Giveaway: Irish Coin Cufflinks

Irish Coin CufflinksOur friends at Irish Coin Cufflinks/World Coin Cufflinks are giving away a pair of Irish threepence cufflinks (those are the ones featuring the Irish hare on one side).

For those who don’t know, these cufflinks are made from the coins used in Ireland before the arrival of the euro in 2002.

This prize will be given away on Saturday, December 17, 2011. To enter this giveaway, you’ll have to answer the following trivia question.

What year did the modern Irish state first make its own currency ?

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Gene Fitzpatrick for winning this pair of Irish Coin Cufflinks. The correct answer was 1928.

(note: the question has been adjusted slightly since we first posted to make be more specific – if you answered before the change, you will still be eligible to win… provided your answer could have been affected by the change – we’re not as strict as the judges on Jeopardy here 😉

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Author: Corey

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