A Delightful Chat About Ireland’s Ring of Kerry – AUDIO

There’s no shortage of information about County Kerry, Ireland, but I couldn’t help feeling enchanted by the place hearing Jessie Voigts talk about Ireland’s most famous corner on The Amateur Traveler Podcast.

Gotta admit, Jessie’s giggle is contagious, and she was was quite honest about the Kingdom County’s abundance of tourists while still showcasing its appeal. Yes, it’s got a lot of tourists. Yes, it’s got must-see sites. Yes, there are still some lesser-known experiences to be found.

Here’s to Kerry… and all the other wonderful places to visit in Ireland!

Amateur Traveler: Ring of Kerry

Have a listen at The Amateur Traveler Episode 304: Travel to The Ring of Kerry in Ireland

You can also read more about Jessie’s trip at Wandering Educators: Ireland or her posts here on the Irish Fireside.

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