

St Patrick of Ireland/the Book of Kells

Belleek Shamrock & "If you're Irish, come into the parlour"

If you’re Irish, come into the parlour/shamrock

St Brigid and Her Cross

St Brigid of Ireland/St Brigid’s Sacred Cross

The pipes, the pipes are calling

The pipes, the pipes are calling/vintage postcard

Eire Stamp and "May the road rise up to meet you"

May the road rise up to meet you/Eire Stamp

Eire Stamp and "May the road rise up to meet you"

May the road rise up to meet you/Eire Stamp



Author: Liam

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  1. Very nice. Two on order! I have a daughter Bridget so one was an obvious choice.

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  2. I love these, they are fantastic!!!

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  3. I love the stamps. Super cool! Although I also really like the Pipes one. Our dog’s name is Piper, and we often shorten it to Pipes, so it would be kind of funny with a double meaning. I have a Belleek shamrock already, but I like this one being rotated a 1/4 turn. Jeez you guys, they’re like Lay’s Potato Chips! Love them!

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  4. Beautiful!!! Love, love, love! Just ordered two to add to my collection. Great price!

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  5. We received our charms today and they were so much more beautiful in person! Also quite a bit bigger than I imagined as “charms” makes me think of small… The girls will be so thrilled with their St. Patrick’s Day gifts!

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  6. My husband just gave me two of your new charms…the Green postage stamp and the Shamrock….oh I LOVE THEM! I wore the Shamrock last night and will wear the stamp today…thank you so much for having them! They are gorgeous… I will make sure everyone knows where they came from and will share photos soon…I look forward to more creations by Liam!

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  7. Yesterday, I received the two charms/pendants I ordered the minute I opened the email announcing their availability, and they are beautiful! I wore the shamrock today and have had numerous compliments on it. I also bought the green postage stamp – how fun is that?! These inexpensive charms will make nice “thank you” gifts to our Self-catering and B&B hostesses this year in Ireland………….. they live up to Liam’s high standards of quality. I also neeeeed one of each for myself! 🙂

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  8. Corey,

    Are these still available?

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    • They are still in stock… simply click the image of the charm to be taken to the online store. The available quantity is listed. If they sell out, we will be making more in the next week or two.

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  9. Will there be any more of the St. Brigid charms? She is my patron saint and I would love to buy one. Thank you!

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