It’s a Bag… It’s a Coat… It’s a Jaktogo

Here’s an Irish company trying to “stick it” to Ryan Air… the Irish airline famous for it’s strict carry-on luggage rules and checked baggage fees. Jaktogo has created a suitcase you can wear as a coat… not a very fashionable coat, but a coat nonetheless. They’ve even tried creating a “gotcha” airport video.

Author: Corey

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  1. Leave it to Irish ingenuity, to stick it to someone. I’d bet that guy wouldn’t have had any problem with the check-in girl if he simply wore the coat in the beginning.
    Pretty cool idea.

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  2. What a hoot….but where do we buy one in the States?

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  3. I guess there is a way around every rule. I’ll never forget when they first started flights from Miami to Cuba for relatives of Cubans. There were extremely strict luggage restrictions. Of course everyone wanted to take their relatives things they could not get in Cuba. One woman approached the ticket counter wearing about 10 dresses and 4 coats. She had a big beehive hairdo. Coming out of the beehive was an electrical cord. She had hidden a hairdryer in her hair! Who knows what other appliances were in there.

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  4. Great invention:) I have enjoyed sneaking on a few kilos extra without having to pay for it. I purchased the recent model the poncho which is quite stylish compared to the jacket. I purchased mine on they ship worldwide. Its a recommondation

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