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Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Headlines | 43 comments

What Are You Doing for St Patrick’s Day This Year?

It seems every Irish Firesider we meet has some sort of St Patrick’s Day tradition… some going waaaaaaaaay back … some fairly recent… some a bit unusual.

We’re curious about some of the special things you like to do on the big day.

Tell us about your St Patrick’s Day tradition in the comments below >>

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  1. We might be one of the only family who give gifts for St. Patrick’s Day. This year, my 5 year old (who just got her ears pierced) is getting a pair of shamrock earrings. My 7 year old is getting a shamrock paperweight for her desk from Wild Goose Studios. They make a leprechaun trap every year. Of course, they never catch the leprechaun, but they do get a little something for their efforts (see above) as well as a couple of gold coins (gold dollar coins from the bank) that slipped out of his pockets in his escape. If I’m extra nice, he might leave me a pretty necklace or earrings from our local Irish gift shop. :)

    This year, since St. Patrick’s Day is on the weekend, I’ll be cooking us an Irish breakfast (I just ordered some Irish sausages from for that, as well as some Heinz baked beans) in the morning, and playing our Irish playlist (12 hours, from The Clancy Brothers through Flogging Molly and all points in between)and dancing with our girls all day. Our town (Syracuse NY) has a huge parade that we’ll probably catch on TV, before having our (not technically Irish) corned beef & cabbage for dinner. It goes without saying that there will be lots of Guinness and Jameson throughout the day as well no doubt. We’ll probably finish off the day with a slideshow from our trip to Ireland a couple of years ago, or maybe a viewing of The Secret of Roan Inish or Darby O’Gill with the kids. I could pretty much do this every Saturday, though!

    • Very cool tradition, and you children are going to have such great memories.

  2. I am planning a big Irish dinner for my family but after reading Karen’s plans I might have to do some of the fun things she mentioned like an Irish breakfast and Irish music all day :-)

  3. I’ll be working – no rest for a tax pro at this time of year! But I’ll bring my Galway Crystal slid and my little sheep to set on my desk for the day.

  4. I’ll be emceeing at a little Street Party for about 8000 of my closest friends in Grand Rapids, MI. USA! It’s called “Irish On Ionia” as we will be closing off Ionia Street and bringing in all the top Michigan Based Irish Rock bands, including “The Kreellers” out of Detroit! Other than that, not much…

    • Quit crying ya big Mick….Ha ha ha…You have way too much fun all year, but especially during this time of the year….Love ya Brother 1

  5. My friends and I always have a big Irish brunch. I cook and bake for day’s. Scones, brown bread, barney cheese tarts, pavlova, stews, colcannon, banoffi pie,….

    This year a bunch of are then heading to Vegas for Black 47, young Wolftones, Emish, young dubliners,….

  6. Ham & Cabbage with boiled ptatoes is a must in our home on St. Paddy’s Day! I will be playing all of my Irish CDs and cooking!
    Since there will be lots going on in Philly in the weeks leading up to it, I will be having a rest, and watching any parade we can find on TV. I am looking forward to seeing:
    Mickey & Ray Coleman (Tyrone) will be entertaining at a local pub, on the 9th; followed by Celtic Thunder’s own, Ryan Kelly (Tyrone)and Neil Byrne(Wicklow) on the 11th! On the 10th, I will be attending the Michael Londra show,”Beyond Celtic”, with the lovely Sephira (Sisters Ruth & Joyce O’Leary)in Lakewood NJ; Finally, on the 21st, Big George Donaldson(Glasgow), Celtic Thunder’s lone Scot will be in Philly for a solo gig, whew! How’s that for fun? lol!
    Cheers! Mags

  7. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And I’m taking the Missus to Chicago with me this year so that we can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together at Kitty O’Shea’s…..Sure to be Grat Food, great Drink & Great music !
    The last time I was in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day was in 1993. Myself, Mick Lane & the Loftis Twins – Joe & Pat – celebrated at Kitty O’Shea’s and watched the filming of “The Fugitive” with Tommie Lee Jones & Harrison Ford during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade .
    We got pissed up drunk, missed the dyeing of the Chicago River but had one of the most magical St. Patrick’s Days I can ever remember….I know I won’t be able to recreate that time, but at least my wife won’t be mad at me (I hope)

  8. Mom will hold her annual party, where she’ll cook up some of the best fish & chips, this side of the Atlantic. She’ll also have fresh soda bread, the creamiest mashed potatoes, ham, and a little cabbage.

    The Guinness & the Bushmills/Powers/Jameson will be flowing, and the craic will be mighty.

    The next day, to nurse the head, we’ll gather ’round, keep the shades down, and watch, The Quiet Man.

  9. It’s on a Saturday, so being Orthodox Jewish I must wait for the Sabbath to end at sundown before joining in the festivities. Once that happens, we’re making a bee-line to the bar for some Guinnesses and we’ll do our annual viewing of The Matchmaker. :-)

  10. I will be Irish dancing at a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration with my Irish dancing group. This will probably be the biggest crowd I have performed at!

  11. Spending the day at the giants causeway and bushmills -perfect day

    • Very jealous! I was there about 4 years ago and it is heavenly. Enjoy!!

  12. My man & I will be sampling some good Irish whiskey and reliving our past visits to Eire through the many photos we took.

  13. I plan on making irish soda bread and irish potato candy to share with my friends. I will also pick up a six pack of Guinness to enjoy after work at home.

    • Can’t say I’ve ever had Irish potato candy… sounds like an interesting recipe.

  14. I’m playing the Celtic harp for a big wedding at the Ritz Hotel at Northstar Ski Resort, North of Lake Tahoe. Then, I drive to Sacramento to play for a yearly St. Pat’s Day house party (I’ve played at this party for more than 20 years in a row!).

    Happy St. Pat’s Day!

    Anne :-)

    • Now that’s what I call a tradition.

  15. I will be singing at a dinner party, opening with The Blessing (see Maura O’Connell on You Tube). Also Tom Russell ‘s When Irish Girls Grow Up. Hopefully making one of my Irish fans happy, named Maggie Peacock.

  16. I will be relaxing in my favorite chair and having a long chat with my Mom because its her birthday!

  17. Well now, I enjoy Irish music all year round, and I wear my terribly touristy Irish leather bracelet every day. I’ve spent a St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin and one in Donegal, and I’ve crawled out of pubs in Chicago, Baltimore and D.C. on that greenest of days. I have a trend towards corned beef sandwiches and cider on St. Patrick’s day, sometimes with my famous ‘St. Patrick’s Soup’ or colcannon. But I don’t always wait for a special day for those.

    This year? I’ve got some Celtic art printing plates to finish, so I’ll be in the studio engraving knots and spirals while listening to the Oysterband, Patrick Street, and U2. And trying to bake some brown bread to go with my tea.

  18. Since it is always my birthday, we start off with family and friends and full Irish breakfast at a local Irish pub with Irish Coffee for dessert while listening to a local Irish band perform. We follow that with lunch in another local Irish pub, plenty of Guinness, chippers and more Irish music. Then…..we go to at least one more local Irish pub with music and great craic. Then we’ll wind up the evening listening to more great Irish music on the way home. Happy Birthday to me – we leave for Ireland in 55 days!

    • HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! a few days early.

      • Thanks Corey

        Everybody parties on my birthday, I’m a lucky lass.

        Hey do you have any suggestions for a nice B&B in Derry? Thanks!

  19. We will be celebrating our St. Patrick Day twins Patrick and Clares 21st Birthday! House party with the usual Corned Beef Dinner, tons of Soda Bread and Butter and of course Guinness. Lots of good music, Van the Man, Chieftons, Delores Keane,Cranberries, and the list goes on! Every year a party but this one will be special!
    How fun to turn 21 on St. Patricks Day!

    • How fun indeed! Slainte!

  20. I will be fondly remembering fine days in Ireland and stay home safe and sound with a green candle lit and my Irish Eyes shining.

  21. Our daughter used to be a competitive Irish Dancer. We formed a non-profit group along with other families of former Irish Dancers to celebrate all things Irish. We will be traveling around the Tampa area to different pubs all day and the girls will be dancing in soft shoes and hard shoes. The crowds appreciate something truly Irish and the girls enjoy dancing for the fun of it. I may sing a couple of songs if the mood strikes. Slainte!

  22. My St. Patrick’s Day prep begins a week before with shopping for all the goodies (a weekend getaway to Kansas City for Doug and I will include dining a new pub – the Dubliner, where Ragaln Road used to be- shopping at Browne’s, live music at the Irish Cultural Center and the Titanic Exhibit at Union Station). Then the prepping of food throughout the week… A few Irish Dance performances for Brenna…. Saturday will begin with Irish breakfast, then walking/ dancing in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, followed by a performance. After that it’s home to finish the feast- Whiskey glazed corned beef, colcannon, boxty, boiled cabbage with butter, Irish stew, Steak & Guinness Pie, Irish Tea Cake, Car Bomb Cupcakes, yummy Irish cheeses, brown bread, Magners, Guinness, and homemade “Shamrock Shakes” for the kids. And lots of music! (
    We’ll be busy!

    • Yes, the food! That’s the kind of fun I will be stirring up at my place (pun totally intended!)
      Luckily, my local Stop & Shop carries Irish dry goods and cheeses all year long, but at St. Patrick’s they also bring in special things, like the bacon. So it’s a day filled with Irish breakfast, tea, lunch, more tea, and dinner, accompanied by occasional run-ins with the Powers whiskey, and all the while fragranced by my little turf squares burning away. Oh I can hardly wait!

    • Okay, now I’m hungry!

      • Corey- if you weren’t so far away we would definitely have invited you & Liam. That said, feel free to drive up!

  23. I will be cooking some irish food and desserts and researching my Irish roots as always. Last year I connected with a distant relative and we swapped family info and I learned a lot. It was fantastic!

  24. Marching in the parade in manhattan with my stepdancing school. This is our third year doing it.

  25. I live in New York and for many years, have always either attended or marched in the parade. (My father is a retired New York City firefighter and he has not missed marching for over twenty-five years.)

    This year, I am sorry that I won’t be in New York on March 17th, but very pleased that this is because I won the Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest and the contest organizers are flying me to San Francisco to give a reading on March 15th, as part of the Crossroads Irish-American Festival. Here is a link to the website, with more information about the Festival, which looks amazing.
    So I will still be in SF for St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

  26. We are doing something secret which I can’t reveal until Sunday, March 11.

  27. Our band, Indigent Row, will be playing all over the Denver Area. We start out at the end of The Denver St Patrick’s Day Parade at the Little Ireland Music Festival opening the festivities there. After that, we move down to the Old South Pearl Festival and play a couple of hours of progressive Irish rock for that crowd and then pack up again and head north to Longmont Colorado and play at one of the great craft Breweries and music venues, Oskar Blues. The night before will be for a much more intimate crowd at Copper Kettle Brewing in Aurora, CO. All in all, in slightly over 24 hours, we will have performed for 9 hours so I figured we will be pretty exhausted and unable to sing another note. It all should be a blast.

  28. Going to Ireland for the first time, attending the St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade in Dublin!!! Not sure I’ll ever be able to top that!

  29. We will be spending St. Patrick’s day watching our son get married! Have my Jameson’s all set for the reception! If only I could have gotten them to go with an Irish theme to the wedding.

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