The Best Holiday Gift Ideas from the Irish Fireside

Our Holiday Giveaway has me dreaming about a few of my favorite things… okay, A LOT of my favorite things.

With Christmas just around the corner, here’ s a list of great gift ideas that might round out your holiday shopping this year. Have a look, but be warned, you might be adding a few things to your own list for Santa.

Donegal Pens

They’re only 14 and 10, but brothers Ronan and Conor from Loughanure in West Donegal craft each pen by hand. Not only are they the youngest members of the Irish Woodturning Guild, they have established themselves as two of Ireland’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Green CottagesUrsula Celano’s Irish-Themed Notebooks

Launched earlier this year, Ursula Celena’s cheerful notebooks capture scenes from Ireland… Irish dance, Dublin landmarks, Irish hedgerows, the Aran Islands, and my favorite, Green Cottages. Each notebook has been crafted in Ireland.*

Jewelry by Wannaree Tanner of Jade OrchidArtware by Wannaree

Wanaree Tanner has created a line of Celtic-inspired artwork that is unlike anything we’ve seen… a bit ancient Irish, a touch steampunk, a hint of elegance. For those with an interest in Celtic knotwork and ancient symbolism, her work is sure to please.

Aileen Clarke Crafts

Much of Aileen’s work is inspired by her favorite remote parts of Ireland and Scotland. To create her vibrant jewelry and art pieces, she combines hand dyed and carded fibres to felt her artwork using traditional wet felting and needle felting techniques.

Irish Song and Sayings Posters by Paul Gibson

Dublin-based artist Paul Gibson takes his favorite Irish phrases and traditional music lyrics and gives them his own visual artistic spin. His collection of striking graphic posters manage to be both modern and nostalgic… not an easy task.

Dermot Ryan with his Irish Peat Turf Fire DVDIrish Turf Fire

There’s no substitute for a real Irish fireside, but Dermot Ryan at least gives us an alternative. His Irish Turf Fire DVD brings that wee bit of Ireland to any home without the cost of an airplane ticket. As an added bonus, this video features hand-cut turf! Dermot also handpicks the products featured at

Liam Shard Jewelry

With a keen eye for detail, Liam recovers pieces of antique and contemporary dishes in Ireland. He then transforms them into shard jewelry. His collection includes Irish Belleek, Donegal Parian, Nicholas Mosse Pottery, Arklow Pottery, and transferware shards dating to the 1800s.*

Dublin, Ireland ScreenprintDublin, Ireland Print

Featuring the Fair City’s landmarks – the Poolbeg Chimneys, the Spire, Liberty Hall, and a PINT OF GUINNESS, this screenprint from me&him&you uses the same paper on which the original Guinness posters were printed… and for good measure, there’s a drop of Guinness in the ink.

Favorite Irish Recipes

Jody Halsted put together this assortment of recipes, photos, and recollections from Ireland for her website Fortunately, family members of all ages can enjoy this book which is available in hardbound and digital editions.*

Jackie Llewelyn design tea towelCharles Gallen Irish Linen

It’s becoming harder and harder to find true Irish linen, but Charles Gallen Irish Linen in Northern Ireland has been in the business since 1870. And if you’re looking for a more contemporary style for your linen, be sure to check out their line from Jackie Llewelyn.

Irish Coin CufflinksIrish Coin Cufflinks

These unique cufflinks are made in Ireland from old Irish coins — the Irish Punt coins that were Ireland’s official currency before the euro). To make your gift even more personal, they also offer coins based on a specific year and you can also choose coins from other countries.*

Ruby Clover BookmarkRuby Clover Bookmarks

An Ireland photo bookmark from Ruby Clover would perfectly compliment a great Irish book… for those who haven’t gone completely digital yet. In addition to three bookmarks, you may also find other photos, jewelry, and art for that creative Celt on your list.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Online Language CourseBitesize Irish Gaelic

Whether someone wants to tap their Irish heritage or are planning to visit one of Ireland’s Gaeltacht regions, the online lessons at Bitesize Irish Gaelic help them understand the basics and begin learning to speak the language at their own pace.*

A Cut Above Coins

Wally Charm captures the beauty of Ireland’s old coins and continues the ancient craft of piercing which involves drilling small holes in a piece of metal (in his case unique coins) and cutting out an often detailed design by hand. He works with coins from around the world and includes many Irish coins… including coins that were in circulation before the introduction of the Euro in Ireland.

Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos

The splendor of the Celtic harp in the hands of Anne Roos creates an absolutely mesmerizing experience. She offers a diverse collection of CDs for everyone on your holiday list. May I recommend “Blue Jeans” for a mix of something contemporary with a classic feel?*

artists eyeIcons by Agnessa Kessiakova

Agnessa Kessiakova from Sofia, Bulgaria creates old-style icons in the orthodox tradition. She combines traditional centuries old techniques with modern materials by using tempera paints on wood panel, gold leaf and matte finishing varnish. Her Saint Patrick, Christ, and Virgin Mary icons might be of special interest to Irish-Americans.

Shannon and Matt HeatonMusic from Matt and Shannon Heaton

The Heatons have been creating beautiful music together for quite some time. Their holiday album is always a favorite, and those with an love for traditional Irish music will savor any musical treasure from their acclaimed collection.

Ireland Dream Trip Guidebook

Our regular contributor Michele Erdvig has been publishing her travel guide for over 20 years. With that many Irish breakfasts and fairy-led adventures under her belt, she has acquired an unmatched volume of knowledge about where to visit and memorable places to stay.*


A few other items to consider:

Did I miss anything? Feel free to suggest a few things in the comments section

* These businesses have provided items in our holiday giveaway or have served as site sponsors in the past.

Author: Corey

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  1. Looking for Irish green dresses made buy Irish people in Ireland. Can you help me out?
    Kern Lyons from Phoenix Arizona.

    Post a Reply
    • Hello Kern. I’m not sure I can help you out… I don’t have any dressmakers on my list.

      Questions: When you say green, do you mean the color green or do you mean green as made from eco-friendly materials?

      Post a Reply
      • I wanted the color green. And made in ireland.

        Thank You
        Kern Lyons

        Post a Reply
        • Kern,

          I have a source. Terrie Pooley is a dressmaker, costume designer and sewing teacher in Co. Waterford. If she can’t do it for you, she will be able to direct you to people who can. This is her website: Email: Please tell her that Michele Erdvig recommended you contact her. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.


          Post a Reply
          • Thanks for the tip Michele!

          • Any time Corey. I know a vast array of various people in Ireland. It is good to pass them along to interested parties.

  2. Corey,

    What a nice eclectic list of wonderful Irish gifts to choose from. Thank you for including me! I have had a lot of book orders lately so I think some people are getting gifts of “Ireland Dream Trip” for their friends and family.

    Love the Donegal pens and those fluffy little sheep in Aileen Clark’s shop. Bit and Christy’s photos are lovely. Liam’s shard jewelry is fantastic. Well…I love them all. 😉

    Thank you for bringing us another season of gift-giving fun. You are a gem!!


    Post a Reply
  3. I’m jumping for joy that you continue to recommend my CDs for holiday gifts!!!

    Cheers to all,
    Anne 🙂

    Post a Reply
  4. I love those felt sheep! I might have sent my husband the link to one… several times…

    Post a Reply
  5. Great list! I’d like to add a couple of brilliant CDs from some amazing sister acts:

    1. The brand new Christmas CD “Sephira Starlight” by Ruth O’Leary and Joyce O’Leary, violists/vocalists/sisters from Ireland. Ruth and Joyce toured for two years with the group Celtic Thunder and are now touring on their own with their unique, emotive, engaging and energetic sound. “Starlight” is their first Christmas CD and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Their Carol of the Bells is heart-pounding and dynamic; their Believe and O Holy Night top Josh Groban’s versions. This is absolutely a perfect gift for oneself or anyone with the Christmas spirit!, also available for download on iTunes and Amazon mp3

    2. The Gothard Sisters are three amazingly talented sisters from Edmonds, Washington, a little north of Seattle. They started Irish dancing when they were young, and then to help pay for competitions they began doing performances with a little singing, a little dancing, a little singing, a little dancing. They have won world titles in Irish dancing and are now making waves in the music world with their vast talents. They sing, play violin, and each of them is also skilled on several other instruments. Their newest album, “Story Girl” is their sixth CD, full of original compositions that will get feet tapping! for their store; for a recent article about the trio!

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  6. Thanks so much for including my little recipe book. The teachers at my daughter’s preschool all requested the Car Bomb Cupcakes as their Christmas gift this year. 🙂 Tomorrow I bake!

    Post a Reply
  7. Wonderful suggestions — I particularly like the Charles Gallen Irish Linen “Tree of Life” tea towels. They’re lovely.

    Post a Reply
  8. Go Raibh Mil Maith Agat, mo chairde,

    I appreciate being included once again.

    I am good company I see… anne’s harp music, Michele’s spot-on travel advise and delightful photos..Christie’s stunning work, as well…. and then you add in Charles’ linen and all the rest…magic…pure magic.. Now I am off to have a look at those Donegal boys and tehir Pens!

    Nollaig Shona!


    Post a Reply
  9. I’d forgotten how beautifully designed those old coins were. The little rabbit was my favourite as a child. But I also loved the hen and her chicks on the penny, the lovely cart horse on the florin, and the tiny wren on the farthing … actually wren cufflinks would make a a brilliant Wran’s Day present. (Which round these parts is pretty much the real Christmas day anyway :))

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  10. Corey, thank you so much for including my art into your holiday guide!!! So happy to be in it:)!

    Post a Reply


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