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Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Giveaway 2011, Headlines | 83 comments

Giveaway: Irish Belleek Shard Jewelry

A vintage shard of Irish Belleek china from Co Fermanagh

Liam is offering a piece of his Irish Belleek shard jewelry to one lucky Irish Firesider, by offering a $115 gift certificate to his online store (answer the question at the bottom of the post to enter).

He has several pieces crafted from broken dishes that were recovered in Ireland, so you can take home a bit of Ireland.

$10 OFF

Use the coupon code “IRISHTEA2” and get $10 off your online order or shard jewelry (one coupon per customer/cannot be combined with other promotions/online sales only/expires December 31, 2011).

To enter, simply leave a comment below by Thursday, December 22, 2011, that tells us:

What is your favorite Irish or Ireland-inspired product?

Leave your reply below… winner will be announced December 24, 2011…

Congrats to Tonia M the winner of the $115 gift certificate.

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  1. Yes! I’m wearing my shard pendant today, as a matter of fact. It always gets compliments; it’s a great conversation piece! Naturally I steer them to Liam’s website… ;)

    Do I have to pick one favorite? Obviously I’m a big fan of Guinness and also Kilkenny Ale. One habit I got into while in Ireland that I still do today is to drink my Irish tea with a cube of brown sugar and some cream. I had never seen brown sugar in condiment packets until then; now it’s the only way I drink my tea. :) i do love more than just the beverages of course. I also love the butter and cheese! And probably my pictures of the sheep in Kells’ Priory. My husband would say the tweed cap that he picked up in Sneem is his favorite… he wears it everywhere!

    • I love Irish music and pretty much any beer that comes from there…even though it tastes so much better when drunk there!

  2. The Bodran I bought from Moriarty’s in The Gap of Dunloe, is one of my favorite Irish items. I don’t practice as much as I’d like, but I’m getting pretty good at playing.

  3. Stephen Pierce pottery,love it!

    • Pearce,oops!

      • Hi Sadie, I’m your cosin from Ireland James and my favourite thing about the Irish crack that happens in Matt the Barracks pub

        • James as in mike and marys son???

  4. I love Irish inspired jewelry. It is always so pretty.

  5. I have a bracelet with shamrocks and inside each shamrock is Connemara marble. I love it!!

  6. So very beautiful :)

    • I love all things Irish… Do I have to pick one? Irish peat burners are currently my fav :)

  7. I have many favorite Irish items, having made 11 trips there in the last 11 years, but my very favorite has to be my handmade Aran cardigan that I bought on the Aran Islands during our first trip to Ireland. After a very rough ferry ride from Doolin to Inish Mor’, it took a while to recover, but the island was beautiful and the sweater is just as gorgeous today as it was on the day I bought it. Of course, my Irish shard pendant from Liam is right up there, too……….. Belleek shard, my favorite shamrock pattern. Lovely and always receives compliments.

  8. I love Ireland and Irish jewelry. Hope to return to Ireland someday soon.

  9. It’s my Celtic criss necklace i got back as a grad present many years ago

  10. Having traveled to Ireland for the first time this year, I love all things Irish…particularly the food, the music and the handmade jewelry and sweaters.

  11. While there are so many Irish products I love and own/use frequently (Guinness, Aran sweaters, Powers whiskey, Bolands biscuits, the beautiful jewelry), I think I’m going to have to go with Barry’s tea as my favorite. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t have at least one cup of it.

  12. I love Inis cologne. It’s fresh and clean with the scent of the sea. Also love my little squares of peat from The Gifted Hand in Nenagh, Tipperary that I burn in the fall/winter to remind me of the countryside of Ireland. Can’t be without Kerrygold butter and cheeses. Luckily my local supermarket carries them. And last but not least, my BIG aluminum Castle brand tea kettle, the kind that you just can’t find in this country.

  13. Bulmers cider from Tipperary!

  14. While in Ireland in October of this year, I saw some beautiful jewelry and amazing wool sweaters. I was on a (tight) budget and wasn’t able to bring any thing home except for a pretty pewter pendant with celtic knots embossed on it. I wear it every wear to remind me of my magical visit to Ireland.

  15. What beautiful pieces he has. I have to say my favorite is the Vintage Irish Belleek Mark Shard Pin/Pendant. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I absolutely love Kerry Gold Butter. I know sounds weird that my favorite Irish thing is butter but I really love it! Every time I start working in a new place I go to their website and see where the closest location to buy it is. My other favorite item is my Irish made Claddagh ring. My first one was made in Asia somewhere so on my first trip to Ireland that was the number one thing I had to come home with. I have worn it every day since buying it in a little jewelry store in Galway.

    • I also love Kerrygold butter! Must be the higher fat content :)

      You can usually buy it at Whole Foods.

      I was super-excited and surprised when I found a tub of the spreadable kind at Costco the last time I went. (The one in Pewaukee, for you Milwaukee-area readers)

      • I bet it is :-)
        Yeah I travel constantly for work and most time in far out town so it can be hard to find but many smaller grocers are starting to carry it :-)
        SPREADABLE!!??? Really? Wow I am going to a Costco north of Baltimore this weekend so I will make sure to look. Thanks!!

        • If you’re in the Northeast/New York State area, you can get it at Wegmans too. They have the Irish cheese as well! Santa put a brick of Blarney Castle cheese in my Christmas stocking last year… the man knows what I like!

  17. Well, my Belleek shard bits of jewelry are the obvious choices! But I love my bogwood crosses and harp, too.

  18. My favorite thing I got in Ireland is a little charm for my charm bracelet that’s in the shape of the country and etched into it is a harp.

    I bought it at St. Finnbarr’s in Cork and when I got home it fell off my bracelet and I thought I’d lost it forever. My awesome mom contacted the cathedral’s tiny shop and they found another one and were able to replace my lost one.

    That story just makes it that much more precious to me.

  19. Would have to be the handmade Celtic cross necklace I bought at Kinsale Silver when I was in Ireland. I’ve worn it every day since!

  20. My favorite Irish product has to be the Claddagh. I have three Claddagh rings and my favorite one is from a vintage shop in Galway a few minutes walk from Claddagh Quay.

  21. I have a shawl that was brought over from Ireland. I also have my Waterford crystal.

  22. I would have to say that my favorite Irish prodcut is my cardigan that I purchased on my very first trip…an Aran pattern in shades of cocoa with some type of tusk shaped bone buttons and two large patch pockets.. I wear it a lot! I never have been able to find another like it… I picked it up at Standún in Rossaveal…

  23. There are so many FAVORITES. My trip to Ireland in 2000. The Waterford MILLENNIUM toasting wine flutes and my emerald and diamond claddagh ring that my husband bought for our 25th wedding anniversary while we were in Ireland.

  24. My most prized Irish product is the Claddagh ring I bought while I was in Ireland. My parents gave me the money to pick out the one I wanted and I cherish it today since my Dad passed away three years ago.

  25. I have 3 pieces of jewelry I bought in Kilkenny that I wear every day. A harp necklace, claddagh ring and celtic bracelet. Love them!! Everytime I look at them it brings back wonderful memories of my visit to Ireland.

    I would love to have the Belleek shard necklace. I pick up some Belleek pieces while I was in Ireland last year as well.

  26. I purchased a piece of handcrafted crystal in cobalt blue and the artist signed it and dated it with our 10th anniversary (12/9/2010). I forgot the name of the crystal manufacturer…but believe they are one of the only two types of manufacturers in Europe, considering Waterford isn’t what it use to be. They’re located near the Northern Ireland…very close to the border. <3 it!!!

  27. I haven’t been to Ireland (yet!) but I inherited a couple of pieces of the basket weave Belleek from my grandmother, who was Irish. These are some of my favorite things, and I love adding to my collection when the opportunity strikes.

  28. I can’t pick just one thing. My green Aran Island sweater is very high on my list. The ring I got from Brian deStaic jewelers in Dingle, the scarf I got in Kinsale, along with the bracelet.

  29. I bought a full set of the Nova pattern stainless steel cutlery from Newbridge Silverware when I was in Ireland last. I love using it every day!

  30. My very favorite Irish product is no longer being produced. I have a collection of Irish Porcelain that I started collecting when I found some in Canada when I was a child. I am always on the look out for pieces in second hand shops to add to my collection. My second favorite Irish product is the bog wood harp I bought on my last trip to Ireland. I also love my few pieces of Belleek that I bought on my second trip to Ireland. I hope to one day be able to purchase one of Liam’s pieces of shard jewelry to add to my collection of favorite Irish things. The hard part will be choosing which piece to buy.

  31. Louis mulchey pottery
    Each year I purchase new pieces for my collection
    I love it

  32. I love all things Irish and his jewelry is just beautiful!

  33. My favorite Irish thing…..IRELAND!!!! I so want to move there. I keep praying for this. Maybe one day, Lord willing!
    If I had to list a thing, I would have to say it would have to be our wedding rings. We exchanged rings the first time we were in Ireland!

  34. I am anticipating discovering my favorite Irish item(s) in April when my husband and I take our first trip to Ireland! There are so many beautiful photographs of Ireland, we can hardly wait to find our favorite things.

  35. On our first visit (second is already in the works) to Ireland in Aug 2011, we purchased a piece of horsehair pottery by Ian Carty in County Sligo. We love it, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ian and hearing the history of the horsehair process.

  36. The Irish Connemara ponies, definitely, for their agility, stamina, and personalities. We’ve had a few Irish Sport Horses as well.

    As far as inanimate objects go though, I like Ireland’s butter better than any other I’ve ever had. Also, Bailey’s Liqueur. And my favorite wool scarves are from Ireland as well.

  37. Wow – everything Irish. I embrace it all !!!

  38. The grass fed cows in Ireland produce the best Kerry Cheese and Butter. Nothing in the US compares to it, and I believe that there are extra minerals in the grass there. Also I heard years ago that they produce the best Race horses and again it was due to the better quality grass. It must be true, about the grass and I think there really could be 40 shades of green.

    I also love Irish breakfast tea and drink it first thing every morning ;)

  39. One of my favorite things from Ireland (at least, I discovered them there) is Jaffa Cakes. Found them in a gas/petrol station. Brought a pack home and stashed them for months in the fridge before we ate them. We can get the LU Pims version at the local store, but they go dry very fast (even unopened). I was so enamored of them that I tried to make some myself, but it didn’t go well.

    Also, Irish horses in general – I’d love to have a Connemara someday. I’ve got pictures from the Kerry Bog Pony farm/museum, and went for a short ride on a horse somewhere on the west coast. It was the first time I’d been on a horse in a while (after a bad time with my last horse), and that ride helped me get up the nerve to take riding lessons again the next year.

    (Also, Irish music – the Chieftains, Christy Moore, and too many others to list here. We brought home a CD from the Kilfenora ceilidh Band, along with a couple others.)

  40. One of my favorite things is a silver celtic knot ring my mother gave me years ago -

  41. Probably the most consumed Irish product in our home is Guinness of course. My favorite pieces of jewelry that I wear most often are Irish as well. I recently scored my first Irish Belleek teacup at an estate sale, which was very exciting!

  42. I am wearing my woven wool scarf everyday this winter, I believe it is my favorite on these cold days!

  43. Let’s see… Galtee Susages! Things I’ve collected there over the years that I love: old punts, a cottage painting found at the bottom of a suitcase at a Derry car boot sale. Oh and my small collection of scarves and purses by my friend Bonzie in Waterford!

  44. I love my Irish woolen scarf. Keeps me warm every winter.

  45. When I first started traveling internationally I decided that I would not buy kitschy stuff like key chains and stuffed leprechaun dolls. Instead I wanted something evocative of each country I visited. I prize my old Irish Waterford crystal. The cut and look is different now since they switched to diamond blades for cutting. I bought one goblet at a time.

    I also collected Belleek one piece at a time. Of course, I could never afford the Prince of Wales ice bucket. I kid my husband that a long time from now I will buy it and put his ashes in it! ;-) Or maybe he will put mine in it.

  46. I could be silly and say Jameson..particularly since my favorite cocktail was learned from the distillery (Jameson & cranberry juice). I still get raised eyebrows when I order it but when I say it came from Jameson, it then seems acceptable.

    Aside from that, my husband and I fell in love with pottery at the Sliding Rock ceramics store in Spiddal, County Galway. We’ve actually been inspired to study and take n the craft ourselves, since. The array of Irish potters that keep stock there are so very unique and wonderful.

    There are simply too many things to love about Ireland, so I will stop here.

    Merry Christmas!

  47. My favorite is the crystal wine goblets that we purchased from Tyronne Crystal. They gave us a personalized tour while there in 2009 and we are so sad that they have now closed their doors. A wonderful bunch of true artists. So glad we have a piece of their history.

    • I have a couple of Tyrone pieces, too. Wish people would realize that there are quite a few really good folks making crystal besides Waterford. Their pieces are such better quality than Waterford (who actually outsources a large part of their work), and really lovely. Take a look in places like Dingle and Kinsale for artisans with smaller shops.

  48. Liam’s shard jewelry, merino wool sweaters, and the piece of Galway crystal our cousins gave to us.

  49. My claddagh from Richard Quinn jewelers in Galway. I bought one for me and each of my three daughters on first trip to Ireland in 2010. It holds so much meaning for me.

  50. Oh there are so many fine things that are either Irish made or Irish inspired.But my favorite has to be my pint of Guinness. It is my treat, my refreshment, and my reward for a job well done!

  51. My favorite?!? But I have so many!

    I absolutely love Irish music and listen to it at work all day!

    I make Irish brown soda bread (using Jimmy Bruic’s recipe from Forest of Roses B&B in Dingle) as often as possible, and make blue cheese dressing using Cashel Blue cheese.

    And of course there are those Irish sheep! I have several little sheep “trinkets” at my desk, but they don’t compare to my Irish wool cape. I had surgery in November and have a brace on my arm that precludes me from wearing long sleeves (or a coat). If it weren’t for my Irish wool cape, I’d freeze every time I went outside!

  52. Well as you know I am a big fan of the Belleek, but I now have plenty and I am a Belleek heiress meaning my grandma says what she has is mine someday…So I would say that Ferguson Irish Linen is my favorite now. I am collecting that at the moment! It is so beautiful!!

  53. I’ve fallen in love with Ireland after my first visit. I think my favorite Irish product is my claddagh ring I got in Galway. I wear it every day and, for someone who always loses rings, this is quite an accomplishment!

  54. My cardigan sweater, purchased several years ago in Ireland, is perhaps my favorite & most used Irish treasure; however, the memories I have of Ireland are simply priceless. They continue to ‘warm’ my very soul.

  55. My Favorite is The “Claddagh”. I truly enjoy the belief and symbolism about and for it…It doesn’t matter whether I see it as a pendent, ring or any other appropriateness. It is just BEAUTIFUL =0)

  56. Irish knit sweaters!

  57. Guinness, tullamore dew and sausages!!

  58. 1930s Meakin Clover Platter Shard Pin/Pendant is one of my favourites!! Love your work :)

  59. I have a true weak spot for Celtic knots and anything inspired by them. I love the Clara Craft tile pendants on his site – they make something very traditional look new.

    I think a trip to Ireland is way over due for me – hoping to get over there in 2012 – was last there in 2006 and 2005.

  60. My most recent favorite Irish piece is a pendant I bought at our annual Irish Festival. It’s a pewter circle with the word “love” written in Ogham. This is particularly special to me because I have a Tricerta tattoo with my three daughters’ names written around it in Ogham. Slainte’!!

  61. We visited Ireland for two weeks last June and say, nearly every day, that we can’t wait to go back. My favorite keepsake is a necklace and earrings from John Weldon in Dingle that echos the swirls at Newgrange. It’s so distinctive but different from Claddaghs and other styles. I get compliments every time I wear it, plus it makes me smile.

  62. My favorite item is a hat I purchased near the Cliffs of Moher. It has kept my head warm throughout my journey in Ireland in December (freezing!!!) and a happy reminder when back at home.

  63. Being a fan of different types of stone, and visiting stone circles, an Ogham stone and stone Cairins over there, I was still drawn to the stone category in the shops as well. I have a green connemarra marble neclace that I brought back, and I wear it a lot. I consider it my Irish Good Luck Neclace!

  64. Lunch at McLoone’s butcher in Killybegs, Co Donegal.

  65. Where to begin….so many favorites. I shall say my Celtic Cross is top on my list.

    Merry Christmas!

  66. Belleek china is my FAVORITE Irish product by far, I was given some beautiful pieces this Christmas, LOVE BELLEEK !!!

  67. I love any product by the Irish-born designer, Orla Kiely. Purses, wallets, mugs, etc. I can’t tell you how many tines I’ve been asked here in the US where I bought my Orla Kiely purse.

  68. I absolutely LOVE Irish culture, especially the music, so musical instruments really are my favorite Irish/Irish inspired product. More specifically, I would have to say that either the bodhran or the uilleann pipes would definitely be my all time favorites.

  69. I love Irish music! What a treasure to listen to and experience!!

  70. Claddagh ring

  71. Oh, wait favorite Ireland product…has to be Lyons tea!!

  72. Had a first trip planned to go to beautiful Ireland with my sisters, nephew, his son , neice and her husband, but due to the death of this nephew the trip was called off. Would love to bring a piece of Ireland home to him.

  73. Just looked up and saw the name Richard Quinn on the reply above this…My Mother was a Quinn before Marriage. Her Father was John Patrick Quinn. My Grandma was a Robertson. I am working on doing research into the Quinn and Robertson history.

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