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Posted by on Dec 11, 2011 in Aran Islands, Around Dublin, Artist's Eye, Dublin, Giveaway 2011, Headlines, Literary | 37 comments

Giveaway: Ursula Celano Irish Notebooks

Irish-themed notebooks

Here’s a giveaway item you probably haven’t seen before… Ursula Celano’s new line of handcrafted Ireland-themed notebooks.

Ursula’s handcrafted notebooks are designed and made right in Ireland and feature images inspired there… Irish dance, Dublin landmarks, the Aran Islands, Irish hedgerows, and the cottages of Eire.

Ursula is giving away some of these beauties, but in order to be entered into the giveaway, you’ll have to visit

Once you’ve poked around her website (be sure to read her detailed product descriptions), come back here and use the comments section below to tell us why you’d choose her notebooks for yourself and for a gifts.

The winner will be drawn Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Congratulations to SJ Velasquez… her comment was randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway!

Keep track of all our 2011 Holiday Giveaways by bookmarking this page.

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  1. These giveaways are so much fun! Thanks for doing this every year!

    I love all of the notebooks, they are so unique! I would probably pick the green cottages for myself and use it to jot down notes of what I’d like to do on my next trip to Ireland. Then I’d probably continue using it to record my travel itinerary, and lastly to keep a travel log of everything I do while I’m there. I did it last time in an ugly black notebook. :)

    I’d probably give the Irish dancers notebooks to my girls so that they can journal or draw pictures of what they see on our trip. They both want to take Irish dance very badly, but our work schedule hasn’t presented us with an opportunity to get them to classes yet!

    • Ursula Celano’s notebooks are utterly charming!

      I love the handmade product, and I adore Ireland. (My family is from Donegal).

      I hope I win one of these precious items!

  2. My travel journal is just about full so any of Ursula’s notebooks would be just the thing for the continuing saga of my Ireland adventures. If I had to choose I guess it would be Green Cottages, followed by either of the Hedgerows colours.

  3. Ah, I was just looking at these last week! I would absolutely choose the Dancing Trio for my daughter, and the Dublin Landmarks for my son.

    They are a crafty crew and though young, love to write and tell stories. As I’ve continued my family research I have also been teaching them of our family and of Ireland, and these notebooks fit perfectly.

  4. Oh these are lovely! I really love Green Cottages. I have a weakness for notebooks and journals and stationary of all kinds ;)

  5. I love these notebooks; especially the green cottages (they remind me of the homes out in the Irish countryside). I also like the Dublin landmarks one. My family know that I love collecting anything Irish or from Ireland. Perhaps I should drop a little hint to them about my Christmas pressent.

  6. What a wonderful way to record your memories of an Irish holiday. Love them all especially the Irish Dancers.

    Hoping to make another trip in the next year or two.

  7. The green cottages remind me of where we stayed on our first trip to Ireland. These notebooks would be great for my kids to keep a travel journal on our next trip!

  8. What a nice notebook. I would choose the green cottages and use
    The notebook as my travel journal for my first trip to Ireland
    In April! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. These notebooks look too cute! Is there a US Dollar conversion somewhere on the site?

  10. I could find a hundred people to give the Irish Dance books to! Myself and my daughters 8 and 6 do Irish Dance, part of a school of over 100 girls, one of which is Worlds qualified!!! My girls are Advanced Beginner and Novice and would love these as a Christmas or birthday gift or even just a Feis congrats gift ;)

  11. I love the green cottages notebook…super cute stuff, Ursula!! I think I’d probably use this notebook to jot down ideas and sketches for my little art projects. Thanks for the chance, Irish Fireside!

  12. I would definitely choose the dancing trio for my daughter, who is an Irish dancer. When we travel we record our “favorite thing” of the day- this would be perfect!

    I adore that these are so thoughtfully made and professionally bound, not a 3-ring. Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I think these are so darn adorable.

    I would use one myself because I am a freelance writer who is in baking school. Between recipes and ideas for writing, I’m constantly jotting notes down. Right now I’m using an ugly spiral notebook that’s too big for my purse. I would be constantly trying to think of things to write down so I could break out my gorgeous notebook.

    I’d buy one as a gift because I think they’d be inspiring to whomever uses it. They are such wonderful reminders of your time in Ireland and they’re usable for every day life.

  14. Lovely and unique notebooks. I like Inis Meáin Notebook because of the nice blue color. Plus I like the Galway hookers, lighthouses and curraghs.

  15. I would have to at least buy two, because I can’t decide on just one!!!! I too would use them as my travel book. This next trip we are taking our friends with us, and since this will be their first time going, I would give one to them for their travels!!!

  16. I’m agreed with so many others that the Green Cottages print is lovely! Reminds me of Dingle and the coast. I also like the Dublin print with the Ha’Penny Bridge! Her products are all so unique, colourful and fun.

  17. My daughters are sailors and dancers so would love the Irish Main and the turquoise dancers

  18. The biggest reason I’d give these as gifts (or buy for myself!) is probably that the paper comes from a managed forest. I’m big on conservation and try to stay away from using excess paper (even though I do love journals) but this would definitely entice me.

    The Green Cottages print and the Blue Hedgerow Flowers print are gorgeous and really do remind me of my time in Ireland.

  19. I like the dancing trio because they are just too cute. I’d probably give as a gift to my niece who is only 10 and interested in Ireland.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway It is so much fun!!

  20. These are really cute — a little quirky, but classy :) I’m a notebook fanatic because I’m a journalist by trade, so I’m always carrying around reporters notebooks, pocket Moleskine books, a pencil and tiny pen in my wallet.

    I’m also an Irish dancer — so the Irish dancers pattern (far left in photo above) would be utterly perfect for me!

  21. I am loving the notebooks in the site! I am a notebook freak, and I like unique designs, such as the notebook with the tiny dancers! super cute!

  22. I love pretty notebooks, so Ursula Celano’s notebooks would make a great gift for myself. Plus, these notebooks are handcrafted, so they would make great presents for my friends and family.

  23. What a treasure to win….may the luck of the Irish be mine~~!!

  24. Now, that’s a lovely piece of art indeed!! I just like the Green Cottages print!! I already have two notebooks with Irish patterns, and I would really want to add one more to my collection.

  25. these are stunning! the perfect vehicle for capturing fragments of inspiration, poetry and dreams

  26. These are so lovely and well-made! What a wonderful gift idea! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I love handcrafted notebooks! These are especially nice!

  28. Lovely books and unique design. Thank you for unusual options for my daily journals! We may use some for our guests to leave comments at Rivendell Cabins.

  29. I would absolutely choose the Dancing Trio for my mom. I think she’d like it

  30. I’ve been collecting notebooks and journals since I was a little girl, and I’d love to add any one of these. They are made in my favorite city!

  31. I would love to win one of these notebooks. i would be proud to own one & show to all my friends here in America:)

  32. I would LOVE an Irish notebook!!! ;-)

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