Sharing Stories from Donegal

Brighter Days

To tell the story of his grandfather’s life, Daniel McGarrigle turned to film, animation, and the “Sharing Stories” project run by the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny (Republic of Ireland) and the Nerve Centre in Derry (Northern Ireland).

As part of a social media experiment, “Sharing Stories” is using YouTube and Facebook to promote Daniel’s film “Brighter Days.” Over the next three weeks, they will track how people use social media to view and share the film, and they will present that information to show how artists can use technology to reach an extended audience.

You can get involved

Just by watching the film… (we’ve embedded it below), you are taking part in the experiment. However, you can help the project (and the fine folks in Ireland Northwest) by sharing it with friends.

Colm Melly (Daniel’s grandfather) was born in 1923 and lives in Glenties, county Donegal.

Daniel McGarrigle was born in Derry in 1986 and raised in Letterkenny, County.Donegal. A keen artist from a young age, his academic achievements include an MA in Motion Graphics, a Bachelors Degree in Design for Visual Communication and a BTEC Diploma in Art & Design.

More recently Daniel has been an Artist in Residence at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny, county Donegal and worked as a graphic designer as well as a documentary film director and editor. Daniel currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Author: Corey

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  1. The cartoon drove me crazy because it was so wiggly. I thought they all had Parkinson’s Disease. Other than that it is cute.


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  2. In looking for Donegal stories prior to my family reunion, I found this gem. The combination of film, personal narration from the voice of ther memories himself and the REAL charm of the piece, the animation that sweetens it all, it touches the heart. Though it’s WAY back, my ancestors are from Donegal (Gallaghers, how Donegal is that!) and soemthing still calls us Yanks back to God’s country. Thanks for a splendid little film.

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